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>only 2.5k LINK

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Buy now as soon as smart con hits youtube Friday it’s done. The conference was absolutely insane

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How does 2500 cups of coffee sound?

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depends, is it the most expensive coffee in the world only fit for kings?

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6k and comfy. You just gotta appreciate what you got. I look at it this way, if my 10k brothers get 10 mil, I get 6, that's plenty for me. You'll have 2.5 mil, you can still retire with that if you play it right.

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How does 2500 Coffee Shops EOY sound ?

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Hold for the next year or so. You'll be fine

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McDonald's large coffee, just their regular coffee
2500 of them

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we're losers, face it

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>less than 500 link
>bought lots below $2 and sold it at $4

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same here, 2518 to be exact, wish i would have bought more back in 2018. Now i just can't buy in at these prices. it's psychological, how must one get beyond that barrier?

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what was the final event with Sergey and Ari?

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it's not pyschological it's physical. it's literally such a high price that it's impossible to accumulate even moderate amounts at the pace it is appreciating we just can't keep up. so i'm done accumulating forever.

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i dont even have 800, i was a poorfag

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Latefag and only have 50. Doesn’t look like it’s going to drop below $15. I wasted my life shitposting

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Don't worry, i still have a buy order set for $1.71 from 3 months ago when it was $3 or$4 a link. then bam it shot up to almost 20 dollars lamo. We still may correct, we'll have to see.

Biggest concern is the ability to stake nodes with ERC-223(same as link contract calls) compliant stable coins. Then LINK will be proven as just a fund raising mechanism. I hope I'm wrong, but competition in this space predicts otherwise. Be ready to sell if and when this get's announced by a third party. Business will use stable coins before meme coins and if you can stake with ERC-223 stable coins, Link is fucked long term.

Best part is nobody really understands the implications of ERC-223 coins.

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Thanks friend I’ll keep that in mind

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Brother I too have 2.5k
Hold me

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>poor fags who dont have 100k shares

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>retard thinks dump back to 1.71
>trust anything else he says

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Ok tough guy, shower us with all your knowledge lmao. Protip, you are mad because you are slowly coming to the realization that you are in fact a Loser. Something your Family figured out a long time ago. Think back to when you were young, nobody really liked you then and it's even more true today. Seethe more stay poor.

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>Protip, you are mad because you are slowly coming to the realization that you are in fact a Loser. Something your Family figured out a long time ago. Think back to when you were young, nobody really liked you then and it's even more true today.

Delete this right now. I blew my late teens and early 20s on doing drugs and fapping. Lived a reactive live my whole life. I was a massive asshole, and still am. I try to keep to myself these days, only talking with a few friends online. At least I have my music knowledge to keep me happy.

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I have 9 Link

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sorry, no offense to you

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Smart con literally was a life changing event

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>Still piggy-backing on ETH
>Still no staking
>Oracles are glorified RSS feeds
>Admitted to selling coins to buy his friends vaporware

I'm sorry, did we see the same thing?

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I sold 2.5k today, gonna buy a split of nvidia, synopsys, microshit, groupon, zillow, and atlassian. Holding most of my worth in LINK is making me psychotic but I'm gonna hold the remaining 25k until ~$100 per then cash out a down payment on a house. Fuck Joe Biden btw

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Ah fuck, I only have 150 LINK. I started buying in last month at $7 but idk if it'll be enough :/

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I was brand new to biz over two years ago, and held over 25k link. Then switched to a shit coin because some faggot here shilled that it would go up x10 and then I could switch back to link and diversify. Lost the entire 25k link. Lessons learned, spend more time browsing biz and pol and learn all the code words and watch for the GET numbers as kek will talk from them, and don't listen to stupid faggots shilling shit coins on here.

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>buy 5 link at 20 canadian dollars each
>have made about 10 dollars as it goes to 22
At least I can still kill my self

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No link but 15k xrp hope we all make it bros!

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Holy jesus I have 100
I'm.. I'm gonna make it bros

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2019 gang :/

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what a fucking waste of digits, go buy afgani war bonds you retard nigger boomer

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