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You should be worshipping these two gentleman.

Next month they will change your life forever

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Stop false flagging, Moishe. The September date is outddated, and we know you're just priming everyone so you can say "See, they were wrong again!"

The guarantee is EoY 2020. If that doesn't happen, then you can gloat.

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I disagree but even if it is EOY what's another 3 months when you are set for life?

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LoL - Ripple is dead since forever

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It’s blatantly clear that XRP holders are either
A.) 80-90IQ incapable of critical thought or pattern recognition.
B.)paid shills/bots
C.)blissfully ignorant. Stoned on hopium, clouding their judgment and discernment capabilities.
Which one are you?

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Post any proof or kys

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How can one man... be so wrong?

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But which one are you
a) cant diversify
b/ cant see a good bet
d all of above

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take the pledge bro

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Ripple Cucks love sucking dick and getting scammed

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take the pledge then >>21961316 lol

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September better be the month. XRP has fucked me since I bought.

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I printed it off, signed it, and have it hanging proudly on my wall. Game on!

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game on, nigguh!

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Much more likely that Polkadot will flip XRP by the end of the year while Ripple and Jeb keep dumping. Stay poor and stupid faggot

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If you were 100% sure about that you'd sign the pledge!

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>it’s totally happening the timelines have changed
You and the QAnon faggots are made for each other.

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signed and screencapped. this shit has 0 chance of happening though. what will happen is XRP cucks will move the goal post and pull some other date out their ass and spam here and shill here about melting faces, XRP rockets and the IMF while they continue to get dumped on

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i hope someone is screencapping all these faggots who doubt the insiders and the 2k eoy.

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Please screen cap me you fucking idiot. I will come back here and own it. The difference between me and XRP faggots like you is you won’t ever admit you were wrong, you’ll just change the date again and again and again. You are literally the QAnon of cryptocurrency. There’s not a fucking bit of evidence to indicate why the price would jump to TWO THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS. Maybe if you idiots had made the price like $5-10, I’d believe you. XRP is a fucking piece of shit cryptocurrency. That’s why it’s been dead in the water for 3 fucking years now.

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>Maybe if you idiots had made the price like $5-10, I’d believe you.

But that wouldn't be the truth now would it.

You'll see, you loser. Rope eoy.

I have almost 140k xrp, im comfy as fuck.

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What indicates to you the price will move literally 6665% in zero time at all? Some fucking fake emails? Faggots making shit up here? There’s no fucking evidence whatsoever.

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its literally fucked everyone except a few of those from 2017 and prior

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I screencapped you. I will share this when XRP is 2k

I'll have almost 300 million dollars. :)

I'll come back here on /biz/ from time to time to share the picture + i'll post pics of my lambos and ferraris with it, i'll print it out and put it on a girls ass because fuck losers like you that cry and bitch and moan instead of doing the research. I will do this for as long as I live anon, you will be a warning to everyone in the world, an example.

KwD86YHG what is your name? I want to know so I don't name one of my sons after you accidentally. Wouldn't want that for them.

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>140k in xrp

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You've been brainwashed by good marketing. You aren't going to be rich off your shitcoin bags.

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You have no clue what it is I know or do. Stay poor.

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At $1000 = 44 Trillion in realised cap
Hmm math is kinda hard I know.

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>An article that came out months ago

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XRP has zero marketing bro... Its just people researching real world events.

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You think you know more about XRP than the owner of the that article... feel free.

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They don't leak partnerships(real and fake) for no reason, it's called marketing and preying on investors.

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kek I screen capped you. You’re going to vehemently Hate yourself very soon.

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there is paid XRP spam and shilling 24/7 here, twitter, plebbit, youtube, social media, etc. XRP tries to reel in the dumbest investors but the problem is it''s 2020 and nobody is falling for the scam that banks will use this in any way

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Ethereum is replacing banks, and XRP is trying to help them limp along into the 20th century. I wonder where I should put my money. HMMMMMMMMMMM (not xrp)

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Ripple has come out with a little over 200 bank partnerships. A lot of people are involved with this.
>know more about XRP than the owner of the that article... feel free
Feel free to what?

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I've seen proof of paid FUDing, but never paid shilling. I own XRP and talk about it in some threads.

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these guys are always so well dressed. unlike the loser always wearing plaid

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It seems obvious to me that banks will be working on their own blockchain tech
The own
The only third party system they'll use is one they'll create together, they aren't going to make random dipshits rich with internet money

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Don't mess with me man!

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this board is ruining my life.

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Probably not dead.

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Youve fallen for genius marketing.. you people are ripples income stream. It looks like they use an algorithm to strategically dump and keep the price stable, then pay for marketing teams to come up with larp to keep the price high enough to keep dumping.. they have made a business model out of dumping their bags on idiots.

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this is the worst take I’ve ever seen on /biz/. screencrap’d

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LOL okay fag. You’re totally going to have 300 million dollars. It’s definitely happening. Any day now.

In fact, I heard that Trump rounding up all the satanic pedophiles will kickstart XRP’s meteoric rise to $2K. You are very fucking dumb, lad.