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assets are overinflated.

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Everything is down.

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It's not dropping liquidity and mc is getting sucked into a few defi projects on uni

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Buy more, hold and shut the fuck up

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Too many new wallets w/small accnts

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stocks didnt impact crypto this significantly even with the COVID shit in March.

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I'm hodling. this shit is still ridiculous.

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I’m waiting for the next stimulus payments to go through. Inflation plus desperation means crypto goes up

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The economy in general is in contraction and the DeFi shit is reaching a point that everybody knows it's a bubble, and the increase in ETH gas fees caused by the DeFi shit is starting a domino effect causing everything using the ETH blockchain to bleed, which hurts the entire crypto market in general. It is a shitshow and it's not getting better anytime soon.

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I believe some insiders dumped their shitcoins early before the stocks began to dump. They knew what was coming.

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Just buy & hold anon. Put down your Blockfolio and come eat my a$$

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Btc miners dumped

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are you new? btc went from 12k to 3k

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not interested.

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I'm not talking about 2017.

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this makes sense but it's unfortunate and I'd argue the timeline to recovery is unclear.

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Margin shorting. If we can beat the bears, we'll cause a short-squeeze again and BTC will moon over $25k, ETH to $2k. However, if we can't, then bears will short them both into the $3k/$60 range.

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>The economy in general is in contraction
How long until governments realize that it's time to open up?

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influx of retards buying shit that they dont understand happened to be timed perfectly to the stock market top.

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lol what? yes it did retard.

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it's just part of the natural pattern
expect continued decline until mid december
flat line
then moonshot in march
screencap this

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that exacerbated it. but would you agree that the overinflation caused by the YFI/DeFi/Uni shit was the catalyst?

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I would eat that mans ass

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This is the only explanation why we dumped. We got bogged and they’re not done yet either

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ok I'll concede.

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you think it'll dump more?

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Dubs confirmed

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"dump eet"

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Aye, fight the bears

These greedy fags I swear

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BTC went from 10.5k - > 3.4k

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i'm holding.

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Everyone found out that our penises are fake.

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yes but not recently

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Just buy at every resistance level, average and HODL. It is normal retraction to start the GBR.

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It touched the 1d Hull MA which acted as resistance

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Bond yield speculation is putting 15-30 year bonds in negative terrirtory. Everyone is escaping to cash, and smart money is escaping to PM's, all other speculative markets will shit the bed.

How do I know PM's will continue to perform well in this market compared to others? Because everything said PM's should have tanked at around 1,700 an Oz a few months ago when bond yields started tanking, as typically PM's are tighter than stocks, that didn't happen, PM's have already disconnected. Stocks never did, stocks lag because their is "less" speculation on them. Why did crypto shit the bed before stocks? Crypto is even more speculatory. Just my uneducated opinion.

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Look what happened in March you cuntface. Practically lost half its value in a couple days.

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what the fuck is PM

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Precious Metals

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Fucking checked. Still not buying gold though. You'd be better off investing in a ridiculous gun collection and friends to shoot with.

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Gold looks like it's in the beginning of a multiyear bull cycle that started in May 2019. The picture I posted is my strategy for trading Gold while it maintains its bullish posture. When it comes out of consolidation, it should have another powerful push to the upside. It's probably a few weeks away though. Not buying right now is the safe move, but keep an eye on it.

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Bitcoin will undoubtedly be more profitable than any of this shit in the long run.

You guys on /biz/ make everything so fucking complicated when it doesn't have to be. Be an early adopter. That's it. For at least 3 fucking years now everyone on this board probably knew that Amazon would be a titan in their industry and would keep rising for at least a while, and yet how many of you put money on it? Same shit with Tesla. Same shit with Facebook. People waste their time gambling with shitcoins instead of investing in companies with obvious signs of industry leadership. You don't even have to catch them close to the beginning. That's why I brought up Amazon just in the past 3 years. Look at the charts and ask yourself "at what point did I know these 3 companies would become monopolies?" and the answer is usually much earlier than when they could have provided you insane gains.

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based. accurate. good data.

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based as well.

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DeFi is a fraction of total crypto and its TVL hasnt budged much.

My guess is stonks panic

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Who wants to put some moneroto a good cause?
The crypto world could be better without them.

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The thing is, if you bought Amazon 5 years ago, you would have about 7x gains now. Some of these shitcoins are doing 10x in two months, sometimes overnight. The companies you mentioned would give really good return over the long run, but its the same as high risk, high reward.

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In Minecraft, obviously.
I dont vent hold xmr.

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Americans are selling to pay the rent

Watch everything go back up next week when Congress re-legislates the federal unemployment insurance that expired a month ago

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Beyond retarded. It was a 75% drop.

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Not until the majority of the populace is so racked by poverty and violence that they beg the government to step in and take control of their lives.
Then we'll be in the technocratic cyberpunk future.
It's going to be great.

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eth fees.

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must be new-fag. 2016 had multiple 40-50% drops on the way to 20k.

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It's really that simple.

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people caught up to the scams. It's over.

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Probably this, actually.

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Yeehaw. Time to buy more bros

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It's just Chinese traders selling to buy gifts for their family. It happens every year.

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He's a retard coinbase user, they dont see the worst dips

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Chinese New Year right

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Holy shit, I never thought I'd see 4 digit bitcoin again, but it just wicked under 10k a few moments ago. I hoped 10500 would be stronger support, but not today.

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how did you know i use goybase?

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Cheap BTC after the dust settles. Nice

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Why do people like being a walking advert for clothing companies kek. No triple digit IQ person would walk round with 'chanel' written on their t shirt or jewellery

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I highly doubt she's triple dig

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100% agree with you. If you play it smart you can catch shitcoins mooning simply due to memepower alone or being freshly listed on Coinbase. Nothing wrong with making money where you can. But at the end of the day there's a lot of people here who can't handle stress, and like you said, 7x gains is still fucking INSANE compared to what you'd get from a bank.
Best thing to do is just keep an eye out for future emerging titans.

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if u think this is coming from america ur not paying attention

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Probably tied to the bithumb raid as well.

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Everything else is irrelevant, crypto is majority determined by american markets

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Bitcoin has a CME gap at $9,665 so the collective market is going to push to fill it. Literally just buy more and hold— bitcoin and other altcoins and all are going to rocket back up beyond the recent ATH by the end of the year.

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A heap of mining farms are offloading thier bitcoin, dont know why

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This. The swings were retarded. There was no reason for ETH to rise like that, and fall like that. Selling now is too low, so I bought. Price should be in the middle.

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>Determined by Americans
>China has 60% of the mining hashrate
anon i...

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Uh, it's an extremely volatile asset that hasn't yet gained mass adoption in actual commerce outside of pornhub. Seriously today it like biz/ babys first volatility bag hold.

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its strongly correlated with the stock market now
just buy and wait for Jerome to use the forbidden technique, it will go up with the stock market

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Irrelevant, trading volumes dwarf mining volumes

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Why are we forced to endure retards like you posting on this board?

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