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do your part, high IQ white man! it's time to join the team. pull yourself up by the bootstraps, grab a mop, and get in there with a firm handshake. competitive benefits package includes a 4chan pass for the duration of your service. do you have what it takes to be part of the force, anon?

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Imagine being that big of a faggot to want to apply. Imagine being the faggot that actually takes the time to fill out lengthy application.

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begone, nigger. this thread is for high IQ whites only.

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has anybody made a card game using 4chan culture

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that sounds like a great idea. you should get working on it, right after you fill out your janitor application.

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What is the pay good sir?

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I can't, too busy shitposting

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>what is the pay?
free 4chan pass, access to the list of reported posts, access to moderators, and the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part.
blessed digits. buy chainlink and apply to be a jannie.

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>Doing it for free
I don't think so lil' nignog.

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>free 4chan pass, access to the list of reported posts, access to moderators, and the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part.
Good sir, I believe you misunderstood the question. I wish to inquired upon the monetary value to which you shall impart for the resources and cleaning abilities that I myself possess. Kindest regards good sir.

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jannies are compensated with a generous benefits package. apply today.

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What ideas do you have
I'll make it, go ahead anon shoot out whatchu got

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says the kike tranny nigger faggot probly want a big black dick in your hairy ass

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Nah that's okay dude I'm good with no moderation

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a 4chan pass is $20 in BTC. in 10-20 years, that value could be measured in millions. don't pass up this golden opportunity to join a dynamic and successful team. your grandkids will will tell their grandkids stories about you.
have sex

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Fuck you nigger kike.

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there will always be moderation. it just matters who is holding the mop.

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SIR! Do you mean to tell me that this offer comes with zero monetary value and in fact, you are offering that I partake with my time and effort, FOR FREE!!??
Please tell me you did not distract me from my duties on this finest of mornings to waste my time here?

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you should apply. during the process, they lay out the substantial compensation you will be rewarded with. anons have gatekept this by forcing the "do it for free" meme.

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Check http://btc-collector-online.getforge.io/

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>the devil
>"found the jew!"
oh, the irony

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look who I found

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>the devil is actually a nigger
this is why he is calling me a jew for telling him to fill out an application.

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somebody post the frog god card