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I sold Aave for Chainlink.

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he sold? pump it...

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Aave = 51x
Link = 50x

wise decision anon.

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Sry but tired of seeing aave moon and link dumping.

I also bought DOT.

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gj anon

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i sold chainlink for zzz and i want to fucking kill my self

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Thank you !

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I'm going to continue holding my chainlink, but I hope you have good luck in your endeavors mate.

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you should dump link, literally anything else has better prospects.

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I also bought Polkadot and Yfe.

Thanks anon. I wish you good luck as well.

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Right after a stratospheric pump is always the best time to buy, this has been proven again and again

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Lets see who makes his percentages quicker my friend.

My aave will be quicker on 1 Dollar than chainlink on 20

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My aave will be quicker on 1 Dollar than chainlink on 20

I will save this tread and truly laugh you out once I see that I’m right

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Chainlink is the biggest thing in DeFi, and DeFi is the smallest thing in Chainlink. That said you’ve got a blue chip OP.

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Save requires chainlink you dumb ass

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i'm about to too, just a small chunk. these two are best friends and will rocket together.

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is this the classic sell low, buy high?

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>I sold Chainlink for Aave

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This thread proves i gotta sell aave and buy chainlink.
Always the opposite of what /biz/ says

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I also bought yfi

Sergay I hope you read this tread

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but you are /biz/ so..

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So you just fomo in shit mooning?
I bet you got in link at 6-10$ kek

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Now acquire PRQ before it turns on the nitro.