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Feel bad for all you newfags who don't know how to lock your btc price in the ledger. Stay poor faggots.

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Locked mine at 9k to sell at 3k

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What is this "locking" mechanism you nano ledger holders are talking about? Can you sell your bitcoin at 12k to buy in cheaper?

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same. locked in at 11.7k. just had to invest in a ledger which is a small price to pay.

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same. locked in at 11.7k. all it took was investing in a ledger which is a small price to pay.

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>he doesn't know
NGMI anon

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>durr just lock in your price.
Not even a real thing asshat

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i bet this dude has a trezor haha

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Rofl at all the pajeets shilling stat here
>mfw locked stat at 0.40ct

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Enjoy never being able to sell off your bitcoin above 10k when you still could.

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You triple tap both buttons as you press sync on ledger live and it locks price at that exact moment. It’s a glitch that Ledger obviously don’t yet know about.

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>this fag not knowing you can price lock on trezor, the white man's hw
kys kike

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I locked mine at 18.5k in Jan '18. Thinking of releasing some for ETH and Link, as everything is low right now. What do we think?

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Boomers will soon realise they can lock their USD via USDT to beat hyperinflation

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Kek don't do this OP it factory resets and you will lose it all. Sorry to be that guy but don't be a cunt.

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