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Sell Link now. This shit is going to dump so hard. 8$ eow

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fuck off retard

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This is hopium.

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Stay delusional

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Imagine still trying to unironically fud link at this point. Unreal levels of desperation.

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Please tell me how you know. Can it dump to $4.00 again?

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shit you convinced me I'm selling. sorry bros

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Imagine being this bad at reading the market.

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Fug, I'm selling.
Oh, wait, I didn't sell the last 193 times you said this, either.
Guess I'm not selling.

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>linkies have no idea what their coin does or how markets work

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Done, thanks for looking out for me, Anon.

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these days telling the truth is called fud baka

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So what?

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I bought 1000 link at 18$...

I thought I was gonna make fat stax, but after seeing your post I realize I am going to lose all my money so I sold all of it.

Thank you OP

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i think you're gay. not marvin

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>dump so hard

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Oldfags og link holders thinks we are going to dump for the rest of the year

Newfags and summerfags who owns 500 link tops are bullish and claims 200$ eoy

Post your wallet and your price prediction, lets settle this today

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Why would you spend your day doing this?

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smart CON recap:
>every panel is composed of 20 year old literal whos talking about their start up and shilling their shitcoin
>chainlink acquires yet another ari juels project. literally dumping link on the market and "buying" projects made by people connected with link. textbook money laundering
>andre cronje literally admits that the current state of defi is composed entirely of ponzi scamcoins
>the only guy with any legitimacy on the entire conference (the guy from deloitte) says defi is 10 years away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SxKR4AlFuY
>linkers: this is bullish

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this image but in reverse retard.

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$50 end of year, me a nulink newfag.

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>Sell Link now. This shit is going to dump so hard. 8$ eow
For the 4th week in a row I've seen these threads pop up.

Why are outsiders so passionate about you selling your $LINK? I don't see this with any other coin.

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Lol based

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You should work on your meme game fren. In this scene Tobey has improved eyesight that allows him to see clearly. The glasses actually make his vision worse and inaccurate. Therefore the meme states that while chainlink may appear to be mcwage job, to those who see clearly it is in reality something more.

Your attempt to FUD is undermined by your meme. You may have fallen prey to meme magic about which you are unaware. Link to 100 eoy. Check em

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I don't give a shit if it dumps. That just means I can accumulate more. It could dump to a $1 and I'd still be up. I won't even consider selling a single LINK for less than $1000 you fucking kikes, and even then I'm not selling more than 10-15% of my stack.

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cringe newfag

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LMAO and based

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why do people even reply to these threads/posts?
the modern link fud is so fucking retarded, what is even the point of posting it? does anyone even get affected by it?