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Can someone explain to a brainlet what the story means? I (newly) run IT at a small hedge fund and they keep talking about this but I'm embarrassed to show what a financial brainlet I am. Google isn't helping much, as I don't know the lingo.


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Basically people are panicking because this revelation shows that the recent rise in stocks was not an organic one with many confident buyers.

Instead, it was just one massive whale firm making a really risky bet. So the recent market boom was very, very artificial made by very few people. I think that's what happened.

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Well you can almost compare it to a bag holder who is shilling his own coins so he can offload them.

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The entire rise? Like from what time period?

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So SoftBank bought a ton of options in tech (calls, which I'm reading are promises to buy at a higher price after a certain amount of time), causing funds(?) that sold the options to buy stock to cover/forcing them to buy shares, creating a positive feedback loop? This made SoftBank profit on their original positions, then they sold/wrote calls at even higher numbers to other funds/retail and seem to be unloading their bags?

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Since about 2013.

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uhh no?

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Daily reminder that SBI holdings was a former subsidiary of SoftBank

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he is satoshi just read between the lines faggot

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