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I stop smoking today boys, wish me luck

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cigs or weed?

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good luck

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ran out of weed might take this acid i had stashed. dubs by me or someone else and i do it

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thanks m8

do it bro then stop

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Good luck bro

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take it

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sorry m8s no dice

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Do it, post results

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damn i was hoping for some dubs low key

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good luck mate

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I've said that about vaping 10 times now. Quitting smoking is easy peasy

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I'm plagued by it myself. Best of luck anon

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Hope I'm as strong as you one day anon

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I just stopped oil 2.5 weeks ago. Withdrawals were terrible for me. Lost 15lbs. Food now tastes good again, my sleep is still fucked a bit. My moods are stabilizing and I don’t feel sick in the mornings like I used to when I was smoking. It’s really fucked and ive been down this road multiple times. It’s a living hell. I’ve withdrawn from oxy and the likes but weed always gets me. Probably because I’m overboard with it. I notice I get night time sadness for a few hours. Once the sun begins to go down I get this feeling of despair. Luckily these durations are shrinking seemingly Every night that passes. Take care of yourself anons.

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I just quit after smoking like 3 cartridges in a week. Yea man the weed withdrawals suck but I never thought they were as crippling as that. for me the appetite issues are the worst of it but it helps in my case as I probably gained like 10 pounds just binging food after smoking. I love weed but it can be crippling if you have an addictive personality

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take acid while trading crypto

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Good for you anon stay strong I stopped everything almost a week ago smoking drinking porn and masturbating. I've been fucking myself up really bad for last few months and wasting my neetbux.

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Prepare for hell muahhahaha good luck bro. The moment you don't take this seriously, you'll come back

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Good move.
You can now stake the money that you would've saved on XTZ, ALGO and FLETA

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>take acid
do a 1000x link leverage
let fucking goooooooooo

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waiting for the dubs and im gonna trade with my third eye

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I’m a little fucked up right now. But this sounds good

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Yum. Last time I dropped I went to see the Muppets in theatre.

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I just quit smoking also, can you share some more info on xtc, algo, fleta sir?

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ah fuck

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It is willed. Have fun and draw some crazy shit.

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I stopped yesterday as well
Had a panic attack after having high blood pressure and tachycardia
Gotta clean my body

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here we go


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How did u know

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not feelin this shit yet

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Good luck bro, I stopped about 2 weeks ago, it's starting to get tough especially trying to deal with stress at work. Good luck to you though bro

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absolute madman

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>pump it

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Trips for the trip

Also hella based

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Nice bro. I stopped on jan 1st
been feelin great

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DYOR sir, loads of info out there. Easy moonshots IMO

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One of my fave tripping activities is body painting people.

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I haven't smoked weed in two weeks. It's a lot better most of the time, but once or twice a day it is way worse. Also, I get signifigantly more angry now...still working on hiding it

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>Withdrawals were terrible for me.
i've never understood this. former smack addict and alcoholic who has spent upward of 20 grand since 2018 in an attempt to get off the hard stuff. i smoked 7g blunts all day long then one day stopped, and felt absolutely nothing one could describe as withdrawal. i just wasn't high any more, simple as that. try doing that with alcohol or heroin, there's a symptom or two to be expected then, ooft.

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good luck man. I'm trying to stop eating meat and jerking off. may god be with us

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i think it's kicking in. Not sure. It's like a year old so I bet it's gonna delay release on my ass.

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its because you didnt even take a whole tab

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Probably cause you’ve done so much hard shit your brain isn’t functioning well enough to feel the withdrawal from the weed.

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nice try
but real shit i will take the 2nd half if it doesn't kick in. i usually do full tabs but i wasn't really expecting trips.

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6 months for me
i can actually run 6 miles under an hour now
god speed anon, good luck

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Never look back.

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dunno how this would work, immunity to withdrawal by way of withdrawal? i think neurological kindling might have a thing or two to say about that.

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i just took the 2nd half
fuckin peer pressure biz

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Good luck bro!

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fuck 1st one literally kicked in right now im fucked

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gl anon

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I quit both aswell OP about 5days clean now. Its good I have a boss that smokes both aswell so he sorts out who I decide to let my mood swings out on that day.
Best of luck.
...will never quit the microdosing acid or painkillers though ;P.

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how much you gonna save?
i calculated i spend 5k per year on smoking which is the same as drinking which seems fair to me. not gonna take away something i love for 5g's

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Always happens mate. Always happens.

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OP is a faggot so he is talking about cock

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How ya feelin buddy?

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cant imagine wagecucking without a cig pause

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This is why smoking dabs or oil regularly isn't a good idea

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lol it’s me I’m on my bed with my cat feels good man

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cats are great

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They are

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I stopped smoking weed a few months ago after that cigs lemme tell you some helpful advice anon. You will suffer just accept that you will suffer the coming days enjoy swim feel make love with that suffering its yourpayment to get out. after its over you will be schocked that it wasn't as bad

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>based anon

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Idk I’m enjoying the acid

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one day i'd like to get into microdosing
i hear that can be life changing

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Did it with shrooms it changed my life 100%
Did it while bartending too, fun shit

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Wtf I was being serious. If you wanna trip you might as well do it right

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Have a nice trip

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What's so bad about smoking an al capone filtered cigarillo once a week?

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you stopped sucks cocks

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i know dont worry its happening

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Same here anon. First day of the rest of our healthier lives.

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I recently quit to OP, and I’m never looking back.

At the end of every month I use the money I was spending on smokes (3 packs a week, roughly $170 CAD/mo) to buy junk silver peace dollars.

I’ve been doing this for two months now and it’s made me realize how much money I’ve wasted on killing myself.

>you don’t smell like shit
>teeth stay white
>not as irritable
>girlfriend good boi points = blow jobs

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I'm not going to drink a dip of alcohol until my business is in the black. The thought of enjoying a nice beer is keeping me motivated.

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Have you tried snus?

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kek, have fun anon

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“The easy way to stop smoking”’is an awesome book. I used the one for drinking