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Is it time to get some shorts?

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First for gas all kikes

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When will CLIS moon ?

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2nd and 1st for fuck black people.

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Nth for gas all christians because they're just kikes in disguise

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fuckin gay lunchtime apple. Does that make it a

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WEW glad I sold CLSK last week. Will it ever go back up again???

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10 CCL $15.5p 9/4

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Any weekend hold dips? I went mostly cash but I'm willing to toss 1k on a yolo. Seems like a lot of people are liquidated before end of month.

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basically what most retail does is they'll put their stop loss behind a market structure, like a pivot or really obvious support level. MM's will often use this to their advantage because they pay brokerages to look at the order flow and can see if there are a bunch of orders there, and if it is really obvious they will manipulate price down there to knock out all of the stop losses to get the liquidity they need before taking the price higher. happens all the time. happening on TSLA right now in fact, just knocked out the LoD crowd. the more obvious it is the more likely it is to happen, you'll notice the big volume bars when price breaks those areas because of it.

notice the volume spike and then bottoming tail into reversal as it broke LoD, classic stop loss run.

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Buy the rumor, sell the news. Enjoy the profits before the announcement next tuesday. In fact I expect a big tech sell-off next week.

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Is the MSFT run over.. I think I bought the top boys

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Why does anyone use bonds? If you want to not beat inflation over 30 years get a savings account.

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yes if your time scale is 1 day

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zoom out zoomer, stop looking at the 1m chart retard, don't even look at it for at least a month and thank me later.

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Maybe you should sell options instead?

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boomer yield
foreigners relying on longin dollar

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I've always just bought and hodl'd but I'm interested in selling covered calls. Should I bother?

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if youre going to buy a stock do you use a limit order and try to get it cheaper at some point throughout the day or do you just buy at current price

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SPY has me spooked

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Why would it tank? Normies are going to buy the overpriced pieces of shit, and it doesn't mean much for datacenter.

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if it gaps up in the morning or is on a huge run always wait for a pullback before you buy

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relax your entire net worth is probably only $2k.

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Only you got cocky
We all know the bogs hate your guts

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I meant sell covered calls.

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I want more shares so I hope it tanks to a buyable range for me.

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Depends on the stock. Generally limit order though. If its a blue chip like apple last week before what you believe to be a pump, mkt buy was fine. But if its a 6 dollar stock every dime knda counts so those I will target a dip heavily on

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Practice paper money first, get the virtual experience of losing everything in 1sec.

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>leveraging your entire folio at once
I would say NGMI but you already know

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fuck you retard

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i usually use market orders for stocks/etfs and limits for options.

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Did you write them for like $505, you fucking retard?

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after declaring not after actually splitting.... shit i shouldve bought earlier than the 470s oops

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>A logistics firm that bought and tested an early version of Workhorse’s (ticker: WKHS) drone, called HorseFly, says the product suffers from critical quality issues, including poor navigation software and substandard construction. The logistics company Unmanned Systems Operations Group, or USOG, said in its letter that it was unable to fly the drones as a result.

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Big red dildo lmao

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Anyone here intentionally lose trades in fear that your broker's algo might pick up something from you and screw you over.

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Rural retard here, am i retarded for securing these gains today

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>In its letter, the private San Diego firm identified what it sees as roughly 25 issues with the HorseFly drone, including taped and glued-on components and corroding materials. The company said a communications antenna had come detached from the unmanned aerial vehicles, according to the June letter to Workhorse.


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Ahaha yeah, intentionally

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no. all gains are good gains.

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Is decay a meme? Is there a good reason I shouldn’t hold FNGU, TQQQ, SPXL, and SOXL long term?
I have price alerts set up, so I can mitigate the risk. However, I don’t completely understand how a 3x ETF can “decay”.

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what's your play?

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It's a fucking meme. Only matters for shit ETFs.

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Buy the dip. Nobody cares about the drone.

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what are some good movies about stocks?

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>Is decay a meme?
Depends on volatility. Compare jnug to spxl.

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Workhorse is a mom and pop shop. What did you expect? Lmao

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>buy my bags pls

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Boiler Room

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I enjoyed the Wolf of Wall Street and Margin Call

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Wtf that anon was right about aeye

>> No.21960914

>lose everything on a covered call on a stock you're 20+% up on

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>niggers really still shilling Workhorse


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Ivanka never said Joseph built the lego, did she? Is the point of her tweet only to sneer at Trumpfags? Because that would make her look like a total idiot.

