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Have any of you used nootropics? If so, which ones and how effective were they?

From my experience, the only ones that have real efficacy are:

1) Coffee + L-Theanine combination, but even this experiences diminishing returns after a number of uses. Best to only use this when you really need to focus, but still want to avoid amphetamines like adderall.

2) Modafinil: This was actually recommended by a professor I once had. Check this article out:


3) 8 hours of sleep, sunlight in the morning, omega 3, zinc, magnesium, ginkgo biloba, vitamin d supplements every day. If you have the willpower to do this for 30 days straight, you will feel like a godlike superhuman, albeit difficult.

/biz/, share with me any nootropic use or experiences you have.

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this or some rc cathinone like a-pvp

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>you will feel like a godlike superhuman, albeit difficult.
Since when is it difficult to take supplements every day? I think your baseline is fucked and your "superhuman" means "doing the bare minimum"

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>Coffee + L-Theanine combination
So what like Tea and Coffee at the same time?

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I bought literally everything Alex Jones cause why the fuck not and since I took it all at once I have no idea what was actually the game changer. Based on other users Nascent Iodine gave me my dreams back and Vitamin Mineral Fusion made my hunger go to normal human levels. DNA force was just a bonus. Don't use their energy mix I just drink Pina Colada Bang cause I like that shit and it makes my heart wanna pop if I have two which is right where I wanna be.

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Have fun with lead poisoning

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Its made to California standards literally the highest grade you can go for filtering bad shit out.

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Modafinal aint no fucking joke. Dont ever take after midday if you want sleep that night. 16hours perfect awake mind after taking one for me. every time. creepy govt pill

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All bullshit and/or dangerous, why do amerimutts do that to themselves?
Can't you just eat normal food and live normal lives instead?

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I use flmodafinil on my work days; about 2-3 days a week. Works wonders.

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Modafinil was good at keeping me awake, but I never found it to make smarter or more focused in any way.

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Exercise is the best. If you lift, do cardio too. If you only do cardio, do lifting too.
Otherwise: lion's mane, mushroom blends with reishi, sunflower lecithin, meditation, rhodiola.
Avoid all forms of gluten, sugar, alcohol.
With these I've been able to make freakishly quick progress in various skills.

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everything but the third option is, given the supplements have been thoroughly tested for lead and other bullshit

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D3, k2, mag, omega3, zinc, quercetin, selenium

Bromantane, mexidol

Phenibut for fun

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Anyone ever try no fap? I read a few books on semen retention and I’m on my third day. I just get really horny around 10am to 12pm and have to hide my boners at work.

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Yes L-Theanine is Latin for Lipton Iced Tea

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Checkd but you should really look at air quality and water quality east of LA, especially San Bernardino. Cali ain't as clean as it'd have you think.
t. Heckin Beanerino

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Also, lift.

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Yall retarded as fuck
Lay out in the sun 45 mins a day is all you need

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Since no one has mentioned it, fasting.

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The only way to truly do nofap is to get gf or fwb and only cum with them. All those frauds relapse when they sleep spooge after 3 months. The only important thing to garner from nofap is getting off the porn. Porn is legitimately evil dgaf if they added bitcoin and litecoin they support human trafficking, pedophilia, and ruining men everywhere but Israel.

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kratom, adderall, weed, nicotine. all I need.

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I recommend trying Kratom. Its a plant/leaf that is a cousin of coffee. I like the fact that its a plant and not synthetic.

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I mix these sometimes. But find that adderall is kinda druggy. I feel like I'm on X sometimes. There is a slight comedown too. Kratom has been best for me.

Fwiw, I use all you listed

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Only one minute of you point your bare asshole at the sun.

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>drinking 600mg of caffeine daily
You're not going to be alive much longer senpai

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ZMA isn’t a nootropic just a magnesium zinc supplement but taking that shit makes me sleep way better and focus incredibly well

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I've tried pretty much every common one, most of them don't really do much at all.
but my favorites are:
Modafinil, Phenibut, phenylpiracetam and pramiracetam
psychedelic microdoses are alright too

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I love 4chan so much

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russian? and what are its effects?

most of these sound like adderall without the loss/coldness in fingers and toes

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Now youre getting it

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just take a sharpie in the pooper OP. works every time, you'll be focused and present immediately.

