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Fucking kek

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> becoming wealthy by selling books about how to become wealthy
Quality aside, that's pretty based.

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midwit tier

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this is like taking a course on enterpreneurship, true enterpreneurs are out there starting companies, not teaching retards how to do it

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>don't spend more than you can afford to
wow, what great advice

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especially 'trading for a living'
The worst meme book a read in my life

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I thought the boom on the bottom right said "FALASTINE"
Which would be even worse garbagegarbage

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Nice Fud
One of those is actually gold

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I own this book but never ended up reading it. Why is it a meme?

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It's all common sense shit marketed to 90-100 iqlets.
>save and don't spend!
>put money into assets!
>act on opportunity!
Well, no shit. But to your average person I guess this is an epiphany. I always was pretty humble and thought that reading books like these would be helpful because everyone SWEARS by them. I'm done being humble. I'm not a 160 iq genius, but at least I'm smarter than anyone who thinks these books have any sort of crazy groundbreaking info.

I bet these people also worship dave ramsey.

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i liked RMIB and rich dad. think and grow rich unironically changed my life though. it's not just nonstop common sense and the author was based before (((edits)))

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Rich Dad Poor Dad is based as fuck. Obviously you never read it. The author is also a big time proponent of crypto. Newfag.

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>One of those is actually gold
How come it hasn't worked for you?

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>it changed my life :^)
Then why are you still poor?

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literally this

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Robert kiyosaki is a scam artist. He's about as based as dan lok, tai lopez, or david whatever the fuck his name is (big course seller on youtube).

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Millionaire fastlane is based. Helped me get into selling proxy MTG Cards on eBay. Was making a killing pre pandemic

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None of these books have concrete stuff that's going to help you build weatlh, but I read Rich Dad Poor Dad on the suggestion from my boomer parents. It wasn't some earth shattering thing, but it definitely changed the way I thought about money. Started focusing more on cash flow (even if it's as low as 1 dollar a month) and buying shit that makes money vs just buying stuff. Picking one of these is a great way to start your journey to financial independence.

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I learned jack shit from the first book. I regret ever pirating it

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It didn't change shit, if our net worth is less than $10000. But it change the lif of th autho, he became multimillionaire

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10 min video on youtube would do a better job

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So what are some /biz/ approved books?

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Rich dad is great tho

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>So what are some /biz/ approved books?
All three volumes of Kapital.

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>Hey you stupid slob, buy my book for $29.95 and you can learn the super secret things rich people do. Just be sure to ignore the fact that these are all strategies for that make no sense when you're a $40,000 a year wage slave. The dividends from your 3 shares of JNJ won't do shit for you, but if I tell you how some rich guy did it with 100,000 shares you'll eat it up with a spoon thinking you can do it too.

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Its good as a intro, rest are garbage. The youtube summaries are better than the actual book, he says the same thing 5000 dif ways. Its a good book to change your perspective but you gotta filter out the bs

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>grow rich
That's some pseudo mystical bullshit right there tho

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I had a six figure income in highschool because of reading 2 of these books and a 7 figure net worth now so yes these are based

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having a portion of your wealth in PMs is not that insane. Especially durring times like this....most of these books talk about wealth....You need to cherry pic what works for you a discard what you dont currently need and then go back to the info. These books are Info for you to digest not a fucking guide to life.

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>he says the same thing 5000 dif ways
Big problem with books I agree, that's because not too long ago befire internet people actually read for pleasure not just information so authors got used to bloat even their non fictions with storytelling.
Also you need to justify the price of the book your selling, hard to sell a 10 pager for 20 euros

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There's not a single book hat will help you become rich.
Only way is, you need to go out there, in the clown world and operate within it's rules.
ou need to scam people, period. Whether covertly or overtly. Whether with good intentions, by starting a business, and by selling shit like self-help books, or downright sociopathic malicious intentions. But you need to work.
Or born into ultra wealthy class and play Jew games on an easy mode.

One book is though - 'the history of central banking'

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Millionaire fastlane is actually a good book, explains why you should give up trying to make your hobby a job etc

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If you know nothing about finance Rich Dad Poor Dad can actually be very helpful

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>yeah, the book isn't supposed to work. That's why you have to pay $25,000 to attend one of my seminars where I will tell you to take on massive amounts of debt right before the market crashes and the government pays me to buy up all your foreclosed assets.

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Fucking retard.

Poor dad rich dad turned my lifestyle around. I have way less expenses/liabilities and am building assets.

Where first i still had liabilities that made me break even every month I now have 200$ passive income a month from my internet business.
Fucking zoomers ruining my board REEEEEEEEE

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i went from maybe $5 in my pocket to $10k in a few months after reading that book and applying it
rest of my family are individually in $30k+ debt each
so yeah it worked out pretty well
dont knock it til you try it

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>not having faith in powers beyond the 5 senses

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>None of these books
>I only read one but have opinion on all of them

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Whats your internet business?

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What's your net worth you fucking faggot?

>$200 passive income
cool story bro playing with lunch money pretending you're a good with finances

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So basically you became poor normalfags. That's what's most people are. That's a quantum leap from being rich.

