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i need to get more

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lying cunts said it would go down to 1.5 before taking off

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Never believe the FUD

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It literally has no reason to go down. Why would you believe that?

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I didn't. I wanted to believe it because I'm just pissed at myself for not getting in when it wasn't even a cent yet.

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just buy in now or you'll be making this same thread in two weeks when it hits $0.05

you will never time the markets perfectly, but this one is seriously a no brainer

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I'm hoping we drop back down to 2.5.

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>mfw every 1c move now gives me an extra $20k

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>tfw not even $1kpc
I am literally not going to make it

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>Blast off

Did anyone notice RSR was listed on OkEx a few days ago? 3rd largest crypto exchange.

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We're all going to make it.

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Huh. I haven't seen any mention of that around here.

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>>>22050497 (You)
>Huh. I haven't seen any mention of that around here.


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Its fucking 3 cents. Im a poor fag and I'm even setting money aside to build a nice bag. You have no excuse

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Check out the coingecko markets tab. RSR is on a ton of exchanges now

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>RSR is on a ton of exchanges now


Almost 15,000 wallets now. It was a few thousand a few weeks ago. 15k is still low imo.

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10k for 300 bucks, is that a good price?

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how does 560,000$ sound?

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I was curious how you guys arrived at the 56 number, is it because if it grows as much over the next 15 months as it did over the previous 15 months it'll get close to 60 dollars or what?

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Some company ran several price predictions under different scenarios. The best outcome showed a predicted price of over $56 after 9 years.

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>how does 560,000$ sound?

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Question : when the real token drop, what's the procedure to receive it, if the RSR are in a ledger will I have to do anything?

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What was the worst outcome?

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And we're back to 0.03.

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i made this just for u

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1.48 after 9 years

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That means I'm a guaranteed millionaire within 10 years. Not bad

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17 dollars for fucking gas holy shit

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lads, if you hate LINK as much as I do, come join the fight


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It stopped me topping up a little while ago. Fucking joke at the moment.

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>9 years
wtf I can't wait that long

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ladder your sells

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Made ATH last nite, breaking ATH literally right now. Here comes the fud.

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Why? You're still going to need money in 9 years.

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dont know what the f this means but looks bullish, buying more

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Yeah I will probably wait until 10 cents then cash out my basis and then just chill on it.

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I'll be old by then :(

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So take it out when you need it. Still an amazing amount of growth.

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fuck i wish i bought more! I only have 95k

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you'll be old no matter what, do you want to be poor too?

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Srsly considering selling some link—something I have refused to do for two years for some more rsr

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We've already blown past the worst outcome, which iirc was under a cent.

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yeah, they really need to run the simulations again

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so this shit is like Libra?

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>dont know what the f this means....


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Let's just say libra got "cancelled."

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.03 the new floor.

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It will never follow this path with this shit economy

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i'm hoping btc will dip down to $100 for an hour so i can load up

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>>mfw every 1c move now gives me an extra $20k
10,600 for me.
feels nice.

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>after 9 years
lol if you only knew how fast this was going to go