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You guys want to swing your big e-penis around and prove you're a way beter investor than these other pajeets..right?

This token helps you with that. Be the king and manager of your own uniswap fund. Get people to invest in your fund and share the cash. The manager will of course benefit more from the decisions. The people in the fund get a guaranteed cut and the gigantic eth gas fees? Those are paid by the group.

I mean, this is as best as its going to get for uniswap. Get in, enjoy the ride and buy the dip. In the end of the week the full project will launch.

And please, prove you're not a pajeet to your other Internet frends. Maybe earn some good boy points.

>>22111081 #

>Upcoming uniswap protocol
>It's a money management system.
>Decentralized hedge funds that allows trading on uniswap.
>Will help with congestion of the ethereum network by having 1 "manager" take care of all the funds that are staked, instead of 500 apes all aping in at once.
>Built on a layer 2 of Uniswap, with yield farming available as a side product.

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I'm in for a few

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stacked up, send it.

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This is basically TRADE on steroids. UPP is still sub $2 million. TRADE is $46 million. Do the math, I'm all in personally

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Get on the train boys

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This is actually nothing like TRADE

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It's better

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got a bag, coingecko wen?

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Telegram says CG listing by tomorrow. Which should also cause a pump from Asia.

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This is good. I've been shilling this since they posted it yesterday. It's cheap and you're in early. The whale already dumped last night because they hate money so it's UPP from here.

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I just wish that their txn fee wouldn't be this high. I am just waiting for Radix to launch at this point with their much better scaling solution for DeFi projects

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I wish the team would shill this more. They posted yesterday and that's how I know about it.

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This is such an organic thread with totally real enthusiasm that nobody has pointed out how the above link is for YFLink, not Unipump.

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Dev wants to have a working product before advertising, and V1 of the actual trading goes up this Friday. My guess is that we see this see saw for 2 days until Twitter heavyweights use a pool as a way to advertise and we move back up.

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Sirs this does not seem to be any different from TRADE

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I'm not too familiar with TRADE, but are you in charge of all your actions? It looks that way on first glance to me, that you identify and execute all your swaps.

UPP is more like TokenSets but opened up for all the low liquidity dregs on UniSwap. You join a pool and the pool owner does all the trading, after a period of time you withdraw your initial and profit or what's left plus some group pooled tokens to mitigate your loss.

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Actually pretty epic idea

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