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I just spent $100 in failed gas fees how the FUCK is this allowed

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Yeah I did not say low gas prices.

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Bring Vitalik to Kleros court

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thanks for the gas fees goy. better luck next transaction! you know it's all a crap shoot whether you get in or not. maybe you need to up your gas fees?

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I spent 50 today anon but i learned how to use uniswap. I will avoid it unless i see a coin i really want on there, and i will wait up to 24h until congestion is low and the price is 40 usd or less then i will hit the fastest buy option out of the three buttons just to make damn sure

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uniswap shitcoin traders get the rope. just hold eth you cocks.

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Why did i laugh at this? The future is super weird

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kek lmao

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>t. also keked
I wish I'd saved the infographic where the Kleros jury decides not to allow a flamethrower on an e-commerce site. So many possibilities with that one

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Its allowed because you did the txn anyways XD Eth is fucking congested now and its the new norm now which sucks because they have poor scaling solutions.

I am just gonna wait for Radix to launch for DeFi projects to build on

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It's not. Good exchanges use OMG.

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well you know what to do now. take the eth foundation to kleros court

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There's an answer to the pedo skelly gas problem

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Dont like it? Stiffed.

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I fucked earlier, tried to swap DTH to ETH.. and i had to pay 10 fucking dollara to "allow uniswap to trade my DTH" and then i didnt have enough gas for the fucking swap ($30).. this is a broken system going forward

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kek..40 usd? are you retarded? that shits unacceptable. highest it would go is fifteen before two days ago.. we should aim for 5$

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My portfolio is $100k but that doesn't mean I want to spend $100 on a transaction. Unironically that's where CEXs beat DEXs

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I hate the cunts that keeps repeating this nonsense

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All possible realities face judgement on the scales of the Kleros court

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