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Why is PNK dumping so much? I'm not selling.
>inb4 Indian larping
Can you please be serious?

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dumping after a 6k% rise and perfect double top, buy at 0.08$ and ride it to 0.40$

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This. We’ll 4x again when linguo drops

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How long will it stay ~0.10c?

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Sir don't worry is very good coin. Up going profit very soon
when is this sir?

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to be fair everything is tanking
and a bit of sluthing would probably point out that large pnk whales sold off pnk to try and flip meme shitcoins
if pnk had a liquidity pool token being farmed then pnk would have pumped like crazy
instead we get a dump
for proof, look at ampl- when yam came out it pumped, and again when these food clones came out it pumped again- all for buying liquidity pool tokens
this is a long term hold though. i know it's stupid to compare it to link, although they're both oracles, but link went from 40 cents down to 25, and then up to a dollar and back down to 40
so dips and shit are to be expected on the long road upwards

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PNK whales decided to give you a second chance to get in. Don't waste it.

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We are dumping because literally the entire market is dumping right now.
It has nothing to do with PNK, it’s market-wide.

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Couple weeks probably. It won’t be long. The Kleros team is one of the most active in the space. Consistently overdelivering, ahead of schedule.

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Seems like market is going to crash lower. Im expecting to buy around 0.03

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Everyone and everything is currently dumping, not just PNK(but I think things are stabilising). If a hormonal mess such as myself can remain calm then you can too, sir. The future is bright and pink for Kleros, hang in there and buy the dip, sir.

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very cool sirs
I will keep my hands constructed of the finest metals sirs! no selling like a motherbitch!

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I bought at fucking 0.16c

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Yeah, that will mean you are never going to buy. It wont be under 9c ever again.

Sorry, >>22204445
but please dont feel so insecure now.

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Why do tranny's always have to bring up in conversation that they are a tranny? Do you seek attention everywhere you go?

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Sell now sirs!!!!
Sirs buy high sell low is the /biz/ way sirs

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i dont really do that. im just saying if a tranny like myself is remaining calm in all of this then he should be able to too

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larping, not larping stfu and get on with joining the 40% already
You mentally ill niggers never stfu and are always molesting children. Rope. Now.

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Every single time you've posted in a thread you relentlessly bring up your hormones or the fact you are a tranny. It's embarrassing. You might not notice you do it, but you somehow awkwardly manage to make almost every post of yours about yourself in some strange attention seeking manner. Noone else does it. It's a remarkable spectacle to watch.

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You’re a disgusting mentally ill goblin.

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You do it in every thread Jesus Christ. Read the room. How much attention do you want?

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my best guesstimation is that PNK was severely overbought thanks to /biz/ hyping this thing to no end that it became long overdue for a correction. Now we are seeing an higher then normal sell rate due to the FOMO.Same thing happened to STA

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Don't talk to me like that
wah wahhhh
I'm whiter than you most likely
I don't want anyone's attention. I was just trying to make op calm down

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>Don't want anyones attention
>Somehow every post about a shitcoin turns into some story or anecdote about themselves
>Ensures to post with the same cartoon character in every thread because 'im just like her!!1!!' so people recognise them even though literally noone else in kleros shitposting history tries to make themselves known

Yikes dude. Cut it out. Maximum cringe. Stop deflecting and acting like that is a normal thing to do.

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are you the British trantran?

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>Proceeds to relentlessly talk about themselve in every post for days on end

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Tranon, I don't think you're a bad person.

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Buy more faggot.

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Stop avatarfagging pnkie you subhuman.

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sir bit coins are doing the dumpings so pinks are doing the dumpings too sir nothings to worry about

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feeling as snug as a bug with all this pnk coins rn tbqh with you sirs
the one that wants a nice holiday, yeah that's me
thank you very much kind anon
sure, alright. No need for the rude comment though

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It's a good coin you just got in too early. It's correcting it's initial rush. Almost all coins do this, I'm sorry you bought at the top.

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You make the Kleros community look worse than any Indian larping ever will.

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no i dont

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Post pics?

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its /b that likes trannies, here we like numbers and by numbers i mean le 40%

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just drop the avatarfagging and it'll work out
there's a reason the report button has a "report for avatar use", because it's so fucking insufferable

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ok I can see that my presence is derailing the threads and I don't like that. So I'll take a break from posting for a bit. Remember to hold sirs, many moons ahead for all of us.

