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This opportunity to onboard the moon mission will expire in 10, 9, 8

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that's a weird spot to go all in

good luck anon

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Genuine question. Why would you buy this over YFV?

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So many people like this guy are going to miss this one. This will keep going up. There is no reason to not go all in on this at its current price.

What if Chainlink released today in its current state and was priced at say 200 million dollars? It has all the same partnerships/team etc. Would you not buy it because "hurr duh uh it went up 50 percent in a day, I can't buy now!"

People on this board are so retarded. So many chart autists in crypto, none of them do anything to assess the tech of a project.

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right here with you anon. its been treating me amazingly well so far. x20 left to go

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probs the last dip before $45 imo
this shit is going to make eth stop having fucking $20 tx fees. impossible to use for the little guy
t. not a little guy

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Because I can't tell the difference between yield farming and bitconnect

>Vitalik directly named xDAI may be used to scale ethereum with a written plan to migrate back once ETH 2.0 is running, one of the best projects in the reddit bake off, showing up OMG which is 8x the size

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How does xDai compare to Arbitrum or Flare for scaling?

Is there a security advantage/disadvantage to considering another scaling solution?

Who's actually using xDai today?

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*taps mic*
is this thing on?

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I went all in at $3, welcome aboard anon

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It's hapeningg!

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Vitalik is autistic and should just focus on releasing eth 2.0 instead of shilling some shitcoin erc20
Just buy omg

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Well played

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Bought at 15 sold at 35

Thanks !

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well for one it has a fully functional live mainnet right now

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i have been staking since $1.60

i wouldn't long this now though, but i'm not selling either

just going hold for long run

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Been all in at $1.8 wit 3.2k, what a wild ride so far

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>Who's actually using xDai today?

Some more tokens are using it to run on. More will probably follow. You can already move reddit tokens onto xDai and trade them if you want on their uniswap fork. If you can check on DeFi Pulse, you can see xDai has a lot of extra cash flowing into it.

Also Vitalik really likes it, and it seems the guy who received the reddit scaling submissions liked it too. If it got reddit adoption it would probably have more adoption than any layer 2 solution.

>Is there a security advantage/disadvantage to considering another scaling solution?

There are a lot of different types of layer 2 solutions. Some are a lot more expensive than others. This one is very inexpensive. It just uses another chain with a simpler consensus mechanism, it is secure, but not as secure as say Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Vitalik seemed to admit it was probably the best out of all available possible solutions. We need a solution right now, and xDai seems to be the best thing there is.

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I've seen there is about 234k dai in xdai, is it possible to see the value of all the tokens moved across the bridge?

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