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Lost all my friends in the process of making it... Good riddance

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they don't know, so they're still the same. I used to bartend as my job and now I'm just sitting at home due to corona so they ask no questions.

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we know, t

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>making it
>having friends

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Play games online every night. Hardly ever see eachother face to face. Its actually comfy as fuck.

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>tell friend about ethereum
>and how much I put in
>his grandpa gives him 20k
>he puts most of it in silver
>says eth is too risky too buy
>tell him about it again when it's at 40 in 2017
>he tells me to take my profits
we grew pretty estranged, he's a wagie and he got mad a couple times I made a joke about selling eth at 40 or buying silver instead of eth

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didn't make it yet and i have no friends

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I had to dump them all, they started to ask for money and to prop up their failing businesses.