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It's the end of the month, what did you learn this month?
I learned that I've started overthinking everything and being overly contrarian in my trades. I should listen to my lizard brain and make the obvious wins. I with I could unlearn TA, because it doesn't fucking matter. Buy the dip. All in all I made 8k into 9k and I guess that's okay. If I had just bought Amzn, AAPL and TSLA I would've done better.

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Can't afford 100 shares.
But that's how you get updoots from epic YOLOs.
Yes. 510/505. Short leg ITM and long leg OTM at the time. I did a similar thing selling ITM put spreads on TSLA and made like $5k when it mooned.

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If you’re holding 100 shares of anything there is absolutely NO reason to not sell coveted calls. Sell for a strike over your average cost and it’s profit.

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This is all i do. Rsx ashr tqq, my lizard brain is too small to do more

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Which boomer industries are still down right now? I want to have a couple hundred in there so I dont feel like I miss out when they eventually recover. Airlines and hotels seem to have already started their upward trend (I had some MGM, MAR, LUV, DAL which I sold once I was 3% up) so what else should I be looking at?

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>mandate benchmarks for hiring people of color
Implying affirmative action isn't a thing already for boeing.

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Nigga I'm short.

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Boiler Room
Wolf of Wall St
The Big Short
There's another one about a Brit who goes to Honk Kong and fucks up a ton of company money, cooks all the books, and keeps going big on horrible gambles to get out but just digs his grave deeper. He ended up leaving the Bank of England or Royal Bank or whatever completely rekt. 'Based' on a true story or whatever

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QQQ selloff
SPY gains
Looks like today is another tech selloff.
Are you buying the dip?

>> No.21960999

>Wanna but FNGU
>It comes up as "Bank of Montreal" on Fidelity

Is this just a fuckup on their part? Its fucking chart looks right but I don't wanna invest in a fucking bank by accident. What the fuck, Fidelity?

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I learnt how to lose more money than I've made

>> No.21961005

who else thinks aapl and tsla will dump and bring the rest of qqq down with them next week? maybe starting tuesday.

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i never understood why you guys are seething about this it won't effect you you'll just see more black people getting jobs move on

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>fired almost everyone
>but also we hiring black people
My company hired a diversity ceo and now my entire branch closed. Coincidence?

>> No.21961019

what selloff everything is green?

>> No.21961020

Fucking niggers are taking everyone's job. They get pandered by Democrats and Republicans. These fucking niggers have the MSM,social media,corporations, colleges,jobs,they have everything pander to them how tf can one race be so useless amd stupid to believe their oppressed. I fucking hate niggers.

>> No.21961029

I always thought Margin Call and 1987 Wall Street were the best

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Anyone else holding KR?

Did we just get cucked by Bezos?

>> No.21961038

it will affect their shareholders, negatively.

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nio chads we got too cocky

>> No.21961045

Never mind, I just realized that Bank of Montreal is the bank that actually offers the ETF. Was misleading because of how Fidelity cuts off the full name.

>> No.21961047

how so?

>> No.21961055

Tech selloff from the ATH a few days ago.

>> No.21961061


Because it’s garbage and those could be jobs for whites or anyone else. If a place said they were going to hire 20% more whites all hell would break lose.

>> No.21961066

It's BMO (Bank Montreal) Finacial Group Microsectors FANG+ 3X Leveraged Bull ETN which is a lot of fucking words

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thanks bros

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>Are you buying the dip?

Does a bear shit in the woods? It's tech during a pandemic ffs. Literally zero risk in the long term.

>> No.21961083

shares or options?

>> No.21961099

cost of opportunity of hiring negroes vs. hiring south east asians or mexicans, more braincells per $

>> No.21961104

>nigger coworker (50 year old grandmother) dissapeaes for 3 days
>shows up today telling everyone how her 35-40 year old nigger sons got into a huge fight and ran eachother over with their trucks
>one drove through the other house completely destroying it
>in retaliation the other pinned that one against the house and broke both his legs
>one pinned shoots the driver
>both have been in surgery for two days straight

the absolute state of blacks

>> No.21961109

Cause niggers get special privileges and they take away jobs from young zoomers like me who are still working towards getting their degrees. But oh I'm supposed to feel sorry for these niggers even though these fucking faggots face the same problems as my" community" but all they do is bitch and complain and destroy every city they go to. For fucks sake I live in a city that has the same poverty rate as the one next to us but guess which one is more deadlier? That's right the one with these dirty fucking monkeys is more fucking dirty,ghetto, and deadlier

>> No.21961111

I spent all my money so no

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>> No.21961130

I hate that I don't have more money to dump into NVDA

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TSLA peak reached?

