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Don't worry ethereum, your death will be swift and painless.

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only if it's LOKI that kills it with blockswap

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*a scam

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its too late. everything is erc20

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Nice cardano shill

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ethereum is needed for every single erc20 transaction ever... its not outdated as much as needed for replacement.. which company will create its own block chain capable of tackling the crypto scene

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... Ripple. They are releasing flare. Its going to destroy ethereum.

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>bitcoin fees are too high
>bitcoin cash, bitcoin sv, bitcoin diamond, bitcoin cock and ball torture, bitcoin plus, bitcoin go, bitcoin fast will replace bitcoin
>ethereum fees are too high
>x, y, z will replace ethereum
I'm starting to notice a pattern here

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EOY, 2022

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>myspace can't possibly be replaced, it is the end all be all

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you had 10 years

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Don't worry ETH 2.0 will be released any day now, I'm sure of it

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FTM is better

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the "you had 'x' years" is the equivalent of a nigger saying "muh dik" in response to things that he doesn't understand or confuses him.

Have you ever though that the fees being too high and transaction speeds too low might actually be a valid criticism? You do realize the first mover advantage gets squandered a lot? Remember blackberry? Myspace? yahoo? askjeeves?

The writing is on the wall; ethereum is a failed network and will be replaced by the first thing that allows everyone to port their erc20's to a new platform. Flare offers that, with faster speeds, cheaper transactions times, and smart contracts in any language.

seriously, what is your perspective on this?

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buy ripple get crippled

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Fantom has near zero transaction costs with instant confirmations
while still being fully decentralized. Everyone can be a validator.
FTM will go absolutely crazy once it gets a little bit of attention. At $1 the total market cap is just at $3 billion. The easiest 40x in all of crypto.

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>ethereum will be replaced
>no my shitchain doesn't have a working product and no dapps actually use it and it's been a pump and dump followed by a slow bleed for the past 3 years JUST BUY MY BAGS REEEEE
For good or ill ETH is here to stay. If there was any real threat from other chains they would just get serious about development.

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Based and dotpilled

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XDai Stake is scaling Eth TODAY PEOPLE.


Your homework is to read the article and see who makes up this cartel

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did you know that vitalik slept on ripples couch and took the idea of codius, the precursor to flare, and that's how he came up with ethereum?

Lets see, spaghetti code network rushed out in a year that was copied from ripple


the finished product that ripple has been working on for the past 6 years and just announced recently?

hmmm rushed spaghetti code vs. 6 years of quiet development... such a hard choice.

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I can tell this comment was written by someone who doesn’t actually program but wants to sound knowledgeable by repeating “spaghetti code”

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ethereum is historic

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The most I've done was building a scraper that takes emails, names, contact info, then writes an email to that person with a template, then logs that into a google sheet. It cut a 3 minute task into like 10 seconds.

Not that my coding experience has anything to do with being able to identify the quality of the network.

here I'll walk you through it.

transactions times:
ethereum - anywhere from 1 minute to 16 hours
xrp/flare - every 4 seconds it gets updated

Transaction fees:
ethereum - 1 dollar to 80 dollars, depending on complexity of the smart contract
xrp/flare - microcents

Can you send the token into the void?
ethereum - yes, you can send to non-valid addresses
xrp/flare - no, it will recognize an invalid address and won't destroy your money

Literally all you need to do is have an above room temperature IQ and you can see whats about to happen.

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>full stop

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I want a non premined non vc project. PoS is cool but mining is the only way for decent distribution

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You do know that in the real network environment, there is no assurance that every node will be online at any time. But with CWVBLOCKCHAIN you don't have to worry about that as CWVBLOCKCHAIN VRF'S BA algorithm can still reach a correct and effective consensus because nodes in each step of each round can be replaced under the BA algorithm.

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Buy TAU, mainnet on September 2nd.

Fixed rate stamps that adjust to the price so you don’t have to pay $8 to send your favorite OnlyFans whore $10.

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מנא, תקל, ופרסין

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I don't speak kike, you jew rat

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Vitalik is smart. However, he's the most retarded smart person in all of crypto. He's a fucking child who doesn't own up to his inability to produce a creation and has longevity. Him and his cronies wrote shitty-ass code. It can't scale. The only way it can scale is constant upgrades each time they feel things are getting congested. This is where the problem lies. It is impossible for ETH to implement a scaling solution to where it doesn't need upgrades anymore. For ETH to work, it will need constant upgrades of ETH 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, so on and so forth for an indefinite amount of time - just kicking the can down the road. Off-chain scaling won't work either because ETH's security is already shit on a stick. Making something more complicated that is already a piece of shit is 100% pointless. People can never steadily develop something on ETH because with each 'scaling upgrade', those who are creating on ETH will have to pivot each time to ensure their product is compatible to work on ETH. To sum it up, each time ETH decides to upgrade to scale, it just gets worse.

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yeah ripple will continue to be worthless lmao

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Stale pasta

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But Vitaldent is doing the exact opposite anon