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I take Modafinil. It doesn't do much for me. Definitely helps wake me up in the morning if I have a cup of coffee along with it, but that's about it.

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Yeah it was a russian pharmaceutical, I believe it was developed as an anxiolytic or as an antispasmodic medication, a la baclofen.
>and what are its effects?
It's primarily an anxiolytic, but doesn't fuck up your memory like benzos, nor does it make you drowsy (some people claim it does for them, it doesn't for me).
It has some supposed pro cognitive effects, but in my experience its major benefits are increased motivation and decreased anxiety.
It's still addictive tho, so be careful with it (withdrawal is still a walk in the park compared to benzos).
>most of these sound like adderall without the loss/coldness in fingers and toes
none of them are much like adderall desu, modafinil is a decent stimulant but it doesn't have the same sort of "high" you get from amphetamines.

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Yeah, this. Glad someone else feels the same way. Does literally nothing to help me focus, just keeps me slightly more awake (and restless/uneasy) throughout the day.


I used to take Phenibut. It was bizarre because sometimes it made me feel awesome, kind of drunk but happy, social situations became a lot smoother. Most of the time it really did fuck all though.

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Pretty gud. It helps you get over the pain of working.

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Any Lithium Orotate users out there?

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really wish kratom didn't taste like the devils asshole, it's kinda nice in terms of effects

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ugh my heart hurts just remembering. Stay away from the 4-FA types. At least God finally had enough and wiped MDPV off the face of the earth.

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Dude be careful. If you want to get off it, taper down slowly over a long time. Had a close friend who took phenibut for a few years then randomly stopped, she went utterly insane, sent to the psych ward, I mean full on fucking psychosis. It was terrifying. It's a rare but documented possible side effect.

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I just mix a teaspoon into some warm water in a jar and shake it around until it's mixed in, as little water as possible so there's less to drink.

Been trying LSD microdoses not sure if it's helping. Adderall helps me immensely, or ideally the longer-release prodrug Vyvanse, but the latter is too expensive so I just break up my addies and take them on a schedule.

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i'm so grateful i found modafinil, have been using it twice a week ever since. Extremely helpful in smashing out any task i want for 12+ hours.

Also love the combo of modafinil + mushrooms + weed for my creative projects. I could never reach that state of creativity and productivity without substances.

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1 month of nofap + phenibut will turn you into a charisma sex god

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>lions mane mushroom (1:1 alcohol extract)
> Sleep (the ultimate noo tropic)

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already went through it once my lad, although I'm starting another detox in the coming weeks, went too hard on it while writing my thesis.
I'm a pro at drug withdrawal at this point, although I did have a psychotic break during benzo withdrawal, it cleared up on its own, as with the rest of the symptoms.
fuck shrinks tho, don't need em.
most tolerable way I found was to put an enhanced extract into capsules, I just can not stomach that taste.

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>Based on other users Nascent Iodine gave me my dreams back
what does that mean? Your dreams became vivid and other users said the same thing about iodine specifically?

Interested as my dreams have basically vanished in the last year and I used to have absolutely amazing ones all the time, like nightly DMT trips. All gone now.

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>ah, finally an interesting thread
>strg+ f "Semax"
>find nothing
>no one of you is going to make it

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Do it bro you wont regret it

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>ah, finally an interesting thread
>strg+ f "Semax"
>find nothing
>none of you is going to make it

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not really considered a nootropic but phenibut makes me sharp

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Lion's mane
- improved memory
- would remember things from 3 years ago with remarkable clarity

Expensive but worth it, especially if you're a pothead

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I've been getting like 5 hours of sleep every night this week and I feel like shit, but sleeping is so boring, I'd rather not.