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Something about rich dad poor dad inspired me to quit my wage job right after reading it and it was the best thing I've done. Bought link soon after and am now much richer. Still pretty dumb book though, however I'm very glad I read it

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>dont knock it til you try it
I actually proceeded to a scientific test to falsifie the law of attraction, and I came up with an irrefutable proof that it didn't work.

Magic don't work anons, not this kind of magic anyways

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I have a niche and its growing.

Basically i just comission fan artwork from artists and sell it as tshirts/stickers and shit online.

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While on this topic, anyone finish any good recent books? Recommend me some

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Not too far

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>playing with lunch money
Maybe if youre an american. A lot of money for an south east asian like me. Its close to quitting my day job.
Im going in the right direction. You think passive income is something everyone has? I don't think so mate. Almost nobody has passive income.

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lol if you think having 10k saved is being a poorfag you've never seen poverty or been around actual poor people
actual poorfags blow every check instantly and have to trick themselves out to make rent after blowing it on meth
you sound like daddy paid for college and ya whip boy
it's not magic retard its self hypnosis and it works very well. if you consciously feed yourself good thoughts, in the case of TAGR, thoughts about becoming rich, you will accelerate your thought process and subconsciously sort out ways to achieve your goals
calling it magic is fucking retarded

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To help you make it? None
To learn more about economics/finances, plenty DYOR

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I don't want a book that'll teach me how to get rich, I want books to learn about the SM, economics/finances, taxes, that sort of stuff.

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I read the meme books and they're all the same. Too much focus on boring irl stuff. Millionaire next door is the worst of them. >get high paying job
>save >50% of income to invest
>invest in not stupid things
>keep finding frugal life hacks to lean out budget even more
>wait 20 years
This sums up the majority of them. If any different some might say start a business and stick it out, majority of businesses fail because it's a stupid idea, stupid execution, the owner didn't try hard enough, or the owner was hit too many times consecutively with bad luck, but some people make it so maybe you can to, skill and smarts are like totes good luck charms.
What is actually good would be stuff Taleb's Incerto or Demarco's millionaire fast lane. I wouldn't treat either like a Bible but there's good stuff you can get out of it. Mainly that it's all a gamble so consider outcomes and what happens if the unexpected happens. For a business you have to scale if you want to actually make it and get any bang from your sweat equity. 80hrs/wk goes a lot further if you sell batteries to businesses in your area than if you run a two man food truck because at some point you hit a ceiling. I'm a defeatist brainlet and still choose to gamble on shitcoins but at least with books I can use big words and name dropping and jargon to make myself feel better about things. I realized long ago that I read because it allows me to fantasize and feel like I am making progress towards making it where I have a 2,000sqft house and my days are spent on cooking good meals, regular training, and talking to people I know and am friendly with while knowing I have 25x spending invested and a comfy income from my business doing [thing] and I feel cool chatting with clients who pay me for my services and goods instead of hourly wages or salary.

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Nah there was also the idea that the universe will bend to your will if you do that in the book.
Not that self hypnosis is much less of a bullshit, there's limit to how much control you have on your own emotion and by trying to manipulate yourself you actually have more chance to get exhausted and end up with a worse emotional state that you started with.

Actually I noticed that forcing myself to be slightly more pessimistic that reasonable give me good results, while artificial optimism is one of the most unhealthy things you can do. But it might change for person to person

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>the history of central banking
By Stephen Goodson?

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oh i was raised by an NLP practitioner so maybe you're just a midwit when it comes to hypnosis
artificial optimism is stupid i agree, no one ever said to smile the whole way through. the book is about having faith in yourself and the world around you so even when you're poor, or in debt like the average person, you find the resillence to rise through the fog of war and visualize your ambitions clearly
the universe does bend to your will though, if you have the right ambitions, but i won't bother explaining to someone uninterested with esoteric stuff

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Selective bias. You did well from luck or talent, not from a book.

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DYOR on an author, pick someone that is/was an economist or influenced that world heavily not some literal who trying to sell you normie tier information you can find on Investopedia

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>i needed a book to have common sense

>> No.22178666

He mightve been lucky enough to find the books and then talented enough at reading to absorb knowledge from them
Trustfundies get the rope after traitors btw

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This chink was an og scammer that will teach you to be rich kek


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These books are only "common sense" if you grew up in an area where money was never an issue and the people that took care of you were good at accumulating it
If you grew up middle or lower class, your parents arent gonna teach this shit, your schools not gonna teach this shit, higher education isnt gonna teach this shit, and wealthy people arent going to waste their time teaching you how to make money because you honestly probably wouldn't know what to do with it
They're not be all end alls but they're great starting points for average people that were taught nothing about money

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That Elder book isn't that bad.

>> No.22178870

Kiyosaki is a good red pill on debt. He's the anti dave ramsey pretty much

>> No.22178983

You needed a book to learn to decrease expenses to increase profit. Congrats

>> No.22179044

What does Kiyosaki say about debt?

