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>inb4 poorfags seething over the lambo

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unironically kleros sir,,,,,

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We haven't had a 100x shilled on /biz/ since ESH, STA, AMPL

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it's XSN

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pink ids gonna make it, its kleros sir

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*slaps your ass*

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Trb without any doubt

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buidl is 100x or thereabouts

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Acala. Building Polkadot's stablecoin / synthetic assets.

DeFi completely clogged up Ethereum and has been finding fertile ground in Polkadot.

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GEEQ and STRONG might not be 100x but they're safe bets for x2-x10 in september

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does 22 get mean ampleforth will have a 20 Billion market cap (100x at current mc) ?

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*Warning to Fudders****

Get a life!!!!
This is legit everyone.
I am a lawyer from the USA, and I know how to do due dilligence on amy project.
Fangshui Capital is a Blockchain investment firm that has in fact backed this project. They I am sure did their own due dilligence beforehand.
Fengshui Capital is a registered investment Blockchain Company They were founded in 2018. I have confirmed the existwnce of all partnerships myself before I invested before this weekend.
(((Thiscoin))) is as legit as they come and the next BIG 100x coin
Anyone can look up webaite information and reserach their own investments.

Search: www.Fengshui.Capital

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OP is faggot missing YFFI sub $10.
Trading currently around $60 targetting $600 at least.

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thats a stablecoin tho right? and only on testnet

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FTM sir. 100x your ruppee guaranteed. Defi blessed by vishnu

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SLP - low mcap. With korean fomo x20 easy

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Seriously where do all these shitcoins come from?
Strong went from like 9$ to 180$.
Insane but to think now is a good time to buy is stupid.

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Coom to the moon

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Dev protocol is part of the way there after a nice 300% pump this week :)

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probably not 100x. but most easy money right now is TAU

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Just looked into this. Looks fun. Is the game actually fun? Can you actually make ETH by playing the game?
When do you think this will moon?

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it started at 130 though

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Dat trading volume lol
With like 5k$ you could be a whale

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Eth is going.+25% tonight.. it's a start.

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You better be in FalconSwap - FSW , legit product aiming to reduce fees / transaction speed on uniswap as a L2 solution. Product launch in less than a month, already shilled by EllioTrades, talked about from AltCoinBuzz and will be featured on Ivan on Tech probably tommorow.
MCap would be about 8 mill currently