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I'll share my secrets in return that somebody helps me out with my problems.
> 1. 8 hours sleep
(simple, but it does work. Hard to do though). I recommend taking melatonin 1-2hrs before bedtime no matter what. Blue light filters/no screens also help.

> 2. Exercise + relevant supplements
Exercise is so fucking important to your body's performance. Get in at least 3 days a week of lifting. On rest days (between these three days) do light jogging and try walking more if possible. Also replace smoking for vaping. Smoking fucks you up so much it's not funny. Make sure to eat clean (see next point). Proteïne rich, also add creatine and supplement with proteïne shakes.

> 3. Eat clean
I recommend calculating your TDEE and eating enough proteïne. So add lots of green leafy greens, steak, salmon and chicken to your diet. Brown rice is okay, but figure out a way to minimise your carbs. Carbs are the devil. If you have a strong willpower, just stick to the keto diet. Weight loss becomes a breeze and you feel good if you can stick it out.

> 4. Nootropics
My main issue is taking lots of pills so I don't stick to this that much. If any anon has a good strategy to get all the pills in without feeling like you're chocking all the time, that would help.
- Noopept (legal in most places)
- Acetyl-choline (absolutely necessary if you use any nootropic!) (legal)
- Modafinil (You do not feel tired at all. Can be active for two days straight if you need to), ensure you get enough sleep after this though and don't take it in the afternoon/at night if not absolutely necessary. Apparently you can order this online legally in a lot of places.
- Lions mane
- Fish oil (krill)
- Vitamin D supplement (get the round pills in liquid oil, minimum 3000 IU)
- Vitamin K (helps vitamin D being absorbed)
- Vitamin B complex, incl B12
- Quality multi-vitamin

What I want from you is to help me figure out how to get stuff done.
I cannot force my body to do stuff and I get burned out.

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There’s literally tons of shit that stimulates BDNF, why would Semax be special.

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>What I want from you is to help me figure out how to get stuff done.
>I cannot force my body to do stuff and I get burned out.
Never force yourself to do anything you don’t want to.
This way, things tend to sort themselves out.

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What's missing from this:

- Iron (energy)
- Ginkgo Biloba (memory)
- Probiotic (Bacteria are more important than you think)

Yes, that's what I'm thinking too. Ignoring your body is the wrong choice. So I'm changing stuff around. It should feel natural and fun. When you have a good time doing something and time flies by is a great feeling. That's what I want while getting paid. Taking care of yourself like this is also important to me. What I've done is enabling myself to work from home so I can fill my routine like this. My main issue is that I seem depressed or burned out. Any advice for this?

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As much as I love weed, I admit it is not the best for my short-term memory and ability to concentrate.

I do love mushrooms, maybe I should grow some of those.

>mfw I just took a delicious 5g dose of kratom
I don't mind the taste so much anymore since I associate it with how good the kratom feels. A perfect clear-headed high.

For those who have taken modafinil, aren't the pills fucking crazy expensive? Did you get a prescription or find a research chem site or something?

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based, fuck sleep, I feel better on 6-7 hours than I do on 8 anyways.
>how to get stuff done.
set goals, become your own disciplinarian, with both a carrot and a stick.
e.g: "if I don't do XYZ today I will not allow myself to do ABC, if I do do XYZ today I will allow myself to do ABC and DEF"

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Armodafinil is pretty cheap and basically the same. You can find them online. Like two dollars per pill. And there's apparently no addiction or negative effects from it. Not sure why more people don't know much about it. I'm not a doctor so do your own research senpai.

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UK here. Some stuff is illegal here or rediculously hard to get ahold of (modafinil / armodafonil). I actually bought something called Brainzyme Focus Pro earlier which is supposedly the UK's answer to Alpha Brain. I'll do a thread next week with the results, arrives Friday

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Yes that's nice and all but my mind has a large ego and just does whatever it likes. Partly due to my single mother upbringing I suppose. Didn't really solidify core things like discipline. Right now I consume self-help, motivation and self-improvement stuff daily. Even listen to music filled with this stuff. Still far from where I want to be.