>> No.22179110

Basically that's it not always a bad thing and that you can make money off it if you find something with a higher return than the interest you paid
Seems like common sense, but again if you grew up without money to practice with it's a very foreign concept

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>The Pareto principle doesnt exist anon. You need to read some book to make it. Success is magically not a numbers game, its actually some secret knowledge.
First of all, statistics dictate that a certain percentage of people will make it, the rest will not. If these books were indeed effective, it would literally violate the economic stratification of society. It has not. Here is a breakdown.
>Top 20%
1. Lucky people who dont need to do anything but be lucky and succeed. Born rich. Born hot. Get handed 200k bitcoin by a friend as a meme when they were worthless, etc.
2. Smart and/or creative: Create a business or content that makes them successful. This requires generally doing something that others have no idea about... which means its not in a fucking $30 book. This means writing a book, scamming, innovating a product, creating videos of hot women fucking, creating or stealing funny jokes, etc. These people vary in income, mostly due to dedication, work ethic, relative luck, etc.
>the remaining 80% of the 20%.
People who aren't smart, creative or lucky enough to invent new things or reinvent the wheel or scam people into reading books. These people just work their assess off and become moderately successful/middle class by sheer hours and opportunities they chase down. These are sales people selling someone else's products, programmers programming someone else's software, blue collar guys building and maintaining someone else's buildings and infrastructure. They are comfortable but will never make it beyond that unless they get lucky or go off on their own.
>the remaining 80%
These are dumb, unlucky, uncreative losers that spend more time consuming than creating. Retards that read popular books thinking it is secret knowledge no one knows. Retards that buy lottery tickets despite being unlucky. Retards that work at mcdonalds or low skill jobs. Retards that think magic is real. Retards that buy herbalife scams.

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There is good debt and bad debt. Trump has termed himself the king of debt in the past.

>> No.22179917

no one implied everyone who read aforementioned books would make it just by reading them, they are just knowledge
anon had to have the drive to apply that knowledge, and he probably would've struggled to get it elsewhere. and with that knoweldge comes the ability to look for higher knowledge
>paying for books
what the fuck people do this?

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Retards that buy into herbalife scams that arent already lucky, rich or good at scamming people but too lazy to do it on their own in some way. Black people almost always. Drug dealers and strippers who dont launder and invest their money but instead go buy expensive shit until the feds catch up or they get too old to keep up. Unlucky people who cant ever fucking win no matter how smart or hard working or creative they are. Think of a bitcoin early buyer who loses his wallet to a house fire the same night his online wallet erases from a server error kinda unlucky. Tom from myspace. Etc.

9 times out of 10, people who make it do the following:
- Put a lot of content/products/ideas out into the world as quickly as possible.
- Diversify more when something hits it big

>> No.22180336

drive is a meme. Knowledge is a meme. Mexican fruit pickers have tons of drive. Herbalife retards have tons of drive. The amount of retard ghetto black kids with "drive" is off the charts. That means shit unless you have luck, skill, creativity, intelligence to go with it. If knowledge mattered, college kids wouldnt be working at starbux until 40.

>> No.22180387

based & redpilled
if i don't make it with crypto this year i will start a youtube channel shilling courses on how to trade lol

>> No.22180400

Yeah it's bullshit.
The entire Rich Dad book can be summarized by:
>buy assets, not liabilities
Common sense shit! Don't need some shithead to tell people this. Well, I guess you do.

>> No.22180471

Even assets and liabilities is a jargon based meme.
>Buy shit that will either make you money or save you money in long run.
>Dont spend money on useless nigger shit.
Oh wow no way!

>> No.22180474

"Drive" as in a drive to continue learning more about finance so they dont have to pick fruit and make people's coffee for peanuts
Knowledge does help, even in this thread alone I'm learning more shit. College education =/= knowledge
You underestimate how blinded the average person is and how poorly they're guided on simple finance principles

>> No.22180488

The alchemy of finance

>> No.22180506

It is literally one of the few books about trading that is actually good.

>> No.22180593

Pretty obvious how few people have read Millionaire Fastlane in this thread

>> No.22180601

Yeah, really. You'd think this would be common sense but I guess not with most people unfortunately.

>> No.22180868

I have no drive, i used no special knowledge. Here i am making 5 figures a month. I literally spend most my day shitposting, eating, in bed or going out.

Here are the class based memes
Poor people meme on how to make it
Middle class meme on how to make it
>knowledge and drive
Upper middle class meme
>Diversify and manage risk
Wealthy/already rich people meme
>just start a successful tech startup or borrow $1m from your dad to start an empire
Elite meme

>> No.22180914

You're a trusty

>> No.22180922

law of attraction is a legit thing. It can 100% be used in business. In fact almost every ultra-successful business person i know believes in it.
I drive a Tesla Model S, i'll be listening to Abraham Hicks at the charge station, you won't believe how many people in other cars will overhear is and come over and spark conversation over it (always Model S and X owners, which are expensive cars).
Here's some sources for non-believers:


>> No.22180996

Nope. I wish.

>> No.22181191

The bias of people that literally did nothing but fall into wealth from luck. This new age bullshit generally comes out of females and onions drinking males who either come from a stable/wealthy family and made it or tech startups that make no money but have huge value multiples due to the bubble

>> No.22181217

oh and youtubers/streamers/social media people obv.

