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> just shaved my head

Be honest bros how does it look?

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Like an albino nigger

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Pretty good, gonna make it.

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Go tan and shave the facial hair.

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to you zoomers out there, this is that livejournal was like.

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Bad, you have the wrong shaped skull

Last hope is stubble head, but I don't think that will help enough

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lift(a lot im talking at least 30 lbs of muscle) grow your hair out and shave your shit beard

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i'm 28 and never used livejournal. i think myspace was my first social network besides aol/aim

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you might need a hair tattoo or minox for beard
not looking too good there chief desu

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You are legit a ginger nigger.

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Like you have 1 month to live.

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You looked shit before.
Now you look like shit but also like you have cancer and aids.

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this actually
might even have to roid for thicc traps /neck

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Why, are you trying to attract men? If not, you need to be asking a different group of people. tard!

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Shave your shit beard, go full beard like a man

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Looks like you're treated for cancer.


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This is from r/bald you bald fraud

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How do you fuck up a head shave like that?


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You would look ok if you smiled and had the proper lighting.

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Finish off the look by getting rid of those eyebrows.

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Bro, your head shape is long. That means you benefit from more hair on the sides less on top, or the exact same all over. Do with this information what you will.

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if anyone is looking for more posts like the OP's, sort r/rateme by controversial. Truly the best thing reddit is for besides porn.

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Cheers lol

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