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Huge pump incoming within 48 hours

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Nah the insurance thing was THE critical moment for the project and it failed dismally.

The smart money is gone from this project and I don’t see it coming back any time soon.

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buy ampleforth

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sir does this mean i sell or to buy

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This is FUD. Anyone out there lurking do not listen to this faggot. Buy PNK. Pay 100$ in gas fees even if you only have 101$ to invest. That 1$ will turn into 10$

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sell right now and buy in 48 hours. thank me later.

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So you’re saying that the insurance pilot was a success? Next you’ll be trying to deny that PNK is banned in a number of 1st world countries.

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Get out of my thread before I throat fuck you

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Insurance pilot was a PILOT. A test. And we learnt some good things from the mistakes.

The bans are being worked on by the team and we will be unbanned soon and will flourish.

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where was kleros banned. didnt see any articles on this

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ok sir thank you for the advice doing the needful now

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where is kleros banned?

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its literally fake news. its completely made up.

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i feel like it's fake...

I just want the truth.

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I'm guessing it wasn't

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to summarize, non stop long pajeet campaign at 17c. now ban campaign at 13c

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its literally fake. do you best to search for it

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