>> No.22181277

this book so far is everything i missed about the 2000s
cool read thanks

>> No.22181327

> Published 1997
Adults are talking Zoom-Zoom.

>> No.22181521

The book steered him in that direction regardless. Lots of lucky people win the lottery and lose it all while lots of talented people are guided into studying hard to work for others.

>> No.22181556

top tier wagecuck's cope: the post

>> No.22181565

This. Financial education should be a pillar.

>> No.22181590

this, it was a nice introduction for trading but boy was it garbage in the long terms

>> No.22181637

you think anyone that actually knows how to make money needs sell books about how to make money?

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>he thinks 10k is a lot of money
OK, so why don't you take that 10k and use it to generate passive income and buy up property. Oh wait, you can't get shit from that.

Being poor just means that you don't own capital. If you have to work for a wage to survive, you are poor. Turns out that to be a capital owner linear growth in available cash doesn't matter. You need exponential growth for it to matter and that means multiple orders of magnitude improvement before you can actually live off capital. In other words, it's like getting a space ship into orbit; you either hit escape velocity and become stable, or you don't and fall back down. It's a threshold. And 10k is orders of magnitude removed from that threshold.

>> No.22181668

Bro. We get it. You're retarded. Enjoy being poor.

>> No.22181673

Not everyone is a turbo autist with no friends to go out with and hobbies to spend on

>> No.22181699

its a way to make money. Retards eat that shit up!

>> No.22181715

compared to five dollars, its not too bad

>> No.22181716

>has to read a book to learn how to not be a nigger
thats gonna be a yikes from me

>> No.22181761

I'm not poor. For one I live in your head rent free.

>> No.22181779

Have you seen American media?

>> No.22181803

>not everyone is a fucking retard that needs a book to tell them how to breathe properly.
Whats it like needing a book to tell you what to do? Or do you need a book on how to reply to someone that just shit on you, too?

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File: 266 KB, 400x517, One-Up-On-Wall-Street.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They don't need to but some do anyway because they're not cynical assholes.

>> No.22181896

You need a book about not being a tripfag.

>> No.22181901

>using the rent free meme because Donald trump made it popular years ago
Do you do anything original? No wonder you're broke and trying to read books on how to make money.

>> No.22181939

hahahaha. Bro you are clueless. Go read a book about fucking off. Lmao.

>> No.22181995

Post body.

>> No.22182013

Why don't rich anons just write a /biz/ book on how to make it?

>> No.22182015

da univers revolves around me, if i want it da univers give me,

schizo retard

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Tripfagging should be punished by death. Atleast it makes it easier to filter 0 IQ Posters

>> No.22182096

RMIB was based fuck you

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Already written.

>> No.22182143

>implying we aren't all one collection of energy
what's this me thing ur talking about bud?

>> No.22182226

You're the one making the claim. Burden of proof is on you or you're a faggot.

>> No.22182312

What's your networth nigger?
I don't care what you took out of the meme book. How rich are ou actually?

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How is it "not too bad"? That can't even pay for a year of rent while literally giving you zero (0) dollars for living expenses, insurance, or investment funds. The only way you could possibly think it's better in any way is if you buy consumer garbage and think that it will materially improve your life. They wont though, and the difference between the consumer product and owning the factory that makes the product is infinite.

>> No.22182736

Better than $5 by a factor of 2k.

>> No.22182765

>you can make if it you follow this book and have drive :^)
>I make 5 figures a month just shitposting
>y-you're a trusty >:(
Why do you sound like such a faggot?

>> No.22182791

>t. has never spent time around actual normies
ill be at 6 figures by this time next year

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File: 148 KB, 1280x720, 9797018F-C149-4A5E-BF53-1436D6406CB0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The most based post I’ve seen in a long time

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And does that boost you past the threshold into owning capital? Nope.

>> No.22182903
File: 57 KB, 1526x1003, 1585457423822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ill be at 6 figures by this time next year
That's literally what every normie has deluded themselves into thinking.

>> No.22182916

are you one too?
you have no idea what its like being so poor you cant eat

>> No.22183032

You can't eat with 10k either.

>> No.22183297

i deluded myself into my first 10k pretty quickly so i no longer see making 6 figures as unplausible.
LOL maybe if you cant cook and fall for the restaurant meme
i eat exceptionally for almost nothing and stay in good shape

>> No.22183428

Coping at their own failures is a surival mechanism of the lower 80% of society. Blacks blame oppression, whites blame the drink, asians blame their tiny penises and overbearing parents, mexicans blame blacks. Jews blame a made up genocide. Etc etc.

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ok, post how's your six figures are doing a year from now.
refer to this thread archived, and post it.
You won't, cause you won't have six figures.

>> No.22183497

50k uni student

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gotchu senpai

>> No.22183518

>being so useless you literally lack the means of basic human survival.
Why would anyone call out their own uselessness as some badge of honor. Ngmi.