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Fire up those busses

>> No.21961147

yeah you should short it :^)

>> No.21961148

Same ;_;

>> No.21961155

How fucking shitty do you have to be to lose your job to a nigger?

>> No.21961156

Stop being a fucking pussy.

>> No.21961157

>Boeing product failure at ATH

So puts on BA?

>> No.21961171

>park my money in Amazon a few days ago

Surely this will be a comfy hold and go up some

>does nothing but go down

Fuckn bagholding Amazon

>> No.21961181


It's really a love hate relationship having so much of my portfolio in this fucking meme

>> No.21961182

*If they recover*

>> No.21961188

Fuck it markets euphoric there’s no bulls left in loading up on SQQQ

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im so happy i was born white instead of black.

>> No.21961201

I bought AAPL FDs on Monday and lost most of my account.

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that is not the hill I want to die on

>> No.21961208

Lmao stfu nigger everyone hates your kind for a fucking reason

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Absolutely nothing

>> No.21961224


kek how do you think warren voted?

>> No.21961230

There is no peak, son.

>> No.21961261

a literal useless meme

>> No.21961273

Banks and energy

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I feel like an absolute retard for not selling when this wears worth $1200, or $1000, or $800, or $700

Is this how poorfags stay poor, with greed?

>> No.21961288

>what did you learn this month?
That nothing matters in this market besides hype

>> No.21961290

Is Tesla officially zoomer bitcoin?

>> No.21961291

what time tesla pum to 2300 again?? power time?

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>spy/qqq has a hint of red
>vix spikes
the entire market is playing musical chairs right now

>> No.21961318

Did you guys go to study economics? Are there any book recommendations? Because I'm just some wage slave that has too much free time at work.

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I'm sorry guys. I just purchased FNGU.
It was my fault.

>> No.21961327

Why are att and Verizon so low? They’re both constructing so much 5g infrastructure and everyone’s on their phones all day

>> No.21961332

>flying in plane where 20% was made by niggers just because muh nigger quota.
yea nothing bad will come of this.

>> No.21961344

Realized vol is much lower than VIX lately and yet it refuses to go down. Odd times for sure.

>> No.21961353

Went from +$120 today to -$16. These days are the worst and most boring im about to Crack open a beer and actually do my fucking job

>> No.21961357

Only options for leverage

>> No.21961364

i own 1 share of TSLA at 2255. if it gets down to 2000 i'll buy another share idgaf. i guarantee you this will be worth more money regardless of where you buy it by battery day (relative to the split price of course).

already looks like it's reversing and put in the bottom but i unironically hope it goes lower, i'll buy up to 5 shares total and this is money i can afford to lose so let's fucking GO

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>> No.21961386

Because hiring anyone for any reason besides them being the best fit for the specific position they are applying for makes no sense.

>> No.21961391

>buying the literal fucking top


>> No.21961392

SPY is going to tank, lads

all these figures are propped up by overhearing printers, get out now

>> No.21961395


Being greedy? Yeah about 50% of the time that’s it, the other 50 is being impatient. Greed and impatience will ruin you in the market.

>> No.21961413

moved into the selling covered calls stage. Still wary of crazy upside vol though so way OTM lottos.

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yeah i think its over

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horsebros we got btfo again I might kill myself tonight

>> No.21961435

I learned that there is no reason to own anything other than tech and really no reason to own anything other than TQQQ / FNGU.
I learned that DCA'ing is almost always better than trying to time.
I learned that silver is a jewish meme.
I already knew this one but kind of got away from it. Which is, don't buy anything you don't think is worth holding longterm and is the best choice to put your money in across all asset classes.
I learned that just because something is down doesn't mean it will go up.
I learned that buying the open vs buying the mid day makes no difference. If the stock is going to go up it's going to go up and if it's going to go down it's going to go down. You can edge yourself a few extra bucks but it isn't going to matter long term and you're best bet is to just focus more on the right companies / sectors / etfs rather than the right time or the right meme play.

