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When will you retards stop mspainting lines on charts and understand that markets are unpredictable pieces of dog shit?

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Not buying your bags that have dogshit charts

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not true... there are ALWAYS patterns that you can recognize by looking at charts and zooming out

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Show me one chart that you called correctly with date edited time stamp.

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Technical analysis in crypto is a single step above astrology

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Markets absolutely are predictable. There are people getting paid a lot more than you or I to do exactly that.

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I agree. However, technical analysis has nothing to do with it.

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>what are statistics
>what are propabilities
>what is expected value
go back to plebbit s o y boy.

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They aren’t, plenty of investors neck themselves because of a wrong TA. It’s essentially guessing.

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you are comparable to a backyard psychic

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Your P&L sounds red. Deep red.

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Are you saying support and resistance levels don't exist?

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Found the mspainter. My kids like doodling on pictures too, faggot.

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Well the real world of finance correlates to stock prices and stock prices pretty much show you how crypto will follow.

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Unless my portfolio goes to 80%, I’m still in the green.
They don’t, ask Ethereum and AAPL

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I’m not talking about TA. You think the quants at HFT firms sit about drawing meme lines? Predictability is about probabilities, not some cunt drawing a triangle on a CMC screenshot.

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i just draw / and pray to kek

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So why aren’t market crashes and bull runs ever timed? Not even once in the history of crypto or boomer stocks?


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why are plebbitors always denying mathematics?

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Black box algo traders don’t give a shit if it’s bear or bull, they’re making money either way.
There have been instances of these strategies getting caught out by black swans but for 99.99999% of trading environments, they work.

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you seem to have the wrong idea here, you think charts are like a crystal ball that will tell you the future.... it’s a tool to use to help you notice patterns that you can make an informed decision on, it’s a TOOL not a CRYSTAL BALL, newfag.

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Because market math is flipping a coin.

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You’re kinda proving the other anons point here. Flipping a coin isn’t random, it’s pseudo-random, and if it’s pseudo, there are patterns.

Google “A Random Walk Down Wall Street“

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It’s literally impossible to not make money in crypto or stocks, timing massive runs or crashes is also impossible.
Read above statement retard, but also let me dumb it down for you “when pretty line starts go up me put allowance”

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Except I’m not, they came in arguing that some random joes can read lines, when the whole point of the thread was those lines can’t predict an unpredictable market.

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Besides the meme strats there are time-tested ones like double top/ double bot.

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Banks pay large sums to have human traders work for them and learn their methods for trading. They wouldn't if it didn't work.
Maybe you can't under stand it or can't be helped, or maybe you're just listening to all the noise out there (indicators, averages, news, etc) that lead the blind off a cliff.

Just learn price action, or dont I guess, I'm not your dad.

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Which time tested voodoo predicted Ethereum shooting up to 1200? Or yfi to 30000?
Banks are still run by the same boomers destroying the economy, housing market, and job market, get real.

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Nah they use bots

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