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File: 292 KB, 943x1329, Screenshot_20200828-064912_Amazon Seller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dialate behind your anonymity you coping tranny loser.

>> No.22183627

He used to be based, but he licenced his brand to a 'mentorship' company and they run scams in pretty much every city

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File: 2.82 MB, 1066x1600, 1593222020232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you even read what I wrote here?
How in the fuck are you going to have money for food when you won't even have enough money for a year of rent?

>> No.22183701

Can you give some pointers on what you do? Do you sell your own product, reseale from store to amazon, rebrand products and sell them?

>> No.22183845

How do i bring myself to start and finish a book.
t. low attention spam zoomer
Maybe it's because i'm already reading text 24/7

>> No.22183991

Flip a coin 100 times and use the law of attraction to will it to land on face each time. If at the end of the test it lands on face significantly more than on tail it will prove that the law of attraction is working.
If not it will prove that it's schizo garbage.

Do it faggot

>> No.22184020
File: 100 KB, 902x234, didyoueverfigureitoutanon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22184070


>> No.22184095

start browsing /lit/
then start with the greeks.

>> No.22184309

I can't. Top tier con artists

>> No.22184571

lol he thought he was anonymous
whered u go buddy i wasnt done with you

>> No.22184653

You didn't answer the question you ugly faggot.

>> No.22184700

>implying i dont live in a poor area with incredibly low rental
nice ad hominen though : )
post body faggot

>> No.22184727

Do I look like a book seller? Sell something. Figure it out. Unless you wanna pay me $500/hr to discuss it with you. Lmao.

>> No.22184747
File: 47 KB, 482x600, 0f2080ad5602baa3523b7ad5d7b47ab9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me pointing out that you're deflecting because you're an ugly faggot isn't an ad hom.

>> No.22184825

What kind of product do you sell though, Im just curious. Did you innovate it on your own, did you have a golden idea and decided to manufacture it? What was your creation process?

>> No.22185035

I sell multiple products.
I just liked something enough to find chinks to make it for me. Found othwr chinks to design and make boxes for said item. Thats all there is to it.

>> No.22185086

Did you have to patent it or anything, and your product that you sell is completely from your own imagination?

>> No.22185133
File: 208 KB, 1280x720, implyingg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ur turn

>> No.22185241

Manchester evening news tier

>> No.22185369

you dont need to invent shit to sell innovation on already invented shit. Just sell something that sells well. Shit, people still make tons of money in memes like clothing despite those clothes all literally being the same process with differing fabrics and colors/designs lmao.

>> No.22185551

>ITT angry losers projecting

>> No.22185628

>'The History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind'

Based, this book is mandatory /biz/ reading

>> No.22185711
File: 345 KB, 678x460, 5BEF7B58-B118-431C-BBCE-FA8EE5F1FB25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Implying that most anons have the capacity to focus and read a book from start to end ...

>> No.22185720

>>>>ITTT angry loser projecting projection

>> No.22185782

Only faggots and women read books because only faggots and women have so much free time being utterly useless to do it.

Real men write books when they are drunk, or hire some nerd to do it tor them.

>> No.22185786

>11 replies
Heres one

>> No.22186130

Absolutely pathetic just nigger tier fud. Not surprised lots of these are from a tripfaggot zoomer. This isnt reddit bub you dont need a username. None of you in these posts will make it. Look closely anons because we all cant make it especially these niggers. Imagine actually putting effort into putting your fellow anons down. Especislly the tripfaggot lmao, you know nobody reads trip posts right lol. Fucking discord tranny larper nigger

>> No.22186265
File: 301 KB, 2000x1333, -1x-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So how come you failed to make it?

>> No.22186287

I used to think kiyosaki was an idiot but with looming inflation and negative effect interest rates on the horizon im starting to think his strategy of getting into debt to buy real estate might have been a 190 iq play

>> No.22186385

Im here bashing fud caveman skulls like yours and uplifting my fellow anon. By this act alone Ive already made it but brainlets like you wont ever understand.

>> No.22186396

That wasn't his strategy though.

>> No.22186417
File: 154 KB, 574x500, schizo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Absolutely pathetic just nigger tier fud. Not surprised lots of these are from a tripfaggot zoomer. This isnt reddit bub you dont need a username. None of you in these posts will make it. Look closely anons because we all cant make it especially these niggers. Imagine actually putting effort into putting your fellow anons down. Especislly the tripfaggot lmao, you know nobody reads trip posts right lol. Fucking discord tranny larper nigger

>> No.22186477
File: 322 KB, 2048x1376, 279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're not bashing anyone when you already lost the argument. Stay poor.

>> No.22186507

Incredibly based

>> No.22186553

Checked anon

Youll always be poor with that nigger mentality. Look close fellow anons, this one won't make it.

>> No.22186598

Your discord is trash. You admitted your partner was rich and that's how you were able to get started in amazon with 0 problems. Fag

>> No.22186676

Never read his books but isnt his strategy to leverage debt to buy rental properties?

>> No.22186745
File: 81 KB, 1024x1024, 0006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was making fun of you, you autistic retard.

>> No.22186792

So why are you poor and I'm rich?

