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How the fuck is this shit even legal?
>make 750k in the market
>walk away with 50% of it

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if u dont sell they cant tax u

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They want to keep the poor poor sadly. They take your money and use it to bail out the rich.

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This and just save up enough that you can renounce your citizenship and move to a tropical tax haven. Then cash out.

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Lol what country is this? I tough Finland was bad with our 34% tax on profits over 30k and you get to assume that your buying price is 20% of the selling price. 40% if you held over 10 years.

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the only good think in Germany? you don't get taxed on crypto if you HODL for at least 365 days

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>the education of bernie bros is almost complete.

You take all the risk

We take all the cream

t. gov nigger jew

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Might want to look into that. Might be that in your country you have to pay taxes for years after you've moved out.

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only the usa can really enforce that