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>worrying about the price of Chainlink when staking isn't even live yet
Couldn't be me.

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Couldn't be LINK.

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staking isnt even close to being live though, probably won't happen until 2022, literally still in the research phase according to sergey and ari.

Tsig paper was released over a year ago in the research phase and that hasn't even come out either. This shit won't take of for another 3-4 years, unironically

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hasnt vitalik been promissing to implement staking on ETH for 2 years now as well?

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half true
staking is in research, as per ari
but tsigs will be in next version, out before eoy

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>selling before SmartCon
Oh wait....

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sergey clearly cares
enjoy tomorrow's 500k dump

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What cracks me up is how linkies have carried on for years about how they don't need hype, they don't need normies, they don't need roadmaps or timelines or updates or announcements because we're all definitely gonna moon! So fuck reddit and fuck twitter let's all fud for fun then go to sleep until the big organic inevitable singularity from sudden inevitable adoption and wicked inevitable partnerships!!!

Yet here we are, $14 later

Staking is not live.

There is no updates on staking.

There are no announcements.

The are no partnerships.

There is no legitimacy underpinning the current price for a project whose price was always supposed to be self evident and contingent on adoption, but if you point any of this out to them, you get nothing but Pic. Fucking. Related.

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If there was a smartcontract that allowed us to bet on tsigs getting released on mainnet this year or not, i'd literally bet you my entire link stack that it wont. Its gonna be 4 months of defi partnerships and more node operators

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That’s a days food for moneybelly

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I dunno why newfags are putting so much hope into staking like it’s gonna pump the price or something

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Anti-linkers also said we'd never break:

$14 isn't FUD. The only FUD number that might even mildly cause consternation in iron hands is $4, and only because of the long accumulation channel we spent at that range.

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you sound hurt

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if ChainLINK goes back to $4, I will personally buy each and every linky.

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Cant u stake on Celsius now and soon on staked.us?

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Won't staking just reduce the value of the token because you have no other option than to market sell it?

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Nothing could be further from the truth

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Oracle (the second-largest software company in the world) is supposed to integrate Chainlink by the end of this month.
Oracle have no use for Defi, so they need Chainlink to be fully functional; i.e. with staking, reputation, TEEs, mixicles, etc.

The fact that Chainlink announced ZERO feature releases at their first major event last week means they are not ready for Oracle.
The fact that they didn't mention a possible close release date for ANY of those features means they aren't even close.

Chainlink had an opportunity to strike while the iron's hot, and they just let the fire fizzle out.
This is the downward spiral.

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Spin whatever you want out of it.

If you think $14 is a fair price, you didn't watch Smart Con.

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> Sergey didn't announce the announcement!!!
> Reeee

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More like Sergey didn't release any of the features that were promised between 3 and 1 years ago.
More like Sergey is going to fuck up getting integrated by Oracle, the second-largest software company in the world.

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You clearly didn't spend a year here when. It was stuck at $2

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I have enough money to pay for expenses through the end of the year. I quit my job and told my boss to go fuck himself because you guys told me that I'd be able to make it with my 1,000 Chainlink tokens that I bought for $19,300 (plus $500 in coinbase fees). Now collection agencies are calling me about my car payments and I've had to stop going out to happy hour with my college buddies. Fuck this place for ruining my life. I'm going to sell.

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>If you think $14 is a fair price, you didn't watch Smart Con.
I would literally pay $100 for link right now if that was the market price. Lucky for me it is somehow still on sale after smartcon. also you are a retard

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Very good point anon.
Chainlink is known for announcing stuff in advance at events and not just dropping huge stuff on people casually on the side as its happening.
It's over.
I'm selling 100k immediately and going into bsv / xrp

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Mainnet was announced at an event, about one month before the actual release.

This Smartcon event was also one month before the deadline for the Oracle integration.
It was the ideal time to announce the release of all the features necessary for Chainlink to move beyond Defi.

But they didn't, because they're not going to release anything, and Q3 will come and go without Oracle integration.

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Good thing you said second largest otherwise I'd have been confused with link being an oracle system as well!

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Damn anon, that's also right.
It's all unironically ogre.
Thanks for looking out for my financial wellbeing - I'm DEFINITELY selling 100k and becoming an xrp / bsv marine now.

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We'll see by the end of the month.

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Covid probably delayed us you stupid neets go outside

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I'm a 777 stacklet
what's staking no one ever tells me

all I know is I probably can't do it cause I'm a stacklet but someone surely can explain it

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>I would literally pay $100 for link right now if that was the market price.
Yeah but that's only because you're a stupid ignorant tard though

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777 will be enough to stake when the day comes fren don't worry

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Read the fucking paper

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that's good news
hopefully I learn by then

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checked and no
I only read 4chan, I'm probably autistic

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Dial 8 dumb swingie trans etc etc

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If Sergey fucks up the Oracle integration by refusing to move forward with development, that's on him and not me.

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