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I have about 500 LINK.
Is there any reason I should not sell?
I will rebuy in at $15

I am not even memeing. What exactly keeps this price near $17? SmartCon was great, but it made the price go up about $1 and that was it. After SmartCon what will increase investor interest?

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Volume has doubled. Number is going up. You're gonna get burned tranny

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Didn't you listen to Mr Wolpert? Google news coming next week.

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I dunno, I sold at 13 cuz oldfags said it will dump after the conference and I’m waiting for that

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>smart con waa great
im not sure if people that say this are shills or just literally sufering some delusional type of mental illness. you guys talk about microsoft, swift, oracle, salesforce and then all you get is literally panel after panel of 20 year olds scamcoin creators shilling their shitcoins and say it was great. fucking seek mental help you guys might be sufering some sort of mental illness

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lmao the chainlink classic. keep kicking that can down the road shill

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Cope. I'm not selling my linkies.

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Isn’t it great? They kicked the can probably another 2 years. Genius really.

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500 LINK cost literally $5 in 2017. What do you think?

Buy Nectar.

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>panel after panel of 20 year olds scamcoin creators
Ok boomer, I'll take your advice. Only if you can demonstrate knowing how to rotate a PDF.

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its going to dump, new fag.

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Many will fall, you are no exception. Just make sure to post a pic as proof so I may laugh at you in a week.

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