>> No.21961438

bobo give up
you've been wrong for nearly 6 months now

>> No.21961444

Is cinemark a good gamble? I figure either Hollywood shuts down for good, or cinemark goes up, and I wouldn’t mind being out a few grand if it means Hollywood is gone

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>> No.21961468

the split hasn't even happened yet, BTFD

>> No.21961473

>let's fucking GO

>> No.21961496

That's what bears say literally every week. Show puts

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Can QQQ stop beating around the bush and dump so my puts can print?

>> No.21961531

Did you guys really think TSLA was going to hit the floor?

>> No.21961538


Hollywood won’t shut down for good but theatres won’t be as big as they were. People are waking up to kike bullshit and the ones that aren’t are staying in with Netflix. There’s some upside there but movies won’t ever be as big as they were in the past 10-15 years again.

>> No.21961554

None of this matters anyway. What happens during power hour will be key.

>> No.21961556

It will never dump. Imagine fighting the fed

>> No.21961577

>puts on the future (tech)

you can't be serious

>> No.21961590

>power hour
you realize Friday is the dump day right?

>> No.21961601

I've still got about a grand to put into something, any weekend hodls you guys have been looking at?

>> No.21961609

I mean sure, for like today. Unless you guys are swing trading or have options expiring soon I don't know why it matters.
Watching green line go up is fun and all but over time TSLA is obviously going to be worth more so it's kind of pointless to all worked up over one day's volatility

>> No.21961613

Remember how 90s anime had to have a good story because animation was so expensive they couldn’t afford crap? What if the same thing happens to movies now?

>> No.21961614
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Tech is the future! Eat the bugs! Hold my IPA!

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Since the Fed wants to acquire a higher inflation, wouldnt it be the best to buy commodity related stonks aka Gold , Oil , Nickel etc. since they are limited by nature?

I dont know but i smell heavy money in commodity stonks the next 10 yrs.

Tech is fine but without commodity there wouldnt be any tech at all.

Also XOM & RDSB and other Oilbros , REPORT IN!

>> No.21961645

TQQQ calls.

>> No.21961658

Are you implying it isnt?

>> No.21961664

Yes. 99% of the market subscribes to those views, doesn't matter what the epic anonymoose legion thinks.

>> No.21961669

just bought 1 share of aapl, am I dumb?

>> No.21961684

All in on apple or split it between AMD?

>> No.21961689


It’s peaked. Every story worth telling has been told twice over. They’ll keep recycling the same comic heroes we’ve had for the past 100 years with the cast slowly getting blacker and they’ll re-tell the lord of the rings Star Wars and Harry Potter for the 4th time over each. The computer animation is objectively better than ever but it all looks the fuckin same.

>> No.21961692

Have fun losing all your money retard

>> No.21961703


>> No.21961705

>down 1%
>up 10% overall if you bought earlier this week
if you sell now you’re unbelievably stupid

>> No.21961709

>$500 average price

>> No.21961711
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??? whats going on why are we dumping

>> No.21961716

no, while I liked the older art styles better, I am pretty certain the stories were equally ass. Just the Love Hina romcom tropes weren't set in stone and beaten to death yet.

>> No.21961746


>> No.21961756


>> No.21961764

i want to dump so I can open more new positions though

>> No.21961782
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Brothers. It's time. They made fun of us. Well, nobody's laughing now

>> No.21961789
File: 28 KB, 600x600, 771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>TSLA and AAPL both red

>> No.21961797
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>> No.21961804


It’s the future but it isn’t one worth looking forward to. That shit sucks and the tech loving OMG I JUST LOVE SCIENCE crowd are a bunch of pencil dick Melvins who are going to be highly upset when the reality of what future is and all this “progress” is at their front door.

>> No.21961816
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>MFW I unironically thought TSLA would hit 2500 today
>bought more shares at 2240

>> No.21961817
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Disagree. Cel animation is much better. Sure, it's harder, but it forces animators to focus on more important things. The one on the left actually looks like hair. The one on the right looks weird. It's kind of like how during the PS3/Xbox 360 video game generation where everything tried to look realistic even though hardware couldn't really do it well. Everything in most anime now looks really weird because it's too detailed.

>> No.21961825


>> No.21961827

who bbuying the dip rn

>> No.21961833
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Dollar lost almost 1% today and people are unironically selling to get into depreciating cash.