>> No.22186826
File: 142 KB, 524x456, schizo 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Absolutely pathetic just nigger tier fud. Not surprised lots of these are from a tripfaggot zoomer. This isnt reddit bub you dont need a username. None of you in these posts will make it. Look closely anons because we all cant make it especially these niggers. Imagine actually putting effort into putting your fellow anons down. Especislly the tripfaggot lmao, you know nobody reads trip posts right lol. Fucking discord tranny larper nigger

>>Incredibly based

>> No.22186906

Yes, for the suckers paying 25k to go to his "seminars". His own personal strategy was to get free money from the government to buy up their foreclosed properties.

>> No.22187075

Nigger fud lol didnt read stay poor negative faggots. I know anons, you didnt make it so none of us can either

>> No.22187325
File: 1.47 MB, 480x264, giphy (3).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't have to pay them back if you give them books and seminars in return.

>> No.22187932

I got like 3 chapers into Millionare fastlane and stopped.
Is there any good books out there? I liked barefoot investor but only because it was what got me started.

>> No.22188026

>TFW anyone thinks these books will make anyone but the author and publishers money

>> No.22188219

The self help genre is the religion of our times. It's supposed to sell you false hopes for the future, rather than being real.

>> No.22188381
File: 6 KB, 259x194, Candlejack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kiyosaki is a fraud, read this:

>> No.22188437

>Millionaire next door is the worst of them. >get high paying job

>get high paying job
>get high paying job
>get high paying job

ahahahh hahhah hah hahahahahh ha hah

>> No.22188569


>> No.22188618

Nigger fud gtfo ngmi

>> No.22188664

Stop advertising how much of a brainlet you are lmao. I bet you'd get a job at primerica in a heartbeat

>> No.22188693
File: 46 KB, 460x482, v0mfMGA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come you couldn't make it?

>> No.22188933

its all compounded you simpleton retard

you're the same person who goes to gym for 2 weeks and leaves saying everyones on steroids or you have a thyroid problem

truth is you've never acheived anything significant in your life so even if knowledge and books were availiable you wouldn't even know how to use them

you need to fill your mind up with higher quality information because beleive it or not, you walking around in life for 80 years trying to figure things out yourself because you have some go trip going on is retarded

read some books and find good teachers, you think the books a scam find a different teacher that resonates with you better

remove the trip code, it'll increase the credibility of your posts in the future

>> No.22189203
File: 697 KB, 523x585, ogr9wnf9rsi21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except you've never achieved anything significant in your life either.

>> No.22189273

Cope nigger. You arent smart enough to succeed without the adult equivalent of special ed classes. Go blow Tai Lopez, maybe this time he will let you into his $50k course. Retard.

>> No.22189308

I personally think I have, but I guess it depends on how you look at it

>> No.22189387
File: 71 KB, 500x500, 1546754082974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

empty words.
What is your networth?? Less than 200k?
Then fuck off.

>> No.22189419
File: 177 KB, 1080x1289, Screenshot_20200903-211056_Amazon Seller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My worst selling product is paid for by a braindead partner with more money than talent. I make 50% just for listing it and buying it from china. Seethe more kike.

>> No.22189465

The only thing compounding is your cope and the bank account of the scammer who sold you basic google knowledge for $30+. Lmao.

>> No.22189528

Achievements are purely personal you fucking spastic larping nigger just shut the fuck up and let adults talk

>> No.22189569

You're judging one area
I see my life similar to a roof, you try to hold your roof up with 1 support pillar it probably won't be to well no matter where you put the one pillar
health, wealth, relationships, happiness (happiness = mental health, inner peace)

But networth isn't at 200k yet, come a long way though and hopefully be close to that in 6 months or so

>> No.22189612

Any book reading nigger in here able to prove they make more than $100k/year after reading these books can show proof or fucking cope lmao.

>> No.22189622 [DELETED] 

you're coping with your lack of good routines dickhead

>> No.22189659

sounds like some guru bullshit but okay.

>> No.22189705

How is he coping with his passive income?

>> No.22189712

Routines. What, do you have dedicated time for certain activities every day? Lmao what is this bullshit middle management jargon?

>> No.22189739

I don't make 100k but did increase my saving by about 60% using some methods. Learning more about tax law, super contributions, investing and having a general better idea what to do with my money started me on a path to a better life.
Clearly you don't make 100k because you are a lowly little namefaggot

>> No.22189765

Niggerfud didnt read
Tripnigger didnt read. Trippies get rope. Dont fall for the negative "I cant make it so you cant either meme" funny how these dorks come out in full force when the market dips. Guess we know whos bag holding

>> No.22189773

Well, I do make >$100k but that's because I'm a pipefitter/welder. However I stopped putting more money away into my 401k than I need to in order to have more control of my savings and capital and to establish passive income sources.

>> No.22189783

Why not be strategic with your life though?
It doesn't make sense not to be, only thing that does make sense is that people avoid doing difficult things like routines and all that.