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It’s not. You sound beautiful and interesting. Post some pics to lift our spirits

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How did I get in too early if I bought at 0.02?

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You should take a break from posting permanently.

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keep posting, but just keep it on the down low
it's not so much you as the avatar-ing that gets people

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Everything dumped you fucking mong. People were pulling out their shit because gas prices are getting fucking rediculous for ERC tokens through normal sites like uniswap.

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Nobody minds if you post. Just cut out the attention seeking. You're not a bad individual, you're just acting the bollix with the whining and the avatar posting.

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PNK is unironically a /biz/ coin
If you go check reddit, twitter, you will never see anyone talking about it

Because it's a worthless shitcoin, that's why. The only people that buy it are newfags that think it's the "next chainlink", since chainlink is a coin biz relentlessly pushed that ultimately succeeded

Chainlink had the tech though, but PNK is just... fucking garbage
>muh jury of neets
It was vastly accumulated by whales in the 1c area, and they've been dumping on you newfags for almost 2 months now

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Thank you Anons. I won't avatarfag from now on, still going to take a small break though

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Why didn't you sell? Lmfao. It's clearly overvalued. Sell it and buy back in when it's low if you believe in the project.

I genuinely do agree that adoption of a platform that has crowdsourced neets as equivalents to judges in actual court systems is quite stupid. Also Paypal literally does everything this coin does on the USD, which doesn't require 80 dollars in gas fees just to hold. It's a good buy for extremely cheap, but if you're not selling right now in this market AND during a correction you're absolutely insane.

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You've posted this like 20 times in the past two days. At least stop copy/pasting shit if you're gonna fud. Change it up.

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I'll add -- it could work. It could be important. It's just...why would anyone use this when paypal exists?

All of the arbitration during this current era of crypto would be people being scammed out of male order bride and wayfair orders for cabinets of mutilated children parts.

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That's my honest opinion about it, as someone who's been on /biz/ since 2017

Not an argument

>> No.22206582

And I'll add that it's been dumping hard because indeed it's mostly newfags that fall for it. All newfags have paper hands

>> No.22206676

>since 2017
since when is "2017" a long time to have been on biz?

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Paypal literally converts between nationally backed, widely adopted, currencies and the fees are much lower. Elon Musk made a fortune off this.

Why would anyone want a crowdsourced coin you have to trade crypto to use with gas fees the way they are? Only people into child porn and fucked up shit would use this, and the neets would all rule "fuck you tranny nig" to anyone using the platform legitimately. Everyone would rule against the Chinese every time out of racism. Paypal has a dedicated staff of people being paid and held accountable for their decisions in arbitration. It's a novel concept, but lacking in accountability. It's not a horribly stupid investment, and like I said -- Elon Musk already did this and made a fortune off it -- it's just CLEARLY going to drop because it's use is speculative at best.

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Game theory and it’s not only for arbitration :))

>> No.22207044

you literally don’t know how kleros works or the mechanics behind it. you’re retarded as fuck

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Its all dumping

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Sorry I didn't read the entire white paper on a low marketcap memecoin with neet energy around it being shilled here during an obvious correctional period. Lmfao.

Btw I actually have sex.

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you sound retarded as fuck

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What does game theory have to do with anything?

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Nigger have you looked at the market as a whole? The entire internet money scheme is on fire right now. I 100% blame fucking yield farming niggers and insane gas fees.

>> No.22207718

someone prove him wrong please

>> No.22208275

maybe because it isnt listed on any exchanegs so no one can buy it? and uniswap is garbage and the fees are too high, not to mention on top of the fees if you want to swap a large amount of coin they say they will take 90% of it off you before the fees lol .....needs to be listed on binance or some other site that doesnt rip you off, hell even coinbase has lower fees than uniswap! lol

>> No.22208304

any other choices other than uniswap?

>> No.22208362

I know I'm speaking to the congregation right now, but do you guys see PNK dumping much further than 8 cents?

My cost basis is 9 cents and if YOLO'd in right now I'd be at 10.5 cents. What other coins are ya'll eyeing?

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I'm holding strong.

