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1. get some Dai and get some ETH in equal amounts

1. add your DAI and ETH in to the uniswap liquidity pool for at pair

3. get your uni-V2 pool tokens for Dai/ETH and add them to this liquidity pool https://uniswap.info/pair/0x6EdF66D04d5ED3357102ed8605b62752F740b598

4. wait for dai/eth uniswap liquidity tokens to be used as collateral on MakerDAO (very soon)

4.5 wait for makerDAO kikes to squeeze the goyims CDPs denominated in UNI-V2 Dai/ETH

5. benefit from liquidity fees on DAI/ETH at the same time as benefitting from liquidity fees on DAI/ETH uniV2/ETH exchanges

6. profit

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what is this a picture of?

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I'm a retard and new to this how does collecting the liquidity fees work?

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A man

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A guys ass

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you add dai and eth to the dai/ETh liquidity pool and collet fees

then you take the token that you get and add it along with eth to the pair in OP and collect liquidity fees on that as well

the fees are added to the pool and you get them when you withdraw from the pool, ie, you will have more than what you put in.

try it, this allows you to double up your liquidity fees using the same dai you can even go one step further and start a new pool with dai/Eth-Eth x ETH or dai/ETh-Eth x Dai/ETH you can essentially keep going forever and collect 1000% APY in fees on your tokens.

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it's actually just a lamp in a room, the thumbnail is just misleading :)

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so you collect rewards from the DAI/ETH pool while collecting the rewards on this pool? i think you just solved the oracle problem

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where do i get the UNI-V2 token from?

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a mans arse

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a mans arse

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arm pit (((man)))

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OP. How the fuck risky is this????

And what are the returns ?

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zero risk. you are essentially holding eth and dai and just compounding your gains twice over

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there is practically no risk at all. uniswap is thoroughly audited

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there is no risk to speak of. it is almost completely safe compared to keeping your money in a bank.

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virtually risk free. just go ahead and follow the process outlined in the OP

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do the needful sir

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How do we add to uniswap liquidity pool

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Holy FUCK look at this scamminess.

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can i do this with 2.5 eth?

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wouldnt this be better on mooniswap?

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what is the risk then? dont just say that and not say why?

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I don’t care at all about any of this shit. I’m just saying that was the most obvious series of bot/scammer/troll/pajeet responses all in a row that I’ve ever seen on this board.

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I litterally just sold my lend to try this and now you knocked my confidence anon

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Its just providing liquidity. Theres no risk.

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The pool OP linked has almost no liquidity in it though.

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Anyone can create and name any ERC20 token on Ethereum, including creating fake versions of existing tokens and tokens that claim to represent projects that do not have a token. Similar to Etherscan, this site automatically tracks analytics for all ERC20 tokens independent of token integrity. Please do your own research before interacting with any ERC20 token.

this guy named his own token UNI-V2 and will dump as soon as he has enough buyers

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I just checked. The pool he linked uses the correct uniswap token for liquidy in the Dai/ETh pool.
However I wonder why he isnt doing it himself. There is only like 200 bucks worth of Liquidity in the pool.

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You are just doing what the banks have been doing for the past millenniums

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this link is sketchy though. The information is good but a pajeet hi-jacked the info with his own link.

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fuck u bastard bitch

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underage girl crotch

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you're an idiot! its the real ETH/DAI uniswap liquidity token.

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that irrelevant. OP is asking you to put liquidity in to the pool not buy it

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mods delete this, uniswap link is a fake of dai pool, newfags will get scammed

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ok pissface your done here its time to leave

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dont listen to the FUD anon

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is this the final solution to the jewish question?

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Death Grips album cover

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fuck off dick head

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That's a man, isn't it?

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no it is woman

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is anyone doing the needful?

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a bunch of eggs

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