Truth is the best results come from routines and consistancy

the book the slight edge explains it really well but you don't read

>> No.22189829

Ok heres my corona "routine".
Check amazon daily for my manual cash disbursement whenever I feel like getting out of bed. Go walk to my local beach, eat well, go swim maybe, come up with new ideas. Shitpost and play videogames if nothing better to do. Go out with my gf, get laid, fall asleep watching netflix or whatever.

I try to walk/run at least 15 miles a day, which takes me like 3-4 hours. Great for the heart and its good to get sun and fresh air.

>> No.22189831
File: 38 KB, 300x483, business-of-the-21st-century-book-cover-e1547770884557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blackpill mode

>> No.22189847

sorry, deleted that

But small routines that add up over time, really worth in looking at that. That's what noone wants to do but it really makes life easier

short term pain = long term gain
thats amplified with consistancy, reading, practicing an instrument studying, learning skills

>> No.22189868

good start. Are there any specialty tools or parts you can sell to the general public with that job skill? Might be a good way to take advantage of your relative youth for solid growth.

>> No.22189890

consistancy e.g reading, practicing an instrument *

>> No.22189902

uh huh. The modern religion of the masses. Self help.

>> No.22189936

No one cares zoomer, this isn't your blog

>> No.22189960

Spunds boring unless im into it, but if i was into it, that practice would come naturally. We do things we like. Unless you are talking about forcing your skill learning, which just sounds like self induced slavery.

>> No.22189972

>But small routines that add up over time
This is how you achieve anything and everything

>> No.22189989

Man i know it sucks being a brainlet on minimum wage, but that doesn't mean you van be so uselessly rude bro. Lmao

>> No.22190012

literal living. Good job you read a book about being a normal human.

>> No.22190040

Fastlane is pretty solid imo, like a introductory course of business

>> No.22190051

You're an idiot

you're expecting a recipe to wealth and the dream life

how stupid are you?

learn from other people's experiences and what they've learnt and start applying it in your own life as an experiment to see what happens

you are so stupid how you think, you litereally think you don't need teachers or any other peoples opinions about the world. some people spent 80 years in the world and might have learnt some things that if you knew would make your life easier.

I'm pretty sure you're a teenager or early 20's zoomer?

>> No.22190082

>One book is though - 'the history of central banking'
"If you want to shock a man, make him read this book.
If you REALLY want to shock a man, make him read Kevin MacDonald's 'The Culture of Critique' first."
Based goodreads comment section dabbing on the kikes

>> No.22190091

most underrated comment in this shitthread

>> No.22190110

no its not, going to gym 3-5 times a week and actually putting in effort and pushing yourself and then sticking to a diet is not just living

that stuff doesn't just happen but if you want exceptional results your rotuines will be exceptional.

I'm not saying that I have those fitness routines, but its an example

>> No.22190167

fitness. the modern religion for fat people

>> No.22190172
File: 150 KB, 768x768, 65364573474567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fucking dismissed that premise 3 posts ago you spamming retard faggot zoomer

>> No.22190182

>makes under 100k
>lives like a cuck saving literally every post tax penny with mom and dad (unless you dont pay taxes).

Based on your income profile, you should be paying around 17% of your income to taxes. You make under $100k, which means statistically it's closer to $60k/year. Lets say you clear $50k but are saving 60% of gross, around $36k, meaning you spend just $1200/month on living expenses all in.

Bro, move out. Get a car or eat better or something. You are wasting your life.

>> No.22190191
File: 115 KB, 1200x800, zz8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this suggestions are turning into something readable at least.

>> No.22190200

As a matter of fact I have a few options:

1) Become a foreman/ general foreman/ etc. Move up the chain, get paid more.

2) Start my own shop. Basically 1 but the ultimate end point.

3) Pipeline welding. Higher pay and my services are rented out by the day on top of that.

4) Certified Welding Inspector - Less field work and my pay can be negotiated.

In the meantime my package pays a flat $10/hr to the 401k - no match, I just get that even if I don't withhold a single cent. That to me translates into personal investment freedom with my actual wages.

I have considered becoming an online seller but I'm still figuring out how to do it right and just *what* to sell. Perhaps welding supplies while on this train of thought. Hm...

>> No.22190220

Rich Dad is a great starting point for those who are starting off in money and how it flows.

>> No.22190228

>paying for business school

>> No.22190252

Wealth generation is completely subjective to a person and the time, ace and situation they are in. Reading about the unique success of others is literally a waste of time. All you need to know you can google as you go or just common sense.

>> No.22190315

it literally is unless you are brain deas. Humans have natural rthyms and routines. Here i was expecting some grand new age next level concept from some guru but >>22190172
literally proved that its just living a regular life. Lmao you paid someone to tell you to do what literally comes as human instinct for the majority of people.

>> No.22190323

You are too stupid to be ahead of the curve.

Reading books about past victories will not help you with this, now back to work.

>> No.22190331
File: 562 KB, 513x513, meditate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22190347

do you use anything memey, like glues, tapes, gloves etc? Make something based off your experiences of bad products and sell that as the better option to the inferior ones.