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I've been on /biz/ since 2019 so I identify as what we call an "oldfag" on here.
I do a lot of research on this board and Pnk really stood out to me thats why I bought a few weeks ago.
Since 2019 I am already up 2x on my portfolio, which is quite impressive to say the least.
The Kleros team looks really solid and the marketing efforts here on this board are also really promising. Soon the marketing team will start expanding to Reddit, Twitter and TikTok which should give us a nice price boost and really push the project forward.
I talk to the Team alot on Telegram and I am quite impressed by their intelligence and buisness skills, they remind me of Colin from Nano and Charlie Lee from Litecoin.
They assured me that Kleros will be listed on serious exchanges in the future (I will add to my stack once we get onto a real exchange).
So to everyone on here I really urge you to do some due dilligence on Kleros and to get ready to board the Pnk ship once we hit a reputable exchange.
I think 2020 q4 will be great for us and I can not wait to hit 40 cents, thats where I will derisk my portfolio.
What is everyone elses strategy here? (only oldfags please).

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I hope you didn't invest more than you could easily lose. I would hate to see you in a crying frog thread in 3 months. "Game theory has something to do with this" is the only response I've gotten as to why this is a necessary technology.

>> No.22208687

Bitfinex. Not a huge trading volume but you won't get fucked on txn fees

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Got in early and still up. Been hunting shitcoins for years lad, take your newfriend hate to another thread. PNKchads are based.

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Can anyone explain what Linguo does in simple terms? I just bought PNK yesterday at 10

>> No.22209000

It's a translation service that is arbitrated/peer reviewed.

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So Linguo will be a simple freelancing platform for translators.
The backend uses the Kleros court to arbitrate on disputes which may arise between translators and customers.
I am super bullish on this take for example all the marketing efforts by Kleros on this board, I do like them but the poor english might be off putting for future investors. Using Linguo Kleros will be able to access much higher quality translations and thus improve their marketing efforts by alot.
>godspeed anon.

>> No.22209445

It just translates things in different languages?

>> No.22209508

Yes. Quite impressive isn't it?

>> No.22209538

Check them.

It's a translation platform, and one of many, many applications of Kleros. There's an insurance company that is testing it out right now too.

>> No.22209557

There are tons of online translation services that work for free

>> No.22209974

The thing is, you can never be truly sure as to the accuracy of the translation. You ever tell someone something and have them completely butcher it as they repeat it to someone else? I sure have, and that’s with all parties involved speaking the same language. Translation is a minefield. Having people vote on the accuracy of a translation, both in literal word meaning and overall feeling for example is extremely valuable.

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Losing faith in this project. Looking at the charts it appears PNK is one of few projects that have lost more than 80% its value from ATH how can this be if the project has so much promise.

It's not on a proper Exchange.
Insurance thing has not gone well.
The crypto market is dumping.
ETH gas too high.
Linguo comin out.

If it was on a proper exchange more people would dump more people would buy the dump. If this project was worthwhile I think Wales would be buying this dip its retraced more than any crypto so why aren't people rushing to buy? High gas BS if it was really a good project people wouldn't mind the gas cause they believe in the project and its at a HUGE DISCOUNT so WTF is going on.

We needed a correction yes but this is more thzn a correction it looks like people have completely lost faith. Im not trying to FUD it I'm just trying to understand why PNK is absolutely getting DESTROYED compared to everything else.

>> No.22210225

I'm trying to buy 100k more, but I have a bunch of pending transactions in Uniswap and can't do anything.

>> No.22210298

No, I don't think it is. As the other guy said, there are tons of translation services out there

>> No.22210308

lets say you want something translated to chinese, but you dont speak chinese. how do you know if the translation is good or not? in that case, kleros would use chinese-english speakers to judge whether or not the translation is good

>> No.22210315

you unironically deserve death

>> No.22210398

I like you.

>> No.22210486

>moar then 80%

Nigger are you high

>> No.22210552

because literally no one wants to be held to binding resolutions of pajeet hoards.

it was a meme concept, simple as.