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I'll do some research, thx anon

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I've tried noopept piracetam modafinil phenyl-piracetam l theanine and lsd microdoses. Noopept and piracetam actually made my brain work better, I reached insane levels of intelligence, but I didn't take them long term, was just interesting but I didn't want to burn out or break anything. Phenyl piracetam made me feel sketchy and i didn't like it. modafinil was very good and I would take it again but getting the legit ones is too expensive and I don't really need it (the sun pharma ones I tried were hit and miss). L theanine was good for anxiety and would take again. Lsd microdoses however are the far winner giving me all the benefits I wanted and it feels healthy and natural, although I haven't done that long term either only here and there. My next experiment will be magic truffle microdoses.

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i created an excel spreadsheet where you input when you take it and the half-life to see when it reaches peak plasma concentration and how much is left in your system at whatever time.
take it on an empty stomach.
take another according to the time spreadsheet i referred to above to maintain peak plasma concentratio
when you sleep, take L-tyrosine as it is a building block for the NT's that are artificially kept in the synaptic cleft otherwise you'll crash/have a come-down.
when you take it, start off by doing some mental math or whatever - don't watch movies or videos or fuck around. start working as if you didn't even have the adderall or ritalin in your case.
it'll slide in and you'll feel it, now is your time to use it. don't waste any time you have under the influence of this drug because you want to minimize tolerance as much as possible.
i personally start a stopwatch and study, and i pause it if it take a break, but i usually don't.
i only take 40mg adderall and study 12 hours a day. it's a rule, i must study >50% of the day.
it's the closest thing to NZT aka the limitless pill if you use it right. but remember there is no biological free lunch. so everytime you take it, you better have a singular task to work on to completion.
don't use it to organize shit or clean your room that's a fucking waste.
i save my usage for when i have finals and have to get an enormous amount of work done, and when taking exams.

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the unofficial noot channel

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why avoid amphetamines, they save time, 1 pill and you can do all?

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I never put much faith into most self-help stuff personally. They give advice that is either too vague to be useful, or too specific (to the author) to be useful.
it really is a matter of finding an incentive structure that works for you, as well as some sort of philosophy to provide a justification for it. Eternal return is always a good philosophical motivator for me.
based fellow autist, did something very similar with matlab
was really helpful with detoxing desu

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I vape weed, maybe like a gram or two every day. I have pretty bad anxiety and depression. I drink every day at night. I take Escitalopram for the anxiety and depression but I'm still a mess. I'm at the max dosage and was getting really dark thoughts today. What do I do to feel better :(

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its the substitute the us military/spec ops take now (used to be stims, and maybe moda iirc, its armo now)

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this is a copy paste from a /sci/ thread with an ultra based autist medfag about a year ago. I don't know time is a blurr since crypto

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I hope you feel better soon anon. But please, it's going to be tough, but you need to wean yourself off of such regular drug use that you're using to simply prop up your mood. It's going to be tough at first and you might feel like shit, but you need to return yourself to a normal state and get used to being happy without using weed everyday. if you don't, you're going to fuck yourself up.

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I've been on Fluoxetine for more than 10 years now, because of depression. This works very well for me! It literally saved my life. And the best thing is that I still drink (a lot of beer). Alcohol is not recommended with SSRIs, but I've never had any problem. I also do other drugs, but always based on https://combo.tripsit.me . Good luck.

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Not entirely Noots but I take:

Kratom 3x a day, Black Seed Oil 1x a day, L Theanine with my morning coffee and Magnesium before dinner.

Have some Agmatine, Reishi Mushrooms and Kanna in the mail - never tried any of them before..

