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These banks account for:
$6.1tn or 44.8% of total
central bank AUM $30.9tn or
36.5% of global GDP
>Bank of England
>Banca d’Italia
>Federal Reserve System
>Deutsche Bundesbank
>People’s Bank of China
>Bank of Japan
>European Central Bank
>Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
>Bank Indonesia
>Bank Negara Malaysia

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Algo just dumped over night biz... Better get it below 50 cents while you still can

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This is an automated spambot thread. OP is not a person, get his robot banned by reporting accordingly

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Cope anon you fucking retard

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Incredibly bearish, announcing fake partnerships is the death knell for ten billion shitcoin scams

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DMI is worthless. Basically pump circlejerk.

I am not sure it's even worth it when we dump to .20 anymore.

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Checked digits. Pic related OP. I didn't mention the word partnership retard. Neither do the tweets. They were accepted into OMFIF.

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currently staking + accumulating

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Maybe fake isn't the right word but what's the difference between fake and completely meaningless

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Why not swinging? Its going to .20, as I just said.

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>can't fud facts... fuck... better call it meaningless with no basis
Elaborate anon

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Ok tell me the meaning of Bitcoin joining the Heritage Foundation yeah there's no meaning

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Friendly reminder to delete this. ALGOchads are still accumulating.

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Comparing a foundation that is non-crypto related to one that revolves around digital currency solutions being reviewed by central banks of the world. You're not even worth a response anymore kek.

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Today is the day to buy more anons

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Not until its below 20 cents. Sitting on 75% loss is bad enough when it goes below 5 cents like last time they released coins via auction.

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Delusional. Only reason it dipped so hard today is because the whole market did

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So why is it dumping?

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Tied to LINK, link will dump. Also, just issued millions of new ALGOs, diluting cost.

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Fuck. So much more to accumulate. Easiest money I'll make.

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>banca d'italia

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prepare for a massive dump retards, if the national bank picks a coin, it will surely be a failure

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damn im just starting and im not understanding shit of this, might be a nigger but im willing to learn and make some money, easy how exactly ?

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Have a look at Algorands whitepapers and partnerships/connections. They are insane and primed to do great things in the next year and a half. Just have a quick google/look on twitter

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will do right now, i've been reading bullshit theory books about stock and shit and forgot about my autistic brothers, got really surprised by how nice /biz people are

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Still believe in banks ?


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xrp 2.0

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Why? I am genuinely curious

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so is RSR and biz is all over it

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LOL at all the new fudders. When this shit was mooning all the XRP schizos and stinkers were wondering when to FOMO in. This cycle will repeat again.

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I remember them clearly anon kek. What retards don't realize is the circulating supply won't be the 10 billion that everyone thinks it will be... There's actually already 3 billion tokens unlocked, but most are in staking. Only less than a third will be "circulating" and potentially even less because the foundation has been reworking the tokenomics of the whole platform. The token "releases" from the staking programs come from already unlocked tokens which is why the circulation didn't increase.

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I just bought $500 but jewbase is holding half if it for 7 days preventing me from sending it to my algo wallet. Why do they do this

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checked. why the fuck would you bet against a bunch of MIT autists? yeah like they'll intentionally kill their project and suppress the price for no reason at all.

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>New partnership
>Violently dumps

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>Whole market is down
>Try and link it to news on a specific crypto

Nice try Anon. Share some of the bags you're grabbing with the rest of us

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>Blood in the water

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I went from ALGO to OCEAN before the coin dump and I'm pretty happy with my decision.
And nah, even with the chaos around significant good news should give ALGO a bump or at the very least halt the dump.

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because you’re a nigger

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Was looking at accumulating some ocean myself anon. I'm addicted to shit coins.

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just picked up another 15k ALGO let’s go boys. we’re the jews now.

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(((their))) coin

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My fucking BTC Is 1+ he delayed IM MISSING THE DIP

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I hope the dip continues through this weekend, I've been patiently waiting for payday and the fuckers are late

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Doubt it.. Probably back to 50 within a few days if not today. Everything is riding on what btc does though unfortunately.

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it is starting

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