>> No.21961837

>they pay brokerages to look at the order flow
Sometimes but it's not really necessary for stop loss sniping. Push price just a tich below closest support and it will hit a bunch every time. Order flow is very handy for some other stuff but not needed for this particular technique.

>> No.21961843

>not opening positions in both sides

>> No.21961844
File: 223 KB, 512x512, 1595441020746.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is also the last day for 2 companies with forward splits. In peak clown market that we're in, its dangerous to assume things will be like they usually are.
The cult following elon strong, so we'll see how crazy this run will be up to and after battery day.

>> No.21961846

I have no cash. 14k all in the mkt right now

>> No.21961864

thoughts on consumer staples from here? to avoid inflation?

>> No.21961866

Jerome takes a long lunch on Friday

>> No.21961872

I sold the last of my oil bags to get into AMD today. Sorry oil bros. I'll be back later.

>> No.21961882

Anon, he said he agreed with the older style being superior. He was disagreeing with the story quality being better.

>> No.21961888

Imagine being such a spiteful cunt you include children in your twatter shitposts.

>> No.21961891

why must people always refer back to tulips or coins that have 0 value.

>> No.21961896

i don't know what you're talking about dude, im just here to make money. until covid is over, tech is where all the money is going, why fight it?

>> No.21961906
File: 445 KB, 755x563, linkola.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It’s the future but it isn’t one worth looking forward to.
And that is exactly why I am making money to live a happy life in a forest hut and escape this bug-man dystopia.

>> No.21961908

is this /pol/? who cares as long as we make money

>> No.21961913

oh okay im just stupid then.

>> No.21961920


>> No.21961929

What mobile browsers do you niggers use? Firefox's new update just keeps rebooting my phone and I want ublock origins

>> No.21961930

Documentaries are best. The smartest men in the room is good. It's about Enron.

>> No.21961936

I unironically think Uncle Ted was right and I am a National Socialist who invests in the stock market using triple levered ETFs.
Just because you think something is retarded and don't like it doesn't mean you can't be realistic about the facts that
A) It will be profitable
B) You can not do shit without capital

>> No.21961937

DOCU, and I'm pissed at myself for not realizing that this company is publicly traded.

>> No.21961939

either is fine, im split between them myself but i just put a lump sum into AAPL pre-split to hold until the elections and i buy the dip and swing trade AMD over and over with the other half.

>> No.21961941
File: 14 KB, 242x208, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy Tesla, goyim! It's free money, goyim!

>> No.21961954

Anon this is a finance board

>> No.21961972

There's nothing wrong with IPA

>> No.21961973

Affirmative action is THE ONLY institutional racism in practice in the US. It is antithesis of equal opportunity.

>> No.21961975
File: 667 KB, 1125x2436, 9B7C1701-3E48-4C7C-A3E3-0794D30D6D57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Paycheck today, I have 500€ cash what do I buy?

>> No.21961985

Where will TQQQ be next week? 160 or 140

>> No.21961986


Everywhere is pol if you’re based enough.

>> No.21961989
File: 33 KB, 400x526, 47596223-9EF9-4839-A870-BA0801EE9D9C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy oil. Something big is gonna happen next week. Screencap this.

>> No.21961991

the key though is understanding breakouts vs. false breakouts. this is a very good video on the matter that has ultimately made me very profitable trading both breakouts and false breakouts (short version: consolidation before the breakout vs. an extended move into the breakout): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_qgPGPTBEE

>> No.21961999

Because it provides a practical basis for a thesis against purely random hypothetical narrative constructs and sentiment with no evidence or meaningful structure.

>> No.21962002


>> No.21962004

Its faggot shit and tastes like grass. Grow up

>> No.21962014


>> No.21962022


>> No.21962033
File: 34 KB, 446x395, 0CC4CB28-02D7-46BC-A81A-EE1C9921FB04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21962039

Why has affirmative action not been contested in the supreme court? It seems clear cut. Im so sick of this shit. I have to work amongst niggers all the time because of this shit

>> No.21962042

Are commodities just another boomer meme?

>> No.21962053

give it to me straight bros

i work a dead end job making $11/hr

but i have $31K saved up, meaning i can do as many day trades as i want

should i quit my job and become a day trader who babysits TQQQ all day?

>> No.21962055


>> No.21962076
File: 3.04 MB, 2048x1331, 1597965033527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you do when a stock you're holding has blasted past any reasonable price target and just keeps going?