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also you guys do know that it depends on your cycle and type of foods you eat? like you can't just be taking vitamin d daily lmfao, you'd get overdosed with that. the same with omega 3, magnesium and maybe ginko, you don't take that shit daily, take that shit when you feel like you need to recycle your tolerance. then when you feel like your meds are kicking in, use it wisely. dexedrine is the better of all, not like vyvanse with a crash or adderall that's killing you softly. Or alternatively, lionsmane and coffee. L-Tyrosine messes shit up, best to take it with dinner. That's all really, you can be on methamphetamines but those will only work 3 months till you start tapering off, even if you take magne or antidioxants

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Stop vaping a gram of weed a day. Stop drinking. Ween off the anti depressants. Start a journal. Start running a few miles atleast once a week. Start eating super healthy like salads every day. Stick to a proper sleep schedule 12-8 or something and stick to it everyday. Go out of the house for a walk or a bike ride every day. Do these things even if you don't want to. You have to FORCE yourself, say 3,2,1 GO, and do it. This is how I got myself out of depression, and I was on SSRI's and was previously addicted to coke daily weed smoker ect, my mind was FUCKED I could barely hold a conversation for years, I just laid in bed sad and wishing I was dead. If someone put a gun to my face I would've stared into the barrel and not even flinch. Now I do what the fuck I want and spend most of my time in JOY of being alive, I still smoke weed but only a few times a week, it's about discipline you have to take control of yourself say, NO I WILL NOT, you know when it's the right time to smoke or not and if you do when you know you shouldn't then it is self harm, self sabotage, you want to be a loser? or a winner? It's your choice. you can do it! also maybe try lsd/mushrooms once or twice it helped me get perspective. Do all these things together start NOW, make a plan, stick to it. If you fall off don't beat yourself up just get back on track

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>- Iron (energy)

Unless you're certified anemic or losing blood regularly, you actually probably have too much iron and could benefit from donating blood 2-4 times a year to get rid of some of it.


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I'm from Sweden at a top-university.
Scored in the 95th percentile on our version of the SAT.

I have done:

1. Modafinil
2. Ritalin
3. Tramadol
4. Codeine

#3 and #4 are never talked about as noo-tropics, but idk, it makes me relaxed and not give a fuck about studies being boring.
I notice my verbal intelligence go down somewhat when I take #3 and #4, but my quantitative reasoning still stays pretty intact, perhaps even better.
I kind of don't recommend to you to take #3 and #4 when you're AT the university, you do actually get pretty "slow" by it.

#1 and #2 also "get's the job done" when you have to do menial repetitive memorization, not so sure I would recommend it for other things.

>> No.22149280

>the same with omega 3, magnesium and maybe ginko, you don't take that shit daily
literally just fat and an essential mineral, nothing wrong with taking that shit daily in normal amounts. Gingko could probably be cycled since it's a foreign substance.

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Caffeine + Phenibut
Optional: alcohol

>> No.22149287

I used one before and I was in the DMG pre sale

>> No.22149319

I ended up going with Waklert 150 because I like sleep. I've not noticed any boost to concentration but I'm actually awake; like caffeine without the high.

>> No.22149341

Don't take phenibut and alcohol at the same time for the love of god

>> No.22149345

I have mentioned this in previous noot threads, but everyone should try adding a cup or two of blueberries to their diet for a few weeks. It honestly has had better more consistent effects for me than almost anything else listed in this thread (outside of pharms like adderal or moda, duh), it's cheap, it's delicious, it's nutritious. Get them frozen and it's like sorbet right out of the bag. Worth giving a shot before you waste $500 buying weird powders from chinese wholesalers and snorting them in your bathroom.

>> No.22149373

better get your prostate checked if you're going no fap, even if you're young.

>> No.22149374

>tramadol and codeine
interesting choices desu
I could never work properly while on opioids personally, maybe I just took too much. Slightly related, but I do think there is an optimal point for alcohol in terms of using it to get shit done.
tried benadryl tripping when i was a teenager
wouldn't recommend it.
blueberries are based, agreed.

>> No.22149420

I can vouch for that I always feel good if I had blueberries on a morning

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>Have any of you used nootropics?

Noopept (нooпeпт)
Felt not much, just got angry one time at a dumbass

It didn't help me buy bitcoin in 2011, let's put it that way..

