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oh wow u people really hate money...

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I like SAFEX more

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It's actually good. It's early so they haven't been shilling it much.
Unipump (UPP)

>Unipump is a smart contract tackling a proven use case with historical precedent: the fees on Ethereum are too damn high. Rolling out a fully functional system at launch, what we provide will functionally serve as a “Layer 2” style social scaling solution for the decentralized liquidity provision protocol Uniswap. Just like Uniswap, Unipump is totally decentralized without upgrade features or controls.
>This system allows users to buy into Trade Groups where skilled Fund Managers can trade on their behalf with pooled funds for fixed periods of time. Unipump’s UPP Token is used in an incentive system with strong tokenomics (including lock-ups, staking, and fee savings mechanisms) which take advantage of key features in bull market movement like we see at present. This is a transparent, auditable solution to the persistent problem of pump group exit scams. Pooled trading funds and locked-in mechanisms for equal profit sharing mean we can all dump the top, together!

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