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>btc does literally anything
>link goes down
>whales buy link dip
>link suddenly goes up and makes new ath
Rinse and repeat, how have you not fucking noticed this?

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How many times are you going to post this? The first one only got one reply.

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Oops, two

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> lettuce does literally anything
> tulips go down
> whale tulip investors buy tulips
> tulips suddenly goes up and makes new ath
Rinse and repeat, have you not fucking noticed this?

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Link literally caused the past few crashes. Whales are full on panicking. They can't believe their boomer coin is going to bend the knee to LINK. They keep trying to crash the market when it goes above certain prices $5, $20, etc. In order to create fake resistance. Nobody is falling for it though. BTC whales who are being stubborn thinking they could get a good price on LINK are shaking right now.

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Oops, three