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What are some good buys after everything dumps? Right now I'm thinking LINK, RSR, PNK, and XSN.

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Link and pnk are fine, rsr is a scam. Don't know about XSN

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if you want to make it, get RSR my friend.

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This is not a dip. The dipping just started. Altcoins will go -90% so start buying in year 2022

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XSN is a great buy. Good choice OP.

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Add some QNT for its attractive risk/reward

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That's just Bog in a wig

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Low effort FUD

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Just bought 100k more

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Pnk should be a no brainer to you incels.

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The Reserve app has a 4.5 star rating on the Google Playstore. Also, do some reading on how the Reserve protocol actually works. Stop spreading FUD.

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you just listed the most dumped on projects lmao just buy xrp

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All weebs and people who want to make money on weebs should buy waifu token, obviously.

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This but srsly. I'm looking forward to all the cope when it hits $1

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it was right there in the OP you replied to you clinical retard. tas of you pinkoids

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Xsn right now at this low price is earning me $150 per week income from my master nodes. Not too fussed.
Already cashed out at the top price.
Got my money back plus profits.
Now I have this which is all profit....
2,000 Link
150,000 Xsn
0.2 Linkpool

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sold my 2 mil bags

Nigger coin with no traction. Been over a month and no one talks about apart from tranny telegram full of the most mentally ill niggers I've ever seen

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RSR for sure, but can someone explain to me this: why aren't burgers allowed to buy RSR but the developers and team (all US based) have holdings in RSR, i know they're not being released until mainnet is complete but its still a thought I've had

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A sprinkle of something special.

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>asking retards to do fundamental analysis
that's actually kinda mean; it's like asking a dog to hold a ball in its paw.

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