>> No.21962079

yeah i gonna do that

>> No.21962087

No. Working, putting everything will can in TQQQ and doing 0 day trading will earn you far more.

>> No.21962088

Idk but I ain't selling for a fuckin loss

>> No.21962096

What can I buy that will pump during power hour?

>> No.21962101

>should i quit my job

and keep most of your savings

>> No.21962106

even better
>quit or leave job because of covid
>file unemployment
you'll make more a week in gibs than you did working, and you'll be able to daytrade
Kind of jealous I can't do this desu

>> No.21962109

Anyone get extremely pissed off at random times because of all the niggatry in this country? I cant even work right now im so fucking mad. My nigger coworker keeps talking about how her kids tried to kill eachother and now theyre clogging up the hospital with their stupid shit. I want to shove a pencil in her stupid beady nigger eyes

>> No.21962118

No you should get a job making more than $11 an hour.

>> No.21962128

Thank god I sold that shit, dont they have enough quality issues already? Fucking mopes

>> No.21962138
File: 431 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200828-134705_My Stocks Portfolio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stonks only go up

>> No.21962148

Continue working (or find a better paying job) and invest as much of your paycheck as you can each month.

>> No.21962149
File: 128 KB, 482x716, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this a buy?

>> No.21962152

Working and trading will net you more but working takes a toll on some people, so it might be better in the long run to just not

>> No.21962160

Yes, based.

>> No.21962185
File: 67 KB, 480x602, 1570312776708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wanting to wageslave for someone hat employs female chimps

>> No.21962188

Sell all SHLL now

>> No.21962193
File: 211 KB, 700x443, 1593089643447.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Why would you buy AMD at the end of this Economic cycle?

Also AMD is financially worse than Intel.

The thing is that Intel can allow itself mistakes, AMD cannot.

Intel is in numbers by far better than AMD, plus its getting bashed because nerds "hurr durr no 3Nm??!??!? durrrrrr im sell durrr"

They gonna catch up on 3Nm like everyone else but they still gonna be more profitable than AMD.

Well good luck to you my formerly Oilbro.
Dont forget to take a look on us now and then, cheers

>> No.21962245

just let this day be over so I can look at my 400 apple shares and pretend that i'm rich for a second

>> No.21962274
File: 301 KB, 1125x1211, 671FD8D8-ECDE-411F-B11F-C72C96564A84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had a terrible first week

>> No.21962298

Wew laddy! Denny pushing for the meaty resistance at 12 today. After that it just has the thinner one from the spring short squeeze before moving in to March corona crash zone with all its gaps.

>> No.21962302

Why the fuck is WDC up so much today?
I can't find any happening on it.

>> No.21962306

its okay it happens anon

>> No.21962313

Dont worry anon every ones first week/month is horrible, in time you will learn and make money

>> No.21962322

nobody knows if a stock's going up, down or fucking sideways, least of all stock brokers. But we have to pretend we know.

>> No.21962328
File: 46 KB, 543x543, 1592087257832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much longer are we going to keep clack-clack-clacking up, ratking?

>> No.21962339
File: 13 KB, 762x411, 2345783456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's true. Here's my first month. I'm not discouraged though. I understand my mistakes.

>> No.21962342

>tech already recovering

and it isn't even power hour yet lmao hope you guys bought the dip

>> No.21962345

Pretty good, keep it up and eventually you'll be losing thousands a day like us!

>> No.21962349

Come on TSLA, stay green. I know you can close out at 2300 today.

>> No.21962360

>they're gonna catch up to 3nm
they literally had to buy 7nm chips from TSM lol instad of making it in house. literally BTFO

>> No.21962376

You can easily recover that amount. Just learn your lessons and make yourself a better investor / trader or whatever you do.

>> No.21962393

Anyone MNK?

>> No.21962402

Can someone explain TQQQ in depth?

>How is it not a huge fucking bubble?

>what is the ceiling?

>when will it slow down?

>> No.21962409

lmao how does this even happen, just hodl

>> No.21962412

Our girl Tasha is going to be on Yahoo Finance in a minute.



>> No.21962414
File: 118 KB, 700x700, 1598635811488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have meeting
> black woman says her 24 year old son got arrested
>because people at a local gym called the police over their POC soccer game
>pity party for 30 minutes
>"Just dont clutch your purse around POC"
>"this is why we need diversity"
>"this is Trumps America"

>> No.21962438

continue waging and investing into stocks. try CC and dividends on stocks.

