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Upcoming uniswap protocol

It's a money management system.

Decentralized hedge funds that allows trading on uniswap.

Will help with congestion of the ethereum network by having 1 "manager" take care of all the funds that are staked, instead of 500 apes all aping in at once.

Built on a layer 2 of Uniswap, with yield farming available as a side product.

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Ticker is $UPP

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Missed this missed that? Say no more!

Unipump - $UFF

100M supply with 22M circulating so approximately 2,7M$ MC with 50x potential easily

Big shills jumping on it one by one and their Telegram group is growing fast... This is truly a project which is special

What does it solve? We're all tired with expensive ETH fees so imagine if you could participate in these massive shitcoin pumps which have pulled 50x. That's what Unipump solves. It lets you to allocate your money to other traders. Check their website for more!

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Idk, seems to have potential but I’m waiting for a dip
Definitely worth looking into though

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next 100x gem, all in

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Retirement inc

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check out their telegram t.me/unipumps

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Is this going to dump?


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.50 by tomorrow

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Telegram here: t.me/unipumps

I think what really makes this rocket is when the interface drops this week and they introduce farming. Right now it hasn't even caught the attention of any of the yield farmers

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classic pump and shake out that everyone will regret selling by the end of the week after it goes 50x

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Okay I'm in. When will I get to see my dollar amount in Metamask? I have a few coins where it just says the number I have.

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Yeah I've kinda been watching the charts and it looks pretty good. No major dump after a decent run up when no one knew about the project really. Some people are holding a buying the dips it looks like.

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gotta wait until it's listed on coingecko or cmc

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>dumping already
What would be the point? They haven't made any money yet.

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This is probably a good sign at the beginning though. I want to be in before they're listed.

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Seiously whats the catch?

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It was at .11 and then went up to .13 and then somebody dumped it to .12

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>they don't want to make money
This is a great filter.

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what's the make-it stack if i want to be rich by next week

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This still worth getting in? I like the concept

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I really don't know. I'm in because it's early. It's only 12 cents. I'll find out if I'm going to lose my money or get rich.

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poking around on etherscan, it looks like the circulating supply is somewhere around 50% right now which would put the marketcap at a rough 2.2 million
i could be off by a bit but point is if these guys can deliver this service it's going to be fucking huge, especially as gas prices continue to go up

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It just went from 12 to 13 cents. The question right now is do you want to be a part of it?

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another rug pull

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OnlyUP 2.0

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>token just started
>people paying gas fees so they can dump at 13 cents
>get out of that rug pull before it crashes to zero bro

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It’s all about the percentages you fucking idiot

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Is this dumper selling random amounts?

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anon you're lookin kinda smoothbrained right now, that's the uniswap trade contract address

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Then since I'm retarded, it's important that I become rich because I won't be able to work.

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Fuck it. Pulled the trigger and got a nice bag. If gas prices stay this high then this might be my only way to big swing trades.

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Some of the original investors taking profit but this thing is still around a 2 mil MC.

It can easily 10x from here.

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those digits
i've never been more bullish in my life

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Fuck, I could have bought at 9 cents.

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fuggin checked

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Brainlets are confusing this with "OnlyUp".

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back up to 12 cents

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Stop selling. Why do you like paying gas fees? It's just getting started.

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>pomp eet as I have eenstructed
>no, eet eez still at 11
>pomp eet
>eez your pomper broken?

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14 cents now. It just went up 5 cents during this thread. If you didn't buy, you hate money.

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I sold my LINK and bought more. I don't know why I didn't earlier. I could have saved on gas.

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If it's an exit scam, you didn't even make that much money especially with the gas fees. What's the point? It was going to pump a lot more than that.

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This Uniswap chart and the numbers are weird. At one point it seemed like it crashed 10 cents and then went back up.

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