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Anons, with a reply like this you know you'll be having a good time.

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anyone ever taken dexedrine? should be better than ritalin or others methamphetamines as its the most original or first of its form

>> No.22149672

>My main issue is that I seem depressed or burned out. Any advice for this?
I am too, many times due to being wagecucked. I found that sneaking in rest and meditation when you can is helpful. And you don’t have to work on your side projects ALL the time, just when you feel comfortable doing it.
Also, as another anon mentioned, kratom can be a lifesaver and give a positive outlook if you are surrounded by shit.
Second to kratom I also enjoy vaping cannabis or edibles. Not for pain relief, but to generate new ideas and make the most of your off time.
Of course these are somewhat addictive but when you’re forced to cuck what other choice do you have?
Enjoy the long weekend brah, We’re all gonna make it.

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I did it once. Worst hangover ever. I was in bed for at least 24 hours. I got off easy though. That shit is dangerous.

>> No.22149738

Vitamin D, Omega-3 have the most studies done showing positive results. If you have the money buy the highest quality you can and not just the cheapest.

I sleep well with ZMA and also have interesting dreams. Only time I've ever had a nocturnal emission was when I popped ZMA before bedtime.

>> No.22149833

idk senpai, I just found that I got drunk slightly quicker
it probably is dangerous mixing two gabaergic drugs with different mechanisms tho, regardless, I'm still alive.

>> No.22149846

Gorrilla Mind rush is a nice mild one.
Pre-work is fun before a lift kinda make me sound.
Keaton feels like vicoden.

>> No.22150057

I say russian because its illegal in the USA and looks like it was russian made

only stimulants I use are adderall, cocaine and kamagara jelly when I can find it cheap cause my sex drive is in the shitter and it just the best

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What works: Amphetamine. Power gap. Caffeine.
What makes redditor ovaries tingle: modafinil
What is advisable long term: caffeine and healthy living.

Amphetamine does enable you to get 1 hour of sleep then go like you've never slept better but eventually you end up taking it for fun and end up not sleeping, jerking off for 48 hours and running a 180/140 bp.

>> No.22150136

I have a pretty severe case of ADD but I've never been formally diagnosed and getting diagnosed as an adult is a bitch in my country. Amphetamines are illegal, what's the next best thing?

>> No.22150170

>its illegal in the USA
It's not FDA approved, but that doesn't mean it's illegal. It's unscheduled and is readily available on the internet

>> No.22150368

This. I probably also have ADD with some light autism sprinkled in. I fall asleep from things like red bull and caffeine in general.

>> No.22150889

On it rn like a motherfucker. Crankin out a presentation I have tommorow. Moda is nice. I just think it raises my BP but I don't use it everyday

>> No.22150956

your body naturally does the opposite of what substances are supposed to do, I know a girl who takes cocaine and falls asleep. use that as a frame of reference and see what happens. my niece also stays up off of benadryl, aunt is thinking she has the same thing.

>> No.22151012

Modafinil is good if you don't want to sleep but then fucks you over after you make it through the day and actually need to sleep

This has happened many times for me
>Switch to night work for toil
>Take modafinil
>Get through shift easily
>Get back in bed the next morning
>2hrs later still wide awake
>Take melatonin
>Fall asleep for an hour then wake up again
>Rinse and repeat all afternoon
>Next shift is in 30 min
>Take more modafinil
>Feel like death incarnate

>> No.22151093

As far as i can tell, amphetamines like dextroamphetamine have no serious long term side effects as long as they are used in low, safe doses.

>> No.22151172

no fap is as retarded as no shit
>just treat is like shitting
>usually once a day, sometimes 2

>> No.22151675

Absolutely this and drinking a gallon of water a day.
I've tried loads of shit but nothing has been as good as being extremely hydrated and out of a lazy mindset.

>> No.22152176

I like u anon, exactly my thought

>> No.22152224

Dont do this. I thought my neighbors were talking through the walls

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