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Tellor is going to $3000 and there's nothing you can do about it.

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like a major emp attack wouldn't halt that, c'mon man

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i-i guess it would

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Not yet... pls, I need 100 suicide stack.

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I only have 562 left. Will this moon to atleast $150? I need a new Jeep

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>Buying a fucking leaky Chrysler with a coin that will go to $3000 if he's patient.

Go back.

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TRB and DIA, unironically so fucking comfy right now

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Kek says the poor Pajeet that doesn’t even have 100. I was accumulating this between $3-$5, and plan on dumping 175 at $125 for a new Jeep. You seriously need to go back, poorfag

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>trading an deflationary asset with baseline utility for a jeep

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>being a delusional moon boy and actually believing $3000 is a realistic target

That’s why you newfags are poor. A realistic target would be $175, which would put Tellor around the same Marketcap of BAND, where I will dump most of my stack that I bought between $3-$5 on you moon boys

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>reddit spacing
>calls people newfag
>band in all caps
>moon boys
just how new are you

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Tellor is going to have a massive dump after a bunch of retards on /biz/ see how much it's pumped and buy the top. I've seen it happen more times than I can count. No one will be talking about this a month from now.

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I warned em at $3, then $10, then just a week ago at $40 and even then some retard came in here like duuuuuh name 5 people using tellor it'll never moon, and yet again here we are. I don't know about $3000 but $500 is my target

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This. Retarded Robinhood newfags like >>22007713 that really think $3000 is possible are poor, or didn’t buy between $3-$5

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>that really think $3000 is possible

That's still less than HALF of LINK's current marketcap. Take your FUD back to Rebbit.

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Poorfag cope

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I sold 500 tellor around $40...
I bought it for $5 and thought it was really smart
Now I feel sad..

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So why wouldn't you hold this until $3,000?

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5000 wallets, this should reach as many as useless RSR before correcting at least

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This idiot >>22008426
is going to feel the same after he sells at $500.

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jfc, I bought up a bunch on this under $4...but sold at $12 to ride pnds that pretty much just left me at break even. got left behind. story of my life

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half? less than a fourtieth

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Nice stack. I got 800, feeling comfy as fuck, but have somewhat realistic targets set. Half laddered from $150 to $200, leave the rest in hope of $500 moonshot

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This. $150-$200 are inevitable and my real price targets. I had more, but sold 100 for $59 August 14th too, and put that into OM to ride the DOT wave

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kek. you're the one without enough free cashflow to buy a fucking jeep. some blue collar burger probably.

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>real price targets
When do you think it will reach $150?

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Kek I have more than enough “cash flow” retard. I just prefer to buy things using pleb’s(like you) monies when I dump on them. Keep coping with your 75 TRB stack

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>five digits
kek. HOW NEW