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my chart go /

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Every day is a good day with Fantom, boys.
Feelin' the good vibes of hodling a winning horse.

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What's the suicide stack bois?

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only even need 30k. this is about to go hyper-parabolic.

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Can it reach $1 by eoy?

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Maybe, but I'll be more conservative and guess 25 cents.

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Do you think there will be a correction in the next few days and it will drop back to $0.03? I want to buy more. I only have 75K currently and I wanted to at least double that. What should I do?

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70+ percent is staked. Domp is extremely difficult for the next five days.

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I have 1 million, am I finally a Big boy?

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You've already made it, it's just a matter of when.

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Im not sure what you mean. Are you saying that since a percent is staked that means the price will be relatively stable?

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*large percent

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Yes. It takes a week to pull from staking.

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it will dump back to at least 2.7 cents in the next few days, I have my buy orders stacked down to 2 cents.

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You wish

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God I hope so, need to grow my bag

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Somebody didn’t have their bags packed.

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ofc anon, who doesn't want cheap fanties. i am waiting for the dip, will be sweet as

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$1 is fud

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Someone redpill me on FTM. Should I buy? Will I moon? What is a realistic EOY?

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Should I be satisfied with my 400k stack or should I go for a million?

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It’s a vaporware ”ETH killer” zoom out the charts, stay away.

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Andre Cronje worked on FTM for a year and solved consensus problems that ETH still has, and helped develop the Fantom Finance defi suite.

Then he went on to build YFI in 3 months. YFI did 1100x.

What do you think will happen? $1 EOY is pure fud

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Anybody want to shed some light on how often staking rewards are getting paid out? Trying to work out how much of my stack I should stake vs keep on hand to sell if shit goes parabolic like everyone says
(It’s also a giant pain in the ass to work out tax on staking rewards in my country, but that’s somewhat less important)

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You need to claim and redelegate.
But every epoch (around 4 hours)

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>Hey guys should I get $400000 or $1000000

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What do you mean? How often?
I claim mine once a day after work.

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I get staking rewards every couple of hours, though not very large amounts.

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400k is a very based stack, i only have 220k. i would suggest you also DYOR on DAOstack, it's a another moonbag of mine. Gavin Wood (founder of ETH and Polkadot) is heavily pushing this, it is basically an operating system for DAOs - Polkadot is using it already (PolkaDAO), Kyber.Network is using it and a ton of other organizations are also using it for their DAOs in the future. DAOstack is really becoming the standard protocol for DAOs, similar to how LINK became the standard for oracles... think about it.

Mcap is still criminally low, less than 20m mcap or something, but slowly picking up momentum. Will be huge, riding the Polkadot wave.

Working product for normies launching here as well: https://common.io

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Its 24%ish annual but if u compound its more. Also dude fuck paying taxes cash out in gold and bury it in ur yard

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Holy fucking shit that’s so frequently. Also, claim and redelegate? Plz explain for a tard - I’ve never bothered with staking before because of how fucking annoying it is to not get raped by the tax man

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Not for long since we will get fluid staking

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>Built by God king Andre himself

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>Last upload: 1 year ago

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You, sir, are utterly retarded and a normalfag.
Get the fuck out of here, human scum.

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Check their github. How dumb are you.

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Kek. Bagholders of scamtom BTFO’d.

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No need to do it more than max once a week homie. Maybe even once a month is okay. Minimal difference as long as you do it frequently

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Based, I'll do it once a month then. Way easier to keep track of the amount of "income" I get from staking then

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15k noob reporting in, Andre made me buy some, glad I bought it before this pump.
best place to stake?

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Node no. 17 has the biggest staking profit sharing

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I only bought fantom because I liked the Edward elric prophecy

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Will moon. If u DYOR u ll agree. Also buy some RSR, CHX and BAND

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Still amazed there's no Pepe template with Danny's face on it.

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You had 2 years

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Dude everyone who has bought Fantom is in profit.

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Not if they bought yesterday

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Who in their goddamn mind buys during a pump? We've been through this behaviour millions of times.

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There's a reason Bizonacci memes are popular.

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>people take financial advice from pink wojak videos
I expected too much from this place, I guess.

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Been super comfy since i learned Andre Conje is a tech advisor to them. Not even worried.

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He's like a non pedo version of Vitalik

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How do you measure and figure this out?

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Is band better than polkadot / chainlink? If so why?

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Whats the quickest way to buy eth gas to get my shit staking? My ask my fag brother to send me some. Dont want to waste a week of staking for kike base to clear my coins. Have 2.60 on coinbase but with their (((fees))) they want 5

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Fanties, lock and load.

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Clearly focused and very bright. Not distracted with unicorns and rainbows like the metheads start turning into.

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OP and his image convinced me to buy. 100k in.

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Welcome aboard. See you on the moon.

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Todays gonna be another good day, make it rain

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the web wallet isnt working for me on chrome.
is it working for you guys?

I wanna stake.

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