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Where's XMMs code?

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unaudited mlord

this is why you load up on STA on this dip

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STA new exchange inbound, load up before the listing pump

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>he bought STA instead of XMM

never gonna make it

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already did, at the least with STA i know the devs cant fuck me over :^)

and the only reason i know this, is because i can see the actual smart contract code:


(i have a personal hatred against scammers, so what i like to do is actually ask questions unlike most bots on this board)

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Seems shady AF
Popped up in last 2 days
Coordinated shilling
No code
No Audit
Already claims to be a "statera killer" kek

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Pathetic STAters on damage control mode

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mimic coin popping up out of nowhere.
dono who the team is or if they capable of anything.
almost definitely a PnD get rich scheme

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oooh look how he squirms....whats going on dev of XMM? u dont't like people asking questions?

keep up the fud, but remember who's on the right side of history.

protip: it aint u ;^)

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cmon XMM, wheres your code? yeee booyyyee

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My bad anon let me google search statera. Oh wait hacked contract? fucking dipping 13% in 24 hours?
ok anon let me look up XMM.... no hack 30x in 24 hrs. Confirmed audit in the next week , medium article. uhhhhhhh STA is dead fren.

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Pathetic last squirms of a desd hacked coin

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>says the one who holds the hacked coin

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why are you like this? clearly it was a fault of balancer, not stratera...are you stupid or what?

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raised by 2 apes I see.
can't even google

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