>> No.21962443

it’s for boomers right?

>> No.21962454

>Tech is the future
>Sky is the limit
>When human innovation dies, a.k.a. never

>> No.21962462

My major mistake was INTC puts. Back when the leaks happened I thought it would tank the stock down 2 or 3. Lost like $300 then. In my defense, it did tank like a dollar but my mistake was buying a weekly call.

Other big mistake was betting the rest of my money on SLV because I thought the stimulus would moon it, but that didn't happen. That's where I lost most of my money.

Right now I'm just focusing on singular very small calls that will probably net minor gains. 2 week out calls that net $50 or something.

>> No.21962504

Fuck MMs and their price pinning crab bullshit.

>> No.21962517
File: 6 KB, 120x208, WhoppingComposedBuffalo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

better than my first week/month

>> No.21962519

make me

>> No.21962527

just bought the dip on TQQQ...what should i drop my 8k leftovers into over the weekend kek

>> No.21962534

Congratulations to people who bought the tesla dip, bears unronically thought it would crash before the split and battery day.

>> No.21962535

When there is even one single other alternative

>> No.21962540

I just sell premi for P-nut gainz. If it hits, it hits.

>> No.21962550

it is a fucking bubble, but it's not a tech bubble, that is what you niggers don't get, this will be a FED bubble, people will start to feel invincible because the FED will take care of line only goes up, it will be an everything bubble, everything will go up, nasdaq could fucking double and no one would think on it crashing, sp500 will reach crazy levels, your shitty stocks will start to go up because others are too damn expensive to get in, you can safely buy TQQQ at any moment and it will go up, this bubble will last for a couple more years until the FED changes their policy, set your stop loss and enjoy the gains

>> No.21962559


>> No.21962573

alternative to what

>> No.21962577

Whatta hell is battery day? More vaporware?

>> No.21962581
File: 18 KB, 321x321, disgusting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wait wait wait, you WORK a real job? my man....fuck is you doin?

>> No.21962588

>TSLA $4000 calls expiring next week are $1.64
wew lad

>> No.21962590

Sort of? Being able to send and e-sign documents securely now is worth its weight, especially as businesses will cut down on doing business deals in person.

>> No.21962599
File: 395 KB, 1439x1468, Screenshot_20200828-190532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sell iron condors or buy calls?

>> No.21962600
File: 357 KB, 1125x1068, 1791C4BA-E8A6-456C-8CE9-C5A0A04473F5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve bought every dip. I have $60 cash left. Do I sell something to buy more dips, or just let it ride?

>> No.21962621


>> No.21962638

more hype for cult leader elon, so more free money for shareholders. that's all i need to know, really. just don't be greedy and gtfo before the day actually arrives because if it's disappointing then look the fuck out below (and the expectations are stratospherically high)

>> No.21962646
File: 149 KB, 865x1457, 15874208683337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm back...

but I see there's nothing happening yet
what a shame

>> No.21962655

Do you think line go up or down?

>> No.21962662

let it ride. figure out where in profit you're going to sell on the average price, then you can buy more dips.

>> No.21962676


>> No.21962679
File: 54 KB, 346x482, GLUE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>$1300 gains after relentlessly buying dips

Jesus, dude.

This is why i don't buy tech stocks desu. Those gains are good since they're gains, bit they're the equivalent of buying a scratch off.

>> No.21962683

The stock will fall if they don’t announce a cure for cancer

>> No.21962688

It's dropping on Battery day no matter fucking what. The only question is if it drops a little, or dives.

>> No.21962696

>nothing happening
Bote, plane, and Denny on the move!

>> No.21962714
File: 79 KB, 700x500, EghpMURUMAAdo0u[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What about China though?

>> No.21962718
File: 108 KB, 817x817, EfrEPH3XoAAkCQD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bought more calls. See you at $100.

>> No.21962727

I think you will be terribly disappointed by price action on battery day.

>> No.21962729

Post split, it'll be for 500 shares at 800 strike, is that correct or is my inner retard showing? Post split tsla will be around 450. That's conceivably a thing that could happen, but still pretty long shot.

>> No.21962737

>we have fifty gorillion tons of gold bars economy is fine t. chinese banks
>can we see them?

