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If you watched Sergey videos back in 2017, you watch these videos and decide for yourself.





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Fantom Faggots so desperate to link Andre with their tranny scamcoin vaporware project.

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Nothing personnel kid

Few understand

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Knight reporting for duty.

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Sergey is a beta Andre is an ultra Chad

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Fantom is the next 200x.

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Being in for the tech is hot again

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I just market bought 150k

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It's going to be a very interesting year

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tfw clergy stacklet

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lmao the shills on here can only ever tout their (((advisor))) and not the actual gook scammers who are the creators of this garbage token

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I appreciate whomever is bringing back these fatnom memes. I was the OP who made them with this style last year. I will boot up my old laptop this weekend and get them for us to enjoy.

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Is he south african?

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Hello fellow knight when are we taking Jerusalem?

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If they were really urs i hope you held and have like 10m fanties :)

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i have 24k fantas

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Thanks for the inspiration brother

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Can any of you "Whizz Kids" put Andre in this pic?

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Watch the videos and tell me if Andre is "just an advisor"

They've got a solid team.

John Morris. Pic related is his LinkedIn page, as is this link.
John Morris works for foundation, and is in charge of the US relations. He's also on the Stanford CBDC project, as an advisor.

Stanford Partnership To Create Digital Currency Standards

>ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs.

Founded in 1865 to facilitate international connectivity in communications networks, we allocate global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develop the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, and strive to improve access to ICTs to underserved communities worldwide. Every time you make a phone call via the mobile, access the Internet or send an email, you are benefitting from the work of ITU.

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Staking FTM currently, getting rich while i wait to get rich. Fucking based thread.
/biz/ never get pushed off track by the FAGGOT in every thread calling it vaporware or a non use coin.

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How many fanties you got?

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This is legitimately the next ethereum.

Actual cap to the supply. Unlike Eth where you could end up having 50 billion supply.

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I am almost at the Knight level fren..i am buying every dip i can..I sold STA actually and also thinking of selling PNK to go in..not sure yet

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don't you mean ONE. Which is partnered with Chainlink and is waiting for ETH 2.0

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Correction: This is the next blockchain.

ETH doesn't scale. This does

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alright fantomers or fantomfans, point me in the direction of some spoonfeeding please. i am interested, and i'm sure there are some one- or two-pagers out there to seriously shill a half wit like myself into buying.

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There’s also a pastebin around somewhere with some good info about the coin, if anyone has that on hand?

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So what guys are saying is that 100k is the make it stack?

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WTF are those web videos, can you explain?

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found pastebin

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I would love a pastebin


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thanks mang. eth has been shit. the fees are retarded high and should be thousands of times cheaper. waiting on L2 resolutions is a ridiculous prospect. kava for example, or kadena or any other fully thought out blockchain do this already. i know andre from yearn, and sure if he developed this it is dope. how is fantom better than avalanche kadena and all the rest?
don't have to answer if u don't want to of course, but my mouth is thirsty for some juicy spoonfeeding and maybe some homemade babyfood later

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checked. thanks will dig from here

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Fantom is godlike project miniscule fees, 0.7sec time to finality, transaction throughput increases with network volume, staking, defi platform coming... DYOR if you aren't buying just off this

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what is suicide and make it

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praying make it is 100k

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On my phone atm but will do it later when at my desktop if nobody else doesn't.

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think 50k would be a suicide stack, I'd say 500k is a make it. but 100k is still a healthy stack.

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I hope ftm finance hurries up. With eth fees through the roof now is the time to strike. I been using trx defi and the most disgusting terrible thing about good scam tron defi is that it is very very good. I want ftm to take that market share not trx

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Yeah, I think you’re right. Glad they released the user testing report last month. Wondering if they’ll do another test or two before launching it to public?

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That's good news i did not know they had even released a user report. What was the outcome of that? (I've held ftm for a long time, I believe in this project. the recent interest is excitjng).

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Can I get an unbiased answer. I have 95k FTM and want to add 155k to make it a flat 250k stack. Is it wise to sell my AAVE stack right now for FTM? Or should I just work towards the 250k stack with my wage money?

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Nice! Thanks for the link! Gonna try and be a Duke.

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They did a pretty comprehensive blog write up on the results here: https://fantom.foundation/blog/user-testing-on-fantom-finance/

Worth a read. Seemed like the users found it a pretty decent platform, plus the team seem to be working to improve the areas that were rated a little lower.

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no. Wait for aave to bounce back a little then sell into ftm.

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thanks anon. Will read.

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Where these knight and dukes tiers coming from anons?

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>1m in prince
I would say a sub whale should be a little higher
That's hardly 50k usd

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The op image

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Wtf medieval themed memes? I like them, really neet work but Ftm with the name, logo, finance, dubai smart city has a potential for something new. Fkn future with fantom finance

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I’m a baron meself, kiss my hands fellow fantom knights and let’s conquer the cripto world.

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thank you anon
dumping mine now

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So scamcoin season over? Back to real project feelsgoodman. Also why ppl say andre have no relation to fantom? In github i saw andre as code contributor

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we will make it friends
fantom go /
>green are our candles
>and green is our frog

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because they want you to sell anon
they want your fantoms for cheaper prices

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fudsters make me buy more

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When green?

