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yeah I did not say Google

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How do you follow everything that happens with link? Got 6 screens with several tabs open with everyone involved or something?

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Oh shit that exposed post was right, these fuckers don’t have anything

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sure is silent around here KEK
i'm so glad these zoomers are finally getting rugpulled and cumrugged

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I fucking hate Chainlink so fucking much.

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Kek these simp replies tell you everything you need to know.
They're desperate to change the image of crypto ICO moon boys but shill defi yield scams kek

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Damn, another day in the red too. Anyone still in that $18 waiting room?

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like in johns words: add a zero.
$0.18 waiting room

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> don't speculate on open source software faggots ngmi
T. John Wolpert

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I should have sold at 17.8, damn.

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> google has no partnership with Chainlink. They're just using our software to locate the nearest MacDonald's

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This post was right on the money. Chainlink has nothing but shitcoin defi

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Checked. Also chainlink has given rise to many scams such as YFI, SLINK, DMM, XSN..,

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Checked and kekd

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Sergey was way to enthusiastic about DeFi in his talk at smart con
the whole "this is the future of our space"...ummm what happened to off chain data and interesting contracts
the fucking shitcoin shuffling cycle continues

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Umm what is happening anons? Is he here?

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t-systems was there.

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holy cringe

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not in the role you want

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Ive cashed out enough to neet for 3 years how is your cope doing? You guys follow my investment closer than I

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top kek what a scam!! no one using it...... failure!!

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>Stupid Linkies, you actually don't want node operators for your oracle network

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I would burn 80% of my Link stack if that would somehow kill every single Link Twitter user

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>Up thousands of dollars this year
>Hundreds of partnerships, new ones everyday it feels like
>Price dips a little
>Ohhh Linkies

If you faggots only knew how retarded you look.

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If only they actually were partnerships

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Good thing my portfolio cant tell the difference.

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Right back at ya, brainlet

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sirgay lied about google
exit scam incoming.....!!!

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>ethereum is nothing but shitcoin ICO’s
you in 2016, before ETH hit $1000

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This is the most based man on /biz/.
Crypto twitter fags dont realize ari's smart assasination contracts will be unleashed upon them

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I bet you won’t sell faggot, so shut the fuck and wait next year for business adoption.

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Ahh yes lets evaluate the credibility of a project by its ATH

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>B-but muh credibility
You just posted cope mister. I'm looking forward to the creation of a subleddit similair to /r/Buttcoin but for coping noLinkers. Imagine sitting on the sidelines for a x100+ and still posting about it

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The way you nolinkers keep twisting the word "partnership" reminds me of how schizo leftards keep twisting the word racism.

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i didn't watch john's talk and even i knew this rumor was bullshit

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>the actual state of link fud

Really shows how comfy we are

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Wolpert confirmed that baseline is writing enterprise use cases for Chainlink to share with the 700 enterprises already using baseline, and this is supposed to be bad news?

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you are literally seething you didnt get in at 30 cents. kill yourself.

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will i make it with 3k links?

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>Wolpert confirmed that baseline is writing enterprise use cases for Chainlink to sell 700k using baseline, and this is supposed to be bad news?
the state of

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its a timeline. you might not make it in 2021, but if you hold long enough you will get there.

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>700 enterprises
>citation needed

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im writing use cases for my dick and sending it to 700 models
is this bullish on me sticking my dick in a model?

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Very insightful thread at helping me decide who is coping and who is seething. Great info as usual! Keep up the good work!

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I thought he said 700 during his ama, but this article from a few days ago days ago says 600


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>oldfag detected
Nulinkers wouldn't know this Joost meme

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I'm glad I never bought Confido. What a shitshow 2017 was. I miss it.
>tfw bought LINK before SIBOS 2017 and still only managed to scrounge together 5k LINK
At least I'm not poor anymore.

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Link is basically un-fudable at this point lol

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>>I was just pretending to be stupid
Is this blue /pol/?

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Many of these jamokes actually buy that garbage and will not make it, sad.. kinda.

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>lost 100 enterprises in 3 days

In all seriousness don't let the FUD threads get you. They used to be primarily done by link holders but with the degree of malice in them now I think salty latecomers and other (((malicious parties))) may be involved.

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Yeh truly John Wolpert doesn't think much of Link. If you a believe that you are a BizTard.

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Is that why when asked if Coke One North America (one of largest Coca Cola bottling companies) would use Chainlink as part of the Unibright/hyper ledger supply chain project, he said “what else would they possibly use?”

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At least FUD correctly.