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>STA refund will make it moon!
nothing happens
>Balancer refund will make it moon!
still nothing
>CMC listing the marketcap will make it moon!
>Digifinex listing will make it moon!
fucking dumps
This has to be by far one of the most boring, unfruitful holds in a long time.

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It's a literal scam so unless you're just trying to give it more exposure and this is another stealth shill thread, you're a retard.
>no mention of this on /biz/ at all
>randomly pumps to 48 cents
>all of a sudden 20 threads in catalog at all times, filled with copy paste unoriginal memes and jeets trying to sound like bizraeli's
>price consistently dumps over the last 3 weeks

You don't even have to understand crypto, just use some common sense and logic, jfc.

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Why do you care?

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>no mention of this on /biz/ at all
Literally the most shilled coin on biz for the past four or so months. Just gtfo with that scam bullshit. Name me one scam that pays back 1.5 million USD to investors.

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Wait until fees are lower and XMM takes over STA https://www.xmmtoken.com/

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Literal scamcoin whose rugpull was discovered ON /biz/

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This will go back up once the gas gets cheaper...right?


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Like clockwork, as soon as the FUD starts, the XMM shills come out to play.

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>It's a literal scam
Yes. The scam where the devs refund the scammed. Timeless ploy!

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>you niggers are not getting my statera

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btw if you're holding xmm you should WANT sta to succeed so maybe your shitcoin will have a chance too. Or are you too smooth brained to realise that?

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warosu exists numbnuts, every statera post pre august pump is the same 10 or 20 telegram niggers talking to each other, with occasional shitposts from real anons calling it a scam.

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Naaahh duuude, this shit is dead

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Alright i don't mind if you don't make it bro

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Actually shut the fuck up nigger. Your scam coin is a shitty knock off of the king, statera

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If STA is shit so far, what on earth would you call XMM?

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a latrine

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Bro it has already mooned. Zoom out and look at the chart. It wont moon immediately again, too many people still baghold and need to take their profits which will surpress it. v3 STA had 2 major moons so far and there was a 2 months break inbetween them. Give it time.

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im thinking of pooling 2k but ive been out of the loop for a bit, anyone have any handy guides or just simple steps to follow to get in again?

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So much for the exchanges doing anything. Still have to trade on uniswap with the gas fees

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id pool that ammount too cause im going on vacation
how much sta would i earn with peanuts like 2k?