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should i ditch microsoft

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What brokers do canadians use?

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TSLA will be 1k by end of September. Dump your other trash stocks and get in on this dip.

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I tried to find any example of a company that offered ATM shares and the only companies I can find are all biopenny garbage tickers.
Did Elon just PnD fucking banks?

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>no smg or subject

Hello splits

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What’s a broker?

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So even DeGiro is down what the fuck?
On YahooFinance TSLA was dripping 2.6% but it's just at -1% now, so I don't get it, is the volume just randomly distributed monkeys buying and selling?

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Wealthsimple for Canadian stocks
questrade for American

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TSLA split and it went up why can't /smg/

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I just bought 3 shares because I have no liquidity because I'm incapable of not spending any cash in my account on shares *immediately* :^)

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Stealth mode, to keep out the interlopers.

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why no one in IPO? Ren tech etf, outperforming tf out of the S&P. comfy

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I think the news article mentioned it wasn't MtM, it was actually at a fraction.

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September 11 will be the top at with a trillion market cap or around 800$ a share

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I did yesterday

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algorithms trying to out jew each other and steal retailers shares for cheap.

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Strong second on buy GME

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so randomly distributed monkeys, then

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10 shares here for the same reason.

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I’m exiting all long positions at the end of this week. I’ve seen how this ends before. glta

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Will kodak moon again?

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Price algos cant keep up. Price is fluctuating too much. Just wait 30 min and price will flatten to normal.

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I bought the tesla dip, I don't even care what happens I have a full share now to last me years.

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if 8’s we all make it

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Get into MNK right now.

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XIACY is consistently getting me gains but I only have a few shares because I didn't want to gamble on some Chinese shit. Why is it going up so much?

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You should buy walmart. Walmart is becoming a tech meme stock. Its going to start competing effectively with Amazon and start reeling in the same amount of online activity. Get some now before everyone else realizes this.

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Pic related: You are here

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damn my balloon bubble strong asf

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NIO dip. Get fucked.

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am i gonna make it anons

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dump soon after their announcement end ohnonono

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Can you share your portfolio? I also wanna make 2% daily

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literally just a big old shitplie of apple tqqq and fngu, more weighted towards the apple. Currently getting cucked because of good faith violations and I don't want ot fuck with margin.Sold off some apple in case of a dip to buy more FNGU but it's not available for investment for 3 fucking days.

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>S&P bouncing 10 points
New ATH coming today

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NAK to the moooon

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People are closing their leveraged longs on margin for tesla after I bought in and I feel nothing, is this what iron hands feel like?

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shoeshiner here, what's up

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I bought AMD and NVDA today, sorry in advance for the dump

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90s were so based, 90s internet and usenet was god-tier

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Looking good king

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>not having margin

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How long did it take you?

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not that long actually I make a lot of money, but I was in school forever and spent my money paying off student loans and only recently got back into stocks

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Another comfy day frens. Im up 8k this week. Thank u qqq calls

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Walmart is US only fagget. It will never be able to compete. As usual anime posters are fucking retarded