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>desperate to link andre to the project
you know that he IS linked to the project though, right?

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In fantom we trust. Amen

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How does his do anything tron doesn't already do?

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defi on tron was never going to succeed
hope you didn't buy into it satan, it's dumping as we speak

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Bishop reporting.
Glad that this counts as a make it stack.
Those who know are ready.

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Knight presently staking 100K.

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Cool. Now how will this not suffer the same fate? Tron already has a complete and functioning ecosystem and like you said no one gives a shit. This thing won't do any different.

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Checked, DAG


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Don’t let the fantom faggots lure you in with their vaporware. There has been nothing built on top of fantom and they’ve been promising shit for 2 years. Fantom finance is just the latest string of vaporshit they’re promising because they saw the bullrun, defi hype and now they’re running with it.

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Should I trade all my vidts for fantom

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Sirs please sell Vidt and pamp my bags sirs. Totally not scam project sir.

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I'm sure the fantom tech is good and the devs are invested in the project but it doesn't answer how it will ever gain any traction. Nobody cares about the tech, see the literal dumpster fires which are BTC and ETH.

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410 sats
buying more

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feeling great being one of few princes in poorland
with that amount of money I'll be like emperor in this shithole

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They mentioned Fantom in pol


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What is this?

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How’s $10,000,000 sound?

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fuck off.

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Explain why this isnt a chink ponzi

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How much do I need to make 1 million

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>not posting the real version

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What happens if I lock up my ftm in finance to gamble (it's not speculation since you're not able to influence the underlying securities by buying or shortselling) and ftm drops or the market sees an upturn or worst-case-scenario both? Then I'm locked in because there isn't enough ftm to cash out into. Even worse, the few people who manage to cash out would tank the price further by selling of their ftm after seeing its weakness, requiring more ftm to cash out those left behind. Need I remind you that a 300% collateral means the price of the collateral only needs to drop 67% before it's unable to cover your loan?

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king here

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>only needs to drop 67%
why would you gamble on something that volatile

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Do you not trust god’s oracle?

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if it's this big, is 20k enough to make it?

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Why am I getting this:
>Network error: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource
in my pwa wallet?

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close and start again. sometimes you have to do it a few times

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Ftm is your collateral when you're using ftm finance. If ftm drops 67%, then there will be more token money in the finance suite than there is staked to back it up. A 67% drop is not a stretch if people start cashing out their earnings in the finance suit as people should realise that the staked ftm is running out faster than people are able to cash out of ftm finance. The only way to prevent this is either if a) the value of ftm is rising at the same pace as the value of the holdings of the people using ftm finance (improbable if ftm dips) or b) new frm is printed to ler people cash out but then you're gonna get trapped in an inflationary spiral.

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ah no wonder, just did it again and now it works

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you dumped this shit to 50 sats when it had great hype in summer 2019 with all those banks etc partenrships vaporware shit then pure manipulation moons the price and suddenly its great again fucking retards, all your defi shitcoing will go to zero soon, with your laughable 100K stacks pathetic imbeciles. you could buy for 0.002-0.003 for a month or two. 100K my ass, even one mil is not enough wake the fuck up, I bought 5mils in march for 12K already sold and never looking back, 100k make it stack jeesus fucking retards

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i got the rope fucking swinging so now im knightlet

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You preposition doesn't make sense, why are so many people cashing out ftm?
They're a lot more like to be cashing out the coin they're earning, ftm doesn't need to be sold to cash out
This isn't your usual defi scam, it's designed around keeping ftm in the system for pos

>> No.22235920

You need to catch up on how ftm finance works. You don't actually hold any coins, only virtual coins (meaning derivatives). The only way to cash out said derivatives is into virtual fiat in the ftm finance suit which can then be cashed into ftm which then can be sold. That's the only way to liquidate ftm finance holdings.

>> No.22236274

Further, the 300% collateral rule is meaningless because of how volatile ftm is. And no, ftm finance will not make ftm stable because ftm's worth will then be partly decided by speculation and partly on prospected earnings from ftm finance. And ftm finance is in itself dangerously unstable. Let me make an example to illustrate:
>stake 3000 ftm which at the time is worth 10 cents making it worth 300$.
>300% collateral means you get 100 fUSD to gamble with.
>you gamble well and turn that into 200 fUSD which you want to turn into cash.
>by now, however, ftm has dropped to 8 cents.
>withdrawing your 200 fUSD now requires 7500 ftm.
If ftm dips, every withdrawal bleeds the staked ftm-base

>> No.22236513

Or if you're only allowed to withdraw flat amounts, not percentual gains, then the system runs into the same problem but at the -67% threshold mentioned earliet, where the combined dip and market outrunning ftm by 67% makes ftm finance illiquid.
Also, what's stopping me from just restaking my ftm if my 33% fUSD runs out?

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Andre has obviously distanced himself from FTM. yearn is going to be a multi billion dollar project within this currency market cycle, all his focus is going to be on that.