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It doesn't matter what /biz/ does. Fudding Link on biz actually helps me feel better for some reason. You should try it. I have 1100 link.

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Links day has come and is fading...more and more shitcoinage is taking its place and there’s no hype behind it for the next foreseeable year... it’s gonna slowly fade into litecoin status, doing nothing day after day, being churned by Chinks and replaced by a newer cuter Asian flavor.
Accept it.

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That's because you're a mentall ill transvestite.

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I shorted link 2 days ago. Get F U C K E D fagmarine

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>I have 1100 link.
Why are you fudding with such few link

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smart play bro

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Yeah that is not a lot of Link Anon. You gotta get those numbers up fren.

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-sigh- i only have 1100...

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Because it's a huge amount of money for me. I bought at 4 dollars.

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try to get to 4000 LINK anon

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Its inspiring either way desu. Keep it up I guess

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How much Link do you have Mister Pajeet?

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Wow Im hoddling 50k bags and thought I was a broke ass loser

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stfu faggot nigger

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More than you

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LINK is too slow just jump on $SNIFF for some easy defi gains this week SLEEPYJOE.FINANCE

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My father is already proud I shilled link at 16 cents. He is still holding his 7k stack. 222$ eoy

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It's ok I only have 35