>> No.22210567

bought some at 16c, 14c, and 12c, it's now at 8, if it drops to 6c I'm probably gonna throw my last 3 ETH at it and forget I have anything

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Because everything is. Sold half my stack and moved it into RCKT, just came out this month. Looking to make my Kleros gains back

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You will never pass, and you will never be a real woman because you can never give birth to children. I honestly wonder what kind of evil you did in past lifetimes to be cursed into a freakish existence like this. But you probably deserve it. I just want to reiterate, that no matter how many times you tell yourself in front of the mirror, you will never be a woman. I cannot even imagine what the normal people you associate with say behind your back.

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Please sirs buy Kleros to help fund village tuk tuk

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I just had a nice 2 hour nap and was fully expecting a nice lil reassuring pump up by the time I woke up
Where is my pump
Where is it sirs

>> No.22211165

You’re joking.
It’s literally half price

>> No.22211238

bcouse it allawed me 2 buy cheaperer fren

>> No.22211405

it's the weak minded emo trannies and women and maybe a couple of niggers who don't even know why you should only buy and never sell pnk. bought higher sold lower like the faggots they are

>> No.22211492

Just like i thought responses would only counter my 80% (obviously not YET)drop but nothing as to why this project is worth holding

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It might drop that low.
Maybe people are losing faith not many anticipated that we would go up that fast.
Also there are a lot of good opportunities elswhere that doesn't necessarily mean that PNK is dead. We will rise again.

>> No.22212159

first in class arbitration token, decisions come about in a decentralized, non-biased way, not depending on what some blue-haired tranny nig feels about a topic, because if that nig rules incorrectly, they lose, good game theory.

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>> No.22212267

Can't tell if joking or genuinely that stupid lmao

>> No.22212452

It’s literally 0.081 right now

>> No.22212526

I'm pretty stupid, yeah, but I have a good recession-proof job to fund my stupidity, can you say the same?

>> No.22212600

Sir, Vishnu demands patience.

>> No.22212685

Yes i have a recession-proof job
But I'm smart enough not to invest into PNK. You should have bought it last year or earlier this year, not now

>> No.22213315

it'll probably crab in the 5 to 10c range for the next month or so, I have a hard time imagining this isn't a long-term hold. Plenty of time to DCA, in the meantime going to see if I can help out on their github.

>> No.22214004

sir I am losing patience
but praise be to pnk

>> No.22214083

sir my village poor need more pnk sir

>> No.22214152

I bought 60k at .15c .. I’m not selling .. I might buy 10k more

>> No.22214179

What’s suicide / make it stack? I’m going to buy this dip.

>> No.22214232

Bought 50k back when it was ~$0.02. Hoping it'll go down some more so I can make it a nice round 100k.

>> No.22214296

10k suicide, 100k make it sir. thank you for needful shudra.

>> No.22214341

Because it’s a useless shitcoin and the scammers are dumping on you

>> No.22214838

Sorry newfags but It's always been 100k suicide and 250k make it

>> No.22215030

let it fall anon
just buy more

>> No.22215120 [DELETED] 

Who's with me? x10 tonight!

Price [USD]: $0.140
Price [ETH]: 0.000369
1 ETH = 2,713 WENB
Volume (24h): $8.15K
Diluted MCap: $247.45K
Token Holders: 131
Trades (24h): 20

< 200 hodlers
<250K MC


>> No.22215729

Developers are exit scamming

>> No.22215748

lmfao he did the needful.

>> No.22216235

whatever this guy says is considered irrelevant to me, "oldfag" from 2019? Get fucked glow.

>> No.22216656

keep avatar fagging, who cares keep doing what you like to do

sorry newfags it’s always been 250k suicide and 500k make it

>> No.22216718

>the fag who insists on this false suicide/make-it meme also supports attention whore tranny tripfags

>> No.22216759

If you sell under .20 you are not doing it right. If you are holding PNK right now, you are going to be holding for a year. Accept that. Do not sell right now. Realistically this thing will break a dollar. We are in a bear market. So many people sold their LINK in march and were crying all of August. Don't be that person. Just hold and chill.

I will probably buy some more later tonight. I have income to waste though. Don't buy more if you can't afford it. Do your own research.

>> No.22217380

Keep avatarfagging lmao gives a fuck. Everyone will bssh you for whatever you do. Youre a fucking tranny for fucks sake you should know this. Do whatever the fuck you want in life.

>> No.22217472

>I talk to the Team alot on Telegram
Which faggot are you.

>> No.22218459

Hope he reads this bro lmao

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