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She only dates people who stake Algorand,

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algo moves like a retired cripple. fuck this shit coin.

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body: fat
face: 5/10

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she has a haunted vagina

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Fucking women dude

Omg gimme attention look at my tits


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I stake the shit out of my ALGO but I don't want anything to do with this filthy roastie.
It's meant to be a comfy long-term coin you inbred.

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Ma Bell

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Uhhh, this one doesn't mind desu

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That's a man

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Have: sex

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They have to say that in order to not look like a whore/ attention whore. They do it for attention but there must be feminist propaganda in order to enable their whoring. It's a simple game that they play

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>t. simp

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If she created an OnlyFans she could easily clear $200k every month

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>t. Tranny

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I want to burry my face in those titees and sqweez them while she moans than I softly touch her ass with her nippels on my mouth than I wil slap her ass and sqweez it hard when she begins to moan again she wil find my tounge in her mouth bitting those lips than pulling her hair and putting my dick in her mouth and I order her to suck it like the littel slut she is.

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I wanted to stake algo but now I will not as to avoid 4/10 chicks from thinking they are allowed to talk to me.

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it's not even feminism. they need to test the guy if he's capable of having enough willpower of focusing on the conversation rather than just her breast. of course they like being appreciated but they don't want someone who is blatantly just staring at their breast, they want someone who's smooth and can play the female game.

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Holy incel kek

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She’s literally a ten. You’re dumb

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Milkers might be a ten but with that butter face it drops to an 8

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Lol. Saggy fatty titties. Gtf outta here with that shit.

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She's hotter than most jumbo girls on onlyfans

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I would wife this bitch so hard

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i would eat the poop from her butt. i would lick her butthole as poop came out.

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>that jewish nose
heh gotcha again goy

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nice 5.5/10 also this chick could lose 15lbs

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she also has a haunted pussy

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a friend of mine once said "I don't like dating petite women without curves. I don't wanna feel like I'm fucking an eleven year old."
guess you're kinda into that, huh?

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The fuck are you afraid of. Be a man and exorcise that pussy.

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Nah lol you’re a cuck. Sloppy second settlers gtfo

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Just bought my first 5k algo yesterday and started staking on the algo wallet. Is that where I can get the best returns? I saw trust wallet was offering 6.1%, does the algo wallet compare to that rate?

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Ain't nobody said anything about settling down. Only faggots like yourself fall for the first pussy they taste

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You a telecom guy?

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Settle has more than one meaning retard

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>fatty titties is bad

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