>> No.22190354

when you learn your skills and do your homework before hand
it makes you able to seize oportunities as they come and opens you up to oportunities that others won't be able to take advantage

you need skills, you can be lazy and rationalise it but you need to do work in your life. depends on what kind of life you want, and its not about what you have but who you are and become. my personal opinion

also, sorry for calling you an idiot. I think you have a closed mind though

>> No.22190370

Post abs then

>> No.22190457

his mistaking nomies at the gym doing pilates for weight training

>> No.22190505

Now that you mention it selling basic PPE could be some kind of opportunity.

Are you able to buy wholesale at your level? Seems like a goal, a milestone to buy wholesale and in bulk.

>> No.22190555

Homework is a poor alternative to hands on experience. Wtf, you think tony hawk did homework on how to skateboard or something?

"I need to make money"
>businesses make money
How do I make a business?
>google it
What product should I do?
>look at google ads to see what people are marketimg
Etc etc.

Wtf, you are going to do hw on how to make money? Go play monopoly or something? Lmao.

>> No.22190582

china. Wholesale is whatever the lowest price you can haggle for the least units purchased.

>> No.22190585


They get you from the normie mindset to the correct mindset when dealing with money, so still a good tool overall imo

>> No.22190607
File: 27 KB, 321x347, 20200903_214829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go fag.

>> No.22190622

post dick

>> No.22190656
File: 1.14 MB, 750x920, 1599182739978.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22190754

I actually respect this chad move, well played. Do some calisthenic to loose the man boobs and tighten that gut.

>> No.22190756

This many posts and only one set of trips? Yeah nah youre a nigger tripfag larper everything you said has thus been summarily BTFO. The diggies dont lie

>> No.22190767

Honestly i should just write a book about everything i just said in thjs thread, an the retards trying to talk ahit would buy it up. Lmao.

>> No.22190796

chicks love my moobs tho. They love nipple play.

>> No.22190808


>> No.22190817

that is homework
you think he didn't practice

idk if your trolling or not anymore

>> No.22190841

learn copywriting
learn wordpress
learn google adwords
get it to a point where your advertising is profitable

more money comes out of your marketing funnel then money goes into advertsing

have fun googling that and learning in your 300 second attention span

>> No.22190847

Theoretical practice and learning is useless. Hence why so many post grads sell coffee.

>> No.22190892

all the trading/wealth management are shit

>> No.22190906

gaining skills is like marching

you learn, then you apply
right foot foward, left foot foward

you probably won't get that though because you don't even seem to know what a skill is. can you get results only a minority of people can get?

>> No.22190925

>learn copywriting
>learn wordpress
>learn google adwords
>get it to a point where your advertising is profitable
I have the first 3 from being a neet and shit posting on forums all my life. How to I do the last one?

>> No.22190930

Never had to learn any of that. Selling platforms do that for free. Amazon does it for you too. Also just copy competitors with your own unique changes. Google as you go. No need for a course.

>> No.22190983

enjoy my knowledge in this thread
because you obviously don't read

I'll share my homework with a struggling zoomer,

>> No.22191026

and you'll get wrecked as soon as someone who actually learnt the skills properly comes by

>> No.22191040

if learning these skills from books and courses made a difference, then why dont the majority of people that use these books and courses become successful at what they learned?

First of all, random walk. 3 people can post identical content and get different results/success. Second of all, theoretical knowledge has almost zero value outside of academics. Variables are much more random in real world cases. People lose their ass adopting theoretical approaches to real world events all the time. I.e. traders

>> No.22191077

Prove it. So far im the only one who didnt do that shit making money in this thread.

>> No.22191207

The only books that are useful are the ones you conciously study and apply.

Most people read a lot of good books and put them on the bookshelf.

You need to pick 2-3 books relevant to your career goals and study them like biblical scripture.

You should have read them many more times than the author, and design your entire life around them.

>> No.22191254

I was waiting for someone ITT to link this website.
Bravo anon.

>> No.22191321

So Comfy boy, what you do is buy shit from Alibaba and sell it in the US at a marked-up price?

>> No.22191429

Pretty much. Different levels of it from designing your own to rebranding a poorly branded good product. Shit, dropshipping is still a thing.

>> No.22191565

Amazon is barely a thing in my country. Do you just supply graphics? Do any printing or labeling yourself? Or all work done by someone else once set up?
Shit sorry I was mean, sounds like another easy money route.

>> No.22191656

All done via china or virtual assistants. You can send shit to usa and sell on amazon. Its harder to do but people do it.

>> No.22191819

Sweet, thanks
I think I'll try doing the same but instead of the US my home third world country
Maybe even sell some shit aimed at rich white women since I have a few aunts that run in those circles

>> No.22191967

Or find shit your 4rd world produces well and cheaply to sell to me in usa. Leather, metalwork, stonework, plastics. Etc

>> No.22192204

This is one dedicated larp

>> No.22192257

Also, drop shipping in 2020? Youre late all the smart money left. This thread is deader than your sex life

>> No.22192382

Dropshipping is not dead, people still doing it and are profitable. They are just very niche or under the radar. For example, most print on demand is technically dropshipping.

>> No.22192480


>> No.22192825

Implying i read any of yhat lmfao rope trippie ur late.

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