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>made about 8M in crypto since 2016
>lost about 3M in various failed projects
>regularly makes +200k from flipping trends
seven digits hell is real.

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Bruh time to put some of that in some index funds and let it sit!

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I'll happily carry that burden for you anon

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prove an send some eth faggot

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Just go all in link.

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Shoot me sum c;

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anon honestly save your money. buy statera, put in balancer, and gain like a stupid high ROI each year and live like a fucking king for ever. STA is ridiculously early yet and is on discount rn.

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If you make it and still play internet money, you a smooth brain.

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is this some kind of shitty humblebrag?

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Just go all in ETH and wait until you're over 10M. It's that easy.

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based. People make a couple hundred grand a year in retirement because of this. You have to be either greedy or retarded to keep making risky trades once you hit 10m

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Get that money working for you. Stop stressing and trading and start earning dividends. If you have 7 figs you can figure out how in the smartest way

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he's an idiot, with his money in eth and btc he'll make the easiest gains ever

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>all the loser cucks telling OP to stop hustlin

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You ever consider starting a business with that money?

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> Makes $8m
> Invests it into (((Index funds)))
> Gets $320k allowence on it every year for being a good goy.


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how much money do (((you))) need? That's plenty to start a company, own a large house, and have your dream car.

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Forreal tho my dad kicked me out of his house in july bc i pushed back when he shoved me into a wall. I used to work at gamestop but they closed my store down during quarantine so now I try to land odd jobs through a temp agency but pay is inconsistent and shit. So i can’t afford my own place right now and kinda been couch surfing since my dad threw me out. One of my friend’s mom’s has been letting me stay with the both of them for about 2 weeks now but i feel like a POS bc i feel like i should be paying them for letting me stay with them. I do chores and cook and clean for them but they aren’t exactly rich either and i know i’ll be a burdon on them until i can save enough to get my own place... If you could send me like 2 or 3 ETH or some BTC (whatever), i’ll be able to cash it out for now so i can give my friend’s mom something for letting me stay with them and it would give me more time to save up money

Seriously.. if you’re feeling generous, pls help a poorfag out here.. Could really use a break.

ETH address: 0x8badc159d0affcf848e945427eb5eb6b62ceb1f3

BTC address: 3CBwF25y4bYwscy68LpjdDFRvfE8ZBnjmQ

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I'll send you enough for some kneepads matey

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I am saying your line of thinking is wrong.
Someone who took the risks and made $8M will never think about putting it down in an index fund.
You figure out ways to make that money work for you. Op is experiencing losses, but I think he is on the right path. Big ventures also have big losses, but the rewards are also huge.
If you constantly think about settling down, you'll never have the drive to push forward.

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You feel guilty for taking advantage of your friends mom but not strangers on the internet, get off your ass and make some money. PS YOU HAD 3 FUCKING YEARS

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Dude if you’re serious, that would be fuckin sick! Literally anything would be helpful..

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>my dad kicked me out of his house

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Well I was 16 3 years ago. And got a job as soon as I could work. I’m 100% making some money now but it’s hard to find a full-time job right now man...

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Wait is the kneepad money for suckin dick.. lol

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Fuck it. You’re right. I shouldn’t be asking for handouts. Had a weak moment there but you brought me back to reality. Thanks nigger

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I cant escape 4 digits, i keep fucking up when im about to break to 5 digits.
Never gonna make it

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Enjoy your ban, you moneygrubbing asshole

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You could just start using the spare change from your $320k to do kooky shit though?

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When i was under 30k bank last year it was so easy and fun chasing pumps.

Made over $3 million due to 3 presales i got in june/july, and it's just been pretty depressing.

Its like you have to find motivation to do anything in rl, even i barely attend work anymore, cashing out 50k a day in my bank account for 3 weeks straight and still got $2 million in bank.

I have to backtrack 4 years of 50k trades with a lot of dead ends and actually do my tax return, not getting stuck with a massive tax debt.

Couldn't imagine 8 mill... you should really consider taking it out, think about diversifiyng into gold/crypto/ war stocks and you should be good.

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Pay a crypto accountant you mong.

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Anyone making 7 digits in crypto isnt this fucking retarded. I call big fag larp

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why even start a business? On $300k a year you could live in a nice comfy $1200 a month 1 bedroom apartment and spend all your time playing vidya, going to the pool and picking up chicks, taking boxing or BJJ classes, surfing, hiking, hanging out with your dog...

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If the business is good then you can become a billionaire. This retard somehow became a billionaire by selling DVDs.

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Sent :^)

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Nice larp.

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>3 million but not enough money or intelligence to hire a tax advisor/accountant

>Over 3 million but still "working"

Retard. Shut the fuck up. You're full of shit.

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Worthless piece of shit nigger KYS

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Wanna become a billionaire? Put it all in STA. Thank me later.

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BZRX will get you to 8 digits friend.

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JANNIES,clean up this stinky poopoo please

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I contest. Could be DMG though.

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>various failed projects
In under 4 years? Are you serious? How fucking retarded are you?

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He could be passively making 500k/yr in ETFs in just an average year and paying long-term capital gains rather than getting shafted by 40+% tax rate fucking around day trading.

He could take $200k of that out every year and still grow his principle while beating inflation.

Sounds a lot more comfy to me than feeling like you could lose huge % of your net worth basically overnight if a shitcoin gets rug pulled. Even if you are good at picking winners there is always a nonzero chance of crazy shit happening like a team leader dying, new regulatory laws being passed, new technology making literally all existing cryptos obsolete. Diversifying in the stock market protects you against this.

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jesus newbie dont post begging shit in threads ur gonna get banned you seem sincere so keep your chin up and ur only 19 you will 100% make it

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