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To celebrate the upcoming SmartCon, everyone should post their favourite chainlink memes.

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Ill get us started

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I was saving this masterpiece for an exclusive poster, for my beach house, but I love you guys too much not to share it.

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My favorite meme is a video that was on linkanon's channel I think, but its gone now. It was a fat shirtless guy who started off his video saying "Do you want to be as wich and succesfuwwy as me? Buy chainlink!"

Does anyone have the vid?

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Nice. I plan to get this one printed (or possibly commission someone to paint it) on a large canvas. Most would just think that it is art.

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Does anyone got the Frank Sinatra one? I wiped my pc and forgot to make a backup of my meme folder.>>21896168

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Line go up haha 1k eoy, in this together we're all gonna make it etc

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Nvm i found it!


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Also just feel free to post rare link memes so I can add them to my folder

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Because it is.

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Is there going to be a stream here for smartcon or do I have to make a dumb account and shit on their HopIn

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Who else is going to get a professional photo book made up utilising all the different memes? I'm aiming for 50-60 A4 pages.

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you can just talk about it here of course but you won't be eligible for the giveaway

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I more meant that people wouldn't understand where it is from, so I wouldn't feel weird having it hanging in my house.

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I can paint this. I’ll make a thread when I do, anon. It might be a few days, since I’m still so busy wageslaving.

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I didn't sign up for smartcon, but I imagine someone will host a live-stream like usual.

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Dude I’m 100% getting an abstract WTFWT commissioned for my future mansion. It’s perfect bc normies would just like think it’s abstract art.

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Nice. I look forwards to seeing it. Can you pick a sentence to use as a subject so that I can look it up on warosu if I miss the thread?

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Another anon made this one for me when I said I liked the other one, bit more minimalist. Not too sure which one I prefer the most.

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Oh I know, anon. I know.

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It gives me the same feeling of immediately knowing what it represents, whereas any outsider would just see random coloured lines.

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>tfw all the retarded art in rich people's homes is finally making sense

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I’ll go with something like “Abstract Anon”

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Yep. I have never really been one for art and paintings. I mean, I have a few oil canvas of sailing ships that I have picked up over the years. But these really stand out to me as a modern art style that has meaning to me and (taking into account the people I know IRL) me alone.

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Sounds good. Ill keep an eye out for it.

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Also nice. I’ll definitely have the artist make their own version though, not try to copy a particular jpg perfectly.

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Here you go, fren.

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I heard sergey won’t even be attending Smartcon because he is backpacking through thailand eating big macs and doing coke off bbw asses with the ICO funds. just sold 100k

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trips verify swingies get the rope

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I doubt thailand would be very enjoyable at the moment with the covid restrictions and what not. Things would probably be quite cheap though since the locals would be feeling the hurt from the lack of tourists.

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Here's a gif version.

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Do you or anyone else know where I can get this exact hard copy of that book? I’ve reached out to a couple sites selling it and they only sell the black cover art or they “can’t guarantee” the advertised blue hexagonal cover. It’s seriously all I want.

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This is where I have ordered mine from. Not overly expensive.

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This is my favorite

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Paperback is the one you want, with the link hexagon. The hardcover has a different image.

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Kek, hadn't seen that one before.

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Looks like they only ship at AU addresses now
t. Burger

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