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>mom died
>left me a shitload of money in her will

What do I do with this? How do I invest it to make myself rich?

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Give it to me anon. Ill take care of it for you.

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Give it to me instead

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Im sorry for your loss anob. Genuinely sorry

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Sorry to hear friend

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sorry for your loss man. Please dont gamble her lifes earnings all away

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she had 3 years to die and you could have invested in chainlink

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buy ethereum, it's what she would've wanted you to do

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Split to multiple parts.
50% - Buy property and rent for anons.
25% - Stocks or investment fund
25% - Crypto and daytrade, double it quickly and put away

Also if you don't want property put some % in gold/silver and rest in crypto.

Lot of stocks are inflated at the moment so wait for the bubble to burst first.

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This is probably the most genuine financial advice given the situation, I would strongly recommend you take time to process and wish you the best

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What crypto should I invest in I’m 100% new to this

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convert all to bitcoin ;^)

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>Also if you don't want property put some % in gold/silver and rest in crypto.

Fucking retard idiot. The housing market is at peak inflationary levels it is going to fucking crash. If you buy a house then it is a MUST to buy gold and silver to offset the massive fiat losses you are gonna get when the deflationary collapse of all asset prices happens.

OP - you need to understand something. If you have a shitload of money YOU MUST put 15% of whatever the fuck you have into gold and silver. Because if sounds like you have already at least somewhat have made it with the windfall.

What these fucking idiots don’t understand is that once you make it you have to protect it. Given the 26 trillion in debt and the highly volatile political climate I would push it to 25% of the windfall into gold and silver. Then if you want to fuck around in overinflated stocks and shitcoins then that’s fine. But don’t go blowing your fucking load on all this shit unless you have 15-25% of your windfall safely secured in a REAL ASSET (gold/silver)

And am very sorry for your loss. God bless her.

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>prepare to see mommas entire life savings evaporate before your very eyes.

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Yeah I wouldn't reccomend daytrading generally, maybe practice with like 5 percent for a while first nigga u always gonna make losses when you start out or make gains by pure luck and think you know something

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safe boomer investments..10% in crypto

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Nudes of mom?

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Whatever you do, don't buy US shares. Sure road to disaster. The market is pumped up and will pop soon.

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Put half in a savings fond, like XRP
Spend rest on needful

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Don't invest money like this in high risk stuff like crypto. You will regret it so much if you lose money.

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fuck im all in us shares
t. ausfag

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Sorry for your loss, anon.

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>First my condolences
>It'd be smart to avoid american stocks rn, try something a little more stable and bubblish, like an index or smth

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identify your cope brother. get in before it's too late.

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Now, buy 50% BTC 50% airline stocks

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