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I have prophetic abilities.
I've only had 2 dreams about a crypto, ever, and some would call this technique unconscious remote viewing.
I will disclose this information for the greater good but keep in mind I do NOT own a single bit of it.
The first dream was clearly Ripple. I saw Ripple as largely successful and mainstream. Perhaps the biggest most well known of them all.

My second dream, I saw two cryptos written on a wall but I don't remember their name. But I do remember the bigger letters beneath them: "BSV"

I looked up BSV and apparently it is Satoshi's original blockchain, BitCoin, or BitCoin Satoshi Vision.

Among 6 cryptos in BSV, Ripple is one of them.
This is 2 confirmed remote viewing results for Ripple. Do with this info what you will, but also keep in mind, I dont own a single cent of Ripple.
Just putting it out there.

I invite anyone else to share any crypto related dreams they've had.

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I’m open minded enough to believe in remote viewing, but not so open minded as to believe in ripple

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>Xrp and bsv

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it was believe up until you shilled craig faketoshi wrights fake bitcoin bitshit v.
thread closed and head op's a queer larping

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1. YFI
2. YFV
5. Chainlink

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I actually do have these abilities, fuck you OP. I had a dream in November 2018 of a future economic crash and I should hedge into Bitcoin. This was right before the dump to begin accumulating from dec 2018. I also had a dream after the new year of BTC crashing down to 4000, before rocketing up again, which it did a few months later. Fuck you for making a mockery of this shit. It's real and XRP is garbage.

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Also this was after I had not taken any notice of BTC after the 2017 crash and assumed it was dead

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i'm sorry but this doesn't type out like a dream vision. This is a LARP.

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please tell me if VRA is in your dreams

I also have prophetic dreams I feel like god is telling me something

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gayest shill I've ever seen.

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