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Which are the biggest industries? And where can I find all the types of industries,from A-Z and their worth?

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stop posting the same shit everyday tranny fag

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Answer the fucking question then.

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Fucking based
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the day you post tits answers will arrive

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well you know what they say

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omg network going to surge again

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Why so thristy?

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get the fuck out faggot
what do you even mean "biggest industries"?
you just wanted an excuse to post your face

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You appear to have stumbled on to the wrong board madam, the board you are looking for is /ck/

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Fuck out of here go back to r*ddit

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If you need explaining, you probably are not made for this.

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i think i know this bitch, i fingered her once

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Jannies range ban this fucking fag

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post tits

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Thats a man.

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Answer, submit, or torments will get you.

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submit tits

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Get out the gore folders boyz, we got newfags to scare off

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Gore folders?

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Get lost cunt. The only industry that is relevant for you is whoring your body out.

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Who hurt you?

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He is ugly, so theres no money in there for him.

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my cock is the biggest industry

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Fuck off trannyfaggot

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I want to see your delicious feet

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don't announce you're a "female" if you want legitimate information, tranny. you're clearly just here for attention. now kill yourself.

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the organization of these by length is nice

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i hope you learned to never say you're a female without posting tits
better yet, just never use this site again

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you know it bitch.
timestamp and tits

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Tits or GTFO has nothing to do with being thirsty or even finding you attractive, whore. There are rules we follow in almost every social interaction in life. Here ON THIS WEBSITE, if you try to attention whore by posting a picture of "yourself" as a woman you have to post tits before anyone will tell you anything. Now tits or GTFO bitch. Rules are rules and you are not special or exempt.

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There's also the fact that girls never post anything worthwhile, and that if you mention you're a girl, then you clearly want nothing more than for men to flock to you.
In theory saying "tits or GTFO" might alienate a "based girl" occasionally, but in reality where no girls are based, literally nothing of value is lost in alienating all girls.

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