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A wise man once said
Buy when there's blood in the streets

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what are you buying in this blood bath op?

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>catching a falling knife

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Ill wait for tomorrow
If we go into the weekend this red then we will 100% keep falling next week
Source: Business degree from Yale

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How big are the mans bags?

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A wise man once said wherever you go there you are

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I just bought because of this post.

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>Tech stocks fucking finally selling off
>Tech stocks were leading the entire market
>Stock market now bearish
>Crypto still fucking correlated to stock market
>Not buying SP500/Bitcoin until the stock market stops bleeding
>Bitcoin next target for unsophisticated day trader retail investment money
Waiting for a further dip then going hard in Bitcoin/ETH

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SOM is not impressive, you’re a joke to everyone else on campus.

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People like you said not to buy stocks in march. Well guess what faggot, I caught the knife.

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Yes yes buy the "dip" now!

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Shit yeah

Just transferred all of my link and btc over to kambria.. should double my money in the next few days.

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I am poor as fuck and I am loving this dip.
Buy the fucking dip faggots.

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Well not right this moment. I just hate when faggots act like it's impossible to time the market.

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Pretty sure it's a Baron Rothschild quote.

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Correct. So, very fucking big, just like he likes em.

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Based. I'm thinking about buying another 100 link. This dump doesnt seem life ending. Why does /biz/ freak out so much during a dump? It sometimes scares me, but I've had strong hands so far.

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You havent seen blood yet

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when there is blood in the streets, you close your shorts and open a beer.

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Why doesn't anyone understand that CME gap needs to be filled at 9600, stop fucking buying

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I have bought every dip since summer 2017 China fud

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me wise

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There's another one at 3000, are we filling that one too?

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way ahead of you my amphibious friend

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It is

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Well I fucking did it this year you can suck my balls

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But you didn't sell and now you are going to lose all your "profits"

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It's done primarily for memes but also sentiment control. Theres a few weak handed and weak minded individuals that freak out, too.

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>I did it once so it can be done every time
kek. trade away big man, see where you end up.

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can anyone tell me why the fuck tron is the only green coin in this shitshow?

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wouldn't touch it but to each their own

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>China fud
holy shit that brings me back. I called in sick the day after because I was so new to crypto it took me 2 hours to figure out how to panic sell my whole position. Then I bought back in the next day at a 15% loss. Good memories.

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Stop loss you fools. It's there for a reason.

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I already sold again, half a month ago, half two weeks ago.

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I've always thought a lot of the pink wojack posting is for the thrill of it. Fun in demise. When things are bad you can almost never get a clear answer as to what is going on, aside from the rare anon like

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please buy zrx

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Why? Its partnered with all these other shitcoins?

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Keeping an eye on the p/e isn't fucking rocket science.

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Post tradea

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You should buy QSP then, fellow alumni ;)

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A wise man once said
Buy high sell low