>> No.21962754

To hedging against high inflation rates by having your money in the stock market or PMs / BTC but PMs are manipulated and BTC is gay so don't go for that or do it idc.
But basically there's no where else to put cash right now because treasury notes are shit.
The fed controls monetary policy. The fed is not part of the US Govt even though the name makes it sound like it is.
It's ok to invest in a bubble as long as you know why it's a bubble and what would cause it to stop.
Until interest rates go up we are fine to keep printing green.

>> No.21962755

>I don't like gains, line go up scary
this is what I said and I got 4 months of crabbing for it, up 10% in a month from switching to tech finally.

>> No.21962767

Sounds right to me.

>> No.21962780

i agree but you know all the fanbois are thinking he legit will cure cancer or something insane and buy the fuck out of the newly cheap stock post-split. idk what price it will ultimately be at by battery day but i'll be looking to exit as close to the top as i can the week before it.

>> No.21962799
File: 309 KB, 1021x460, Day2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get out of plane and boat NOW.

>> No.21962818

What's the best way to go about selling premiums on a small budget of $400~?

>> No.21962823
File: 453 KB, 827x1169, pout(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I've made more on Pumping and Dumping Party City Stock desu.

But glad you at least have gains.

>> No.21962824

Winter gonna be fun

>> No.21962829
File: 213 KB, 627x1000, remember me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what about them?

>> No.21962832

might start taking profits from WKHS

>> No.21962839

China is complicated to deal with. There have been instances of companies that weren't even shells. We're talking publicly traded shit that wasn't anything more than a webpage - zero employees and an office building that was an abandoned warehouse. What's worse is that institutional investors actually bought into it. Their business practices are shit, too. There was a translator that worked in steel between the Chinese and the Russians that had a pretty lengthy story about their approach to business posted on 4chan. You might could find it or maybe somebody here has it.

>> No.21962845

Why now, of all times?? It's just now started a slow ramp upwards after crabbing for a couple months

>> No.21962847

This faggot little virus won’t cause a pandemic

>> No.21962849

Even if we never go back into lockdown this social distancing shit isn't going away anytime soon. This is going to be the death of all the kinds of businesses that barely scrape by on cramming as many people as possible into one place.

>> No.21962864

Let's everybody unite and buy millions of GME $10 calls for $0.01 expiring next week to cause a gamma squeeze and be millionaires.

>> No.21962865

how many are you buying lad?

>> No.21962870

so in other words, my AAPL and TSLA and AMD will continue to print?

>> No.21962872

That XPENG IPO seems to have gone well...

>> No.21962881

No one gives a fuck and it’s a farce. Even normies are wearing masks under their nose and not social distancing.

>> No.21962893

People are afraid because the media told them to be. It no longer matters what the actual virus does.

>> No.21962929

can't wait for drumpf to win again so we can start rounding up commies and groids and sending them to camps

>> No.21962928

i'm a poorfag trying to get a share of tesla after split because it isn't cucked by dividends unlike AAPL. however i did get burned on the XPEV IPO so might only sell 10 shares out of my 20 at a loss hold the rest see where it goes

>> No.21962930

>this bubble will last for a couple more years until the FED changes their policy,
In what ways? lower interest rates and inflation goal?...

>> No.21962948

Nevermind the spreads are all fucked up. $10 and $9 strike have asks of $2.24 while the $8 strike and below have asks of $0.10.

>> No.21962952

I'm feeling very bullish on Trump 2020.

>> No.21962954

No more I want it to back to normal already carrying a mask everywhere is pissing me off

>> No.21962965

>Retard thinks the only announcement on battery day will be about batteries.

LMAO, go all in just before the event and post your puts.

>> No.21962972

all in at the next crash

>> No.21962981


>> No.21963007

All retail investors keep hearing about is the million mile battery. If Tesla doesn't come out with the best battery ever made, like a complete change in the technology, people are going to be disappointed.

>> No.21963013

I'm kind of tempted now, but exp sept 25 instead of next week.

>> No.21963044

Wtf why is the ask so high

>> No.21963057

Link here frens: https://imgur.com/a/aSFTC

>> No.21963096

You're not factoring in that they could announce the start of their human driven ride hailing service, a refresh of the Model X and Model S, or improvements in FSD. Tesla has a bunch of cards to play right now if they're worried batteries won't be enough.

>> No.21963116


>> No.21963221

Thanks fren

>> No.21963534


>> No.21963664

Economics is bullshit study finance
Also idk

>> No.21963770

Redpill me on the iron butterfly strategy