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How much do you need to "make it" anyways?

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somethin like $45k

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For me I'd need around $2M. Thats just my personal make it amount to live the lifestyle i want

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it depends on what level of living you want once you stop working. You could become homeless and not need to work, or you could be jeff bezos and still wagecuck.

There is no set in stone "make it" amount

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1.6mil would be me enough to quit my job and start living

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About 11 million dollars. After taxes and after I buy a house on a big lot of land and invested in normie index funds should be able to pull out 300k/ year forever and keep up with inflation.

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Southeast Asia here.

100k and I legit never have to work a day again.

50k and I'm good for medium term not working considering my TOTAL monthly expenses come out to around $300.

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more than most of us will ever see in our lives

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I just want enough money to buy a home in a rural area. I'm talking about real rural like no neighbors for miles. I dont want to deal with other people problems or "society's" problems I just want enough money to be left alone

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Depends where you live and how extravagant your lifestyle is. 5m with a house and a car is usually make it tier.

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3.2m for me anon. I mean I could do with less but 3.2 checks all my boxes for travel/hookers/blow in perpetuity

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a mil

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I will never "make it" because the more money I have the more money I feel like I need.

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Anything below 95th and you are a pleb
99 you made it

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>2016 data
inflation makes this comparison worthless

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>100k and I legit never have to work a day again.
kek i gotta go there
how the fuck are your expenses 300 bucks
are you from a western country?
you living in a city or a literal village?

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ill go with 500k for never waging again, 1.6m for taking a really long break from doing any work whatsoever.

i can definitely live on 2k per month. 7k per month after taxes (returns on 1.6m) is like getting paid 120k without paying taxes

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Id make-do with 1M, 4 would be perfect.

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