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I'm interested in cypto and I'm going to dip my toes in with €100
What's the best starter coin I can get atm?

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Buy XRP, its the standard.

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do not listen to this faggot buy ETH or BTC when the dip stabilizes

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Would i not buy it now during the dip to get it cheaper?

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verge. its the official crypto currency of pornhub

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Buy 10 Chainlink

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this, may as well buy now tho imo

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yes you would, don't listen to that other faggot

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ignore all other advice, buy XRP or regret it forever.

maybe tau or ftm. BTC and ETH are on their way out. This is the highest price that ETH can go before it chokes to death on gas prices, BTC is irrelevant, XRP is the only one making shit happen in the real world.

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stfu faggit

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Unironically SENT

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Listen to the quality of information I am giving you versus what these other people are giving you and make the discernment for yourself.

Steve mnuchin is the secretary of the treasury of the united states

craig phillips used to be the counsel to the secretary of the treasury of the united states. craig phillips is now on the ripples board of directors

the portrait behind them is of alexander hamilton. alexander hamilton created the first bank of the united states

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ETH is the real answer

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Judy shelton wants to return to a gold standard in a cryptocurrency type of way. She recently has been nominated to the the board of the federal reserve

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Xrp schizo is desperate for that 100 euro from a newfag.
Damn those bags must be heavy.

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looks like accumulation to me. Not everyone wants to drag others down and deal with misinformation.

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Risk/reward scales downwards from btc, to eth, then link. (Btc lowest risk/reward link being the highest, all long term holds) Everything else is much higher risk/reward.

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also new to crypto, is there any site or book that could provide more info?

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