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What 100x moonshot should I uniswap my stack on? I’m desperate for gainz and need this. Help me anon, you’re my only hope

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You're welcome

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Unifi. First defi built on the DFO model, making it the first truly decentralized decentralized finance token. Most others are on the DAO model, which still has a central owner/group of owners.

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sry mate got no $time for dis.

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this guy knows

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Time / timeminer ! Get your rewards every hour . Made few thousand per day .

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Building a speculative AMM for decentralised exchanges. Revolutionising all this Uniswap shit. Thank me later.

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this has huge r/r rn. 260 coins and you always own a % of the cap. Degen gamble but $time might be the quickest way to 2-5x that money in a day.

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$time to te moon

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UNIFI DFOHUB Serious new ethereum order shit

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UNIFI DFOHUB still only <30 MIL market cap combined!!

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Everyone can use some $TIME ,right?!

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I got the dumbfolio yfv, yfive, kimchi, ren, ocean.

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Please buy kimshi so I can exit

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Go ahead and set aside 3 of those ETH for gas fees

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YFFS anon

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Catch some Z's and hopfully you